Kelly Rowland’s ‘ICE’ is HOT

Whereas new singles by Keyshia Cole, Ciara and Alicia Keys seem to be disappointing not only their fans, but the public at large- the same cannot be said for Kelly Rowland’s new single “ICE.”

If anyone doubted Miss Kelly could pull off another “Motivation” style summer bunner, doubt no longer… she has.

Though I won’t say “ICE” is as hot as “Motivation,” it comes damn close and is guaranteed to be another R&B hit for Kelly to rub in the faces of those who doubted she has what it takes to be a solo star in her own right.

Give the track a listen below and let me know what you think. Did Kelly bring or did she BRING IT?

Updated with full version.


  1. I love it! She definitely brought it! I am super excited about rnb coming back this summer!

  2. It’s ok….just a bunch of sex talk…the beat/ melody is nice but I wasn’t impressed. Hopefully she has some better material on the next album.

  3. Wow…Love it! Go Kelly I’ve always been a fan! Glad she’s shinning!

  4. love it cant wait for the full version..and a sick video!! goo kelly

  5. I am impresses with Kelly Rowland single “Ice” and Ashanti “No One Gretaer” but I would still love a nice R&B song with rap features…

  6. You diss Alicia’s new single but this is something that’s so great? I don’t get it, this is just another sexed up song like the rest she’s been doing for the past 2 years now. Sorry but this song is not all that in the slightest.

  7. WHY, I agree it’s okay…. 2 me it’s right up there with the Alicia Keys song which honestly has a greater chance of growin on me than this Kelly Rowland joint… I love Kelly but basically I’m over it… I can say I do love the beat but again beats seem to be the only thing going 4 songs these days… Good luck ladies!

  8. I really want Kelly to have a hit without any rapper assistance, just her voice……

  9. Not feeling the Lil Wayne verse. Glad he can easily be edited out.

  10. I love this is such a beautiful summer song I cant wait for the album

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