Kelly Rowland Teams Up with Band-Aid


Kelly Rowland Launches YouTube Channel for New Moms

In addition to her book Whoa, Baby!, singer Kelly Rowland is also poised to launch a contemporary YouTube channel in support of new mommies. Kelly announced her joint venture with Awestruck via her Instagram page, calling it another opportunity for women to come together in the spirit of friendship and motherhood.

“I’m doing this channel because I wanted a cool, fun space for the new modern mom,” Kelly explains in the above trailer. “We basically have to juggle our home life, our kids, our work. We have a lot on our plate. We’re going to be making sure that all you moms out there do not feel alone the way I did at the beginning of my motherhood journey.”

Kelly has also teamed up with Band-Aid for their Stick with It campaign. You can check out her commercial and photo shoot with the brand below. Band-Aid is also a sponsor of Kelly’s new YouTube channel, which you can click here to subscribe to.