Kelly Rowland’s Alter Ego

As we previously reported, Kelly Rowland is the latest Brown Sista to pose for one of D. Blanks’ iconic alter ego photo shoots. Kelly does her take on the “Rosie the Riveter” image and looks stunning in the process. Kelly is reportedly gearing up for the release of her third solo album which is expected to be released sometime this year. Reports say the singer is even eyeing a duet with British sensation Susan Boyle.


  1. Kelly looks GREAT… but I only see one alter ego photo and thats the first picture the rest are all glitz and glamour and the same. Michelle’s was better thoguht out and more artistic.

  2. There is one missing image I saw on another site. This shoot still isn’t that great. Derek Blanks first alter-ego shots were iconic but these are not. I haven’t liked many of his recent ones including the one with Viciva Fox and Real Housewives of Atlanta.

  3. Mmmmm some shots were hot and some shots were not…but overall not bad

  4. I agree with Christine. This shoot is really like his first ones that stood out and were quite amazing. This one is kinda boring. The first photo in the last row is her direct alter ego photo… but it’s still blah. I love Kelly though. So beautiful!

  5. Kelly really looks great and her caramel skin tone is beautiful; Just another indication that makeup isn`t for women of color, who make up 4/5 of the world; you are naturally pigmented….take it from your black brother.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4ever!!! RIP, “MASTER SHOWMAN”.

    Peace in the spirit of my hero, Malcolm X…

  6. i like the glamour shots, but i don’t get the artistic direction of the others.

  7. Beautiful!!! I’m ready for some more music from her as well. LOVE her voice!

  8. Christine, is this all u do is post negative things on K. Rowland. I swear I just read THIS SAME COMMENT on another site. LOL

    We get it it!!!! LOL

  9. Hey Talulazoeapple u know if u don’t have haters you not doing something right. Kelly is doing it right cause christine is finding her way to every site to see kelly. lol! Some ppl smh!!! God Bless!! Kelly is rocking this ish and body is immaculante. Best body i’ve seen. Not to thick not to skinny. Just darn right..

  10. Congrats to Kelly, she’s finally getting some shine. Next, Vogue , Elle , Marie Claire layouts. I love these photos, but hopefully, her P.R. reps will branch her into the more ilnternational markets. I love Billy Blanks, but let’s be honest, MJ and Janet Jackson blew up because they crossed over. Black people are the only that knows about Billy Blanks. I love Kelly, but her fanbase is in Europe, I’d say Crossover completely, it’s all about money and exposure.

  11. Finally !!! I love it.
    I kinda like it more than Melyssa’s.
    Her makeup is awesome. 6th pic is kinda spooky, but I like…

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