Kelly Rowland’s MySpace Video Diaries

Singer Kelly Rowland is keeping her fans abreast of her career plans by posting a series of diary clips on her My Space page. Kelly’s upcoming digital re-release of Miss Kelly is due to hit digital retailers on March 25th. Do go out and support Miss Kelly because her CD is really a gem that I think many will like- if only they give it a chance.

Thank you to Kelly’s #1 fan, Sallena, for the tip.


  1. Kelly looks so pretty. Btw, I have Miss Kelly and it is a solid CD with a lot of nice tracks on it. I bump Miss Kelly several times a week.

  2. She looks gorgeous and her skin is to die for. She has to tell me what her secret is.

  3. She looks pretty in that video, and I agree she has what seems to be perfect skin. I like to see the artists try to connect with their fans and whatnot.

  4. Hey! the way she talked in the clip reminded me of Mariah Carey. I don`t know why!

    She is pretty as always though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kelley’s personality reminds me so much of Oprah’s. Maybe that’s why Oprah loves her so. I could definitely see Kelley hosting a talk show. She’s got the personality for it unlike some other blond lace-front wearing, chicken leg, green/blue eyes, forced personality who shall remain anonymous (ahem* Byra Tanks). =) Anyway, she’s gorgeous and can sing. I so want her solo career to take off.

  6. You aint slick Stephanie!! Talkin bout keepin her fans “abreast”! You tried to sneak that one in!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. i think kelly seems a little desperate to me and probably needs to cultivate other aspects of herself that don’t involve the public.

  8. Lmao @ 6. I love me damn Kelly. Sexy, chocolate, pretty self.

  9. You aint slick Stephanie!! Talkin bout keepin her fans โ€œabreastโ€! You tried to sneak that one in!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    OMG! Nia I swear I didn’t even realize how funny that looked until you said it. But now that you mentioned it, the irony is quite funny- LOL.

  10. Thankx Stephanie for posting this, myself and all the other fans really do appreciate it. For the people who think she is being desperate, that is not the case, she just wants her fans to know where she is at and is basically doing this for all her fans. I don’t see other celebrities doing this, so props for Kelly for taking the time to do this. Ms. Kelly is mah girl!!!

  11. What is so funny is that I thought, I cant stand this woman, after watching the clip, she seems so sweet, funny and INTERESTING…I really thought Kelly Rowland was boring….NOOOO..!!!I co-sign with everybody who beleives she should get new management….MY GOD…..Why do they eant her career to die a slow, painful, embarassed death!

  12. Kelly’s gorgeous. Don’t really care for her CD ๐Ÿ™ Never have, but she’s gorgeous. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. i actually bought her 1st album and just got her 2nd yesterday and there is a song on her second album called love again that’s just flawless

  14. I love Kelly Rowland, so thanks for posting the video blogs. She looks so beautiful, and she has so much talent as well as a great personality!

  15. It was a good CD. I bought it when it was first released and was surprised that people were slamming it. I enjoy it.

  16. Kelly is beautiful as always. Her skin is great. And I am going to have to check out her cd Ms. Kelly. I have not heard the cd at all I know I am a little behind but you all have inspired me to check out the cd Ms. Kelly.

  17. Kelly is the definition of pretty. That girl is gorgeous, beautiful and everything attractive under the sun. I love her CD and I simply adore this chick.

    Oh my, I’m a bigger fan than I realized!

  18. @ILBW Nice to see brothers looking out for the sisters. Thx

  19. I think it is quite commendable for Kelly to take time to update her fans because her label and management certainly dont seem to be prompting her as they should. I love the track the Diva Deluxe edition (which you should alll get by the way) called “Love Again” it’s ‘simply deep’.
    Kelly performed at a concert in the UK recently and this is the most confident I’ve seen her yet. Big things are in store for this lady. It was truly a strong performance. You can check it out at this link.

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