Kelly Rowland’s Album Still Up In The Air

Kelly Rowland Poor Kelly Rowland continues to live in the shadow of the Knowles family- first Beyonce and now Solange.As you all know Kelly’s album was due to be released last year and was reportedly pushed back to make room for Beyonce’s B’day album.Now Kelly’s album is once again being pushed back but this time to make room for the re-release of Solange’s “Solo Star” which is due to hit stores in April.Some speculated that a new single and album would be imminent after Columbia posted a link to a single on their site but the link is now gone as is any official date as to when Kelly’s album may actually be coming out.

Kelly looking all happy at People Magazine’s post Grammy party.


  1. That is messed up that her album keeps getting pushed back for these 2. Solonge has a great voice (better than her sisters in my opinion)but that album flopped hard and unless she has a powerfull single..I don’t see it blowing up at all. Kelly has a better chance. She also has a great voice, I hope she gets her proper time to shine. I know that we are rather hard on the Knowles family but articles like this just make you wonder. 😕 Its like everything is halted for Beyonce. I honestly WOULD like to hear from Kelly.:hmph:

  2. I heard this a few days ago too and I was like damn.Kelly ain’t gonna catch a break as long as Beyonce’s dad is managing them both.He is naturally putting his children first while Kelly just languishes.I bet the album gets pushed back a third when Beyonce’s new remix album comes out too.

  3. Wendy Williams reported this too but you cannot believe everything you hear.None of us know why Kelly’s album keeps being pushed back.Maybe she wasn’t pleased with the final result and wanted to make changes.It doesn’t even make sense to push her album back because of Beyonce especially.Kelly will never sell what Beyonce does and is no competition for her at all.Solange is a different story.Kelly probably has more fans than Solange but that doesn’t mean they both can’t be on the charts at the same time.What really would be the reason to keep pushing the album back for either Beyonce or Solange? Think people.It just doesn’t make any sense.

  4. [quote post=”1648″] I honestly WOULD like to hear from Kelly.[/quote]
    Is Kelly allowed to speak? :lol2:

  5. You all kinds of wrong for that Cree. 😆

    Seriously though, I hope Kelly is one day allowed to show she has talent and a beautiful voice too.It won’t be easy though.Beyonce was the lead singer od DC and she casts a very large shadow over the other girls.I hope she can one day step out of Beyonce’s shadow though.She seems like a really sweet person.

  6. Who knows the real reason….but those girls are cursed for life. Whenever some one sees them they are automatically going to associate them as beyonce’s back up.:cry:

  7. What a shame….why is Solange getting better release dates than Kelly? Is it an effort to save her one-hit wonder career. I guess we all are supposed to forget the cute – but almost out of wedlock baby and sham marriage – which reportedly was annulled – which is why you never see that boy ANYWHERE with Solange. And don’t get me wrong, I bought solanges first single. Anyway – Kelly probably is dying to say something, but having no experience other than the Knowles fmaily in the entertainment industry – she is probably too afraid to do so. I believe she really loves B and her family, and is too afraid or painfully loyal to speak out….all this while Mathew pushes his daughters to the forefront, and Kelly languishes in the “wings” for her shot. Wrong, just wrong….and then they wonder why there issuch a building Beyonce backlash – well – people dont like bullies (matthew) – or such terrible nepotism and favortism at the cost of others….

  8. [quote post=”1648″]I guess we all are supposed to forget the cute – but almost out of wedlock baby and sham marriage – which reportedly was annulled – which is why you never see that boy ANYWHERE with Solange.[/quote]Oh hell naw you just gone go there 😆 Heck yeah that was a sham you rarely hear anything about.Solange was fast and got knocked up right quick and they threw a quickie fake marriage together to save face for the public.Solange has nothing musically to offer so putting her album out again is a total waste of time.Kelly just needs to leave Mathews management but she never will because she feels indebted to them.I mean they did take her in and raise her.Too bad for her.I hope when it does come out it’s good and that the public doesn’t just write her off as Beyonce’s back up.

    I don’t really think it’s a Beyonce thing. I think it’s a vision thing. Kelly doesn’t really have alot of character of her own. Beyonce is the beautiful songstress, Alicia Key’s is the talentes soul singing piano player. What is unique about her. Imean we’re all special in God’s eye’s I’m not going that deep but what makes her stand out in the industry because the market is full of cute girls that can just sing. I’m saying all that to say that if Kelly wants to be a solo artist she needs to go solo to obtain her own identity and style because sometimes she even sounds like Beyonce and she needs to shed that. I think a new label will do wonders and she actually needs artist development as far as being solo. I love her though and know that it’s no disrespect at all to her. But it’s a business and she’s getting older she needs to realize that because I think she still see’s the family past but they only see there family and it would be easier to push little sister as a ciara, aaliyah, than develope the greatest diva. Plus Kelly has big potential to be better than Beyonce because people don’t get as envieous or jelous like they do with her.

  10. :iagree: Kelly does need new management. This is the only way she will be able to shine. She needs a new look, sound and objective advice regarding the future of her career. There exists a conflict of interest as one of Matthew Knowles’ artists. She is NOT top priority and that is a no no when it comes to business. Move on girl!:brownsista:

  11. I agree with the poster above. Kelly DOES ‘sound’ a lot like Beyonce.

    And I also agree with the above poster in that there IS a conflict of interest with Matthew’s artists. I mean, her album was pushed back once. Her first release had songs written by Solange. She is managed by Matthew who represents her competition (Beyonce) and vice versa. It’s just a difficult situation all around. I know at some point Kelly will wise up and will decide what’s truly best for her. And I’m not saying that the Knowles are manipulative and all that, but that maybe Kelly needs new influence, new surroundings so that she might better her craft and her art.

    But on the whole, let me just say this: SOLANGE IS RE-RELEASING HER ALBUM?

    🙁 Can someone PLEASE tell me why???

    It’s been years since it was first released…she’s had all that time to come up with NEW STUFF.

    I hope that part of it is total rumor…it just wouldn’t make sense. ESPECIALLY since she stated in an Essence article that she doesn’t want the kind of life her sister has because of all the pressures she has to deal with as a singer in the business…to say that and then to up and release a record??? Sounds kinda iffy.

    God bless Kelly. I DO like her. 🙂

  12. To: Kelly take your time because your are now a grown woman, no longer in a female group. This will be your one chance that you will have to make it in this music industry, as a solo artist. When you do come down from the gates of heaven I want you to hit the world harder than hurricane Katrina. I am one fan that will always be there to pick up the pieces.

  13. Oh and a perfect way to look at it is Janet Jackson! When she left her dad she blew up because she got to find someone who was going to grow her and form her into Janet and not Micheal’s little sister. I would even advise Beyonce to leave her dad in anouther 8 years. I’d advise Solange to leave now because she’ll be in the shadow. Or even if she didn’t want to leave maanagement do liek Ashley Simpson go to a totally diffrent label than you big sister. Sorry I thought of that later after I had already written some stuff.:brownsista:

  14. i just feel that maybe kelly’s not ready for the spotlight and all the attention. but then maybe i’m wrong. i just try to think if she does release this album will she be get extremely successful as beyonce, maybe even more, and how supportive will beyonce would be of her, just as kelly was for her.

    this is off topic, but do y’all notice how when ever beyonce is asked about kelly and michelle, and how they are doing, she always says she has seen “kelly” about two days before, bla bla and how “they come to her shows” and all that.. but she never mentions michelle.
    just saying.

  15. I think its just sad…..
    Kelly needs to step into her womanhood and really learn how to separate business from family and friends.

    I think the original 2 members did that–and when they spoke up for themselves–they got kicked out of the group. Maybe Kelly saw that and has decided to just ride it out and deal with being backup. Very wealthy back-up I might add.

    You have to remember–(Kelly)is country girl from Houston who has had the opportunity to make millions, travel the world, and live the life–SINGING BACKUP to Beyonce. Kelly probably figures–If it aint broke don’t fix it.

    As far as solange goes–I think it would be an absolute insult to the consumer to put that trash out again. What is up with all of this re-releasing business?! People need to wake up and not support these artists and their LAZINESS. Make another damn album and to hell with a re-release of something that came out years ago!


  16. Would you break away from someone who basically took you in off the streets and cared for you when your mother couldn’t? Business is business but family is family and there is no way in hell I would step away from Matthew for business reasons.It’s just not right.Fame is fleeting but family is 4EVER.

  17. I see your poing Cutie-in-cali But if the family is dangling what they did for you over your head then that ain’t right either. I don’t think they are, but if she leaves you know they will say “After all we’ve done for her” They know exactly what they are doing to her. Dead wrong :noway:

  18. [quote comment=”3654″]Would you break away from someone who basically took you in off the streets and cared for you when your mother couldn’t? Business is business but family is family and there is no way in hell I would step away from Matthew for business reasons.It’s just not right.Fame is fleeting but family is 4EVER.[/quote]
    You know what? Kelly strikes me as probably the nicest member of DC.I have never seen her over all these years say anything negative about any of the former members.I have seen Beyonce tell Kelly to be quiet and she shut up.She just isn’t the confrontational type.Her kindness makes her a beautiful person but maybe a sap in business.How can she fire Matthew and leave the Knowles family empire after thay raised her? She would seem ungrateful and willing to put fame above family snd she doesn’t seem like that kind of person to me.Kelly is loyal and will never turn away from the people who raised her as their own and I don’t really blame her.When all this fame is over and done with family will still be there.Kelly owes Tina and Mathew alot and she knows it.I feel bad for her cause she is stuck between a rock and hard hard place.

  19. you have got to be kidding me! if the first release of Solange’s album didn’t sell, then what does a “new sngle” do? it makes it even more boring. secondly, Kelly is ALWAYS overshadowed by the Knowles’ and their selfishness. what kind of idiot puts his untalented daughter before someone who isn’t even recognized as a solo artist yet? but yet she’s helped ur other daughter–the talented one–achieve success EVEN without the rest of the group. man! i bet when the media asks Beyonce why this happened, she’s gonna answer off subject and say stuff like “uh, i think the hardest thing on my album was my ‘Upgrade You’. Blonde Beyonce strikes again!

  20. hey i just want to say that i am a big fan of kelly rowland i been liking destiny’s child since i was 7 and now im 13 but i think she not pregnate so get out of her face about it she is a good person and helps out alot of people i just wanna say KELENDRIA TRENA ROWLAND AKA KELLY ROWLAND IS THE BEST I LUBB YOOH KELLY:smile::banana::stop: HATEN ON HER :hater:

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