Kelly Rowland’s New Single Tanks

Don’t get mad at me. I just report the news, I don’t make it up. But unfortunately since being released a little over a month ago, Kelly’s Rowland’s first single (( Like This)) from her forthcoming album (( Miss Kelly)) , is languishing at a disappointing #81 on the Hot 100 singles chart ((Moving up from #89 last week)) . To make matters worse BET has only played the video 14 times while MTV and VH-1 haven’t played the video at all. I would like to say that I am surprised at how poorly the single is doing but I am not.

I think Kelly Rowland continues to suffer as a solo artist for two reasons. One, she is still seen as Beyonce’s backup singer and a not so important part of Destiny’s Child. Two, her songs just aren’t that good. I know many will be tempted to blame Mathew Knowles but at the end of the day it is Kelly’s job to produce the hits and Mathew’s job to promote them. Still, if a song just ain’t hittin’ it there is only so much a manager or your record label can do.

I think Kelly’s management needs to look into releasing a second single before the album actually comes out. This is a strategy more record companies are using when they see first singles not doing so well. Virgin did this with Janet Jackson last year and most notably, Beyonce’s record label did the exact same thing. Unfortunately that strategy did not work for Janet, but having recently been certified 3 times platinum, we assume it may have for Beyonce’s B’Day compilation.



  1. i know people won’t like this but it has to be said. beyonce was the dynamic star of destinys child not kelly or michelle or the other three girls who were all botted from the group.there are people who can sing and then there are people who can sing and perform.beyonce is a simger and performer who commands the stage when she is on it and kelly is not.she can sing really well and has a very pretty voice but she probably shouldn’t be a singer or a solo single because she is kind of boring on her cannot be blamed for not playing the single because it isn’t for her video it seems fake and like she is trying too hard to be like beyonce.kelly was great in the nelly duet and maybe should try and stick to things like that.

  2. Nobody has ever really been interested in Kelly and I don’t see that changing any time soon. I won’t go so far as to say she is only fit to be part of a group or a back up singer but she clearly does not stand out on her.That just could be because of the songs chose.With the right songs I can see Kelly having a long and prosperous solo career.

  3. Radio and television are obviously very biased aginst Kelly and most other DC members.MTV never played Latoya’s Torn even though it was a hit single and outside of hip hop and r&b stations no other stations played the single either.We all know MTV would put a new Beyonce song into heavy rotation automatically no words asked.It is just sad to see Black stations turning their backs on Kelly too.I live in Brooklyn and haven’t heard Kelly’s song on WBLS, Kiss FM or 105.1 all week long.But I hear Upgrade you almost every hour on the hour.Kelly’s single isn’t flopping because it isn’t good but because nobody will play it. 😡 😡

  4. Kelly never seems comfortabe singing unless beyonce is beside her. put beyonce beside her and its a different person. and for all the ppl who were saying matthew hold back her album for beyonce to release bday where are you now? why don’t you guys request her song so it can get more airplay? I bet if it flops you all will be up in here blaming matthew when you did not support her.

  5. I don’t want to be mean. But who here really thought Kelly stood a snowball’s chance in hell of ever having a hit single or hit album?


  6. [quote comment=”6009″]Kelly never seems comfortabe singing unless beyonce is beside her. put beyonce beside her and its a different person. and for all the ppl who were saying matthew hold back her album for beyonce to release bday where are you now? why don’t you guys request her song so it can get more airplay? I bet if it flops you all will be up in here blaming matthew when you did not support her.[/quote]
    I was wondering if Mathew was even her manager anymore?

  7. The song is kinda dated and corny, like a Mya song or something Destiny’s Child would’ve put out in 1998. Kelly looks great in the video but that is not a quality record by any stretch of the imagination, and it infuriates me that someone as talented as her and with as many resources as her cannot put out a hit unless it’s with Nelly or Trina.

    And let’s not even get started on Eve.

  8. :hater: :hater:

    Ya’ll dont kno wat ya’ll talkin bout!! Kelly is just getting STARTED!! dont count her out. The reason she is low is becaus ethe song hasnt been sent to Pop radio for adds yet, its doin wats it doing right now based on Urban play alone

    Kelly Rowland “Like This”

    Hot 100 – #81
    Hot 100 Airplay – #71 (DEBUT)
    Pop 100 – #94
    R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay – #26
    R&B/Hip-Hop Songs – #26
    R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales – #21

  9. [quote comment=”6025″]:hater: :hater:

    Ya’ll dont kno wat ya’ll talkin bout!! Kelly is just getting STARTED!! dont count her out. The reason she is low is becaus ethe song hasnt been sent to Pop radio for adds yet, its doin wats it doing right now based on Urban play alone

    Kelly Rowland “Like This”

    Hot 100 – #81
    Hot 100 Airplay – #71 (DEBUT)
    Pop 100 – #94
    R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay – #26
    R&B/Hip-Hop Songs – #26
    R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales – #21[/quote]
    Oh lord the crazy fans are coming. 😆

    Jemel Janet fans fed themselves that same lie and look where it got them.Kelly song has been allowed to marinate for over a month and Black radio hasn’t taken to it so far so you know pop radio won’t either.Add that to the fact that BET and MTV are basically ignoring it and well the writing is just on the wall.The song is already dead in the water.

  10. No surprise because that single isn’t good enough. She’s on the right track though, she needs to come hard like that but she messed it up with the video being so popcorn. And I hated that silver outfit. She needs to do some real r&b joints mixed with some hard stuff like her single. Cocky, soulful, proud type music. She needs to be the diva that acts like a diva because she can do it and women won’t hate her for it because she’s real anyway. Like Kelis, she’s so real in the first place that when she came out with “Bossy” the ladies weren’t mad, we just followed suite.

  11. Someone posted before that they thought Kelly should try the love song route and I agree.Leave the booty shaking to the booty shakers and go for the road less traveled.I can see Kelly being like Heather Headley or someone like that.She has the voice and with love songs no one expects you to dance all hot and be sexy.It’s not about image it’s about the song itself.I can see Kelly standing on stage belting out a beautiful ballad.That is her calling. :thumbsup:

  12. Well in some ways Matthew Knowles should be part of the blame. He puts a lot of money out to market and promote B’Day, Dreamgirls and everything else that has Beyonce’s name on it. If Kelly’s project flops, she needs to wake up, smell the coffee and realize that it is time to break away from the Knowles camp. They will never promote her the way that they promote Beyonce. And great movie roles and endorsements, forget it, Beyonce will get the first preference. It sucks, but that is the way it is.

    Beyonce is not even an R&B artist anymore; she is the top ranked pop princess.


  13. I thought it was doing better with the video out and all that.

    Not surprised but i am a little disappointed.

  14. The song grew on me but it took a long time before I was singing along with it.

    I agree with just about everyone on this post:

    Kelly is seen as a backup singer, even though we all know she can sing her butt off!

    She is under the same management as Bey and the fact is Kelly WILL NOT be promoted on the same level as the company’s shining star.

    She needs better songs and her own style (she looks like a darker Beyonce with the hair, clothes and sound).

    Finally, she needs a real fan base. She is going after the same audience as Beyonce and she simply doesn’t compare. She should go R&B and build from there.

    I didn’t listen to her first album, and unless she drops another single that I like, I probably won’t listen to the second album. But I will not put this woman down for trying to do her own thing.

  15. When I first heard the single, I thought it was mediocre.

    I agree with the poster above who said something to the effect that Kelly should try ballads. I totally agree. Everybody is coming out with clubbanger hits (everybody meaning the current roster of R&B singers). I’m sick of clubbangers…let’s get back to some soulful music.

    This song does not display her voice AT ALL. And I know Kelly can *sang*. And sure, you might argue that hey, she’s having fun with this song….well, *looks at video*, that’s Kelly having fun? She looks unconvincing. I mean, she the scenes of her sitting in the chair doing those lame moves and singing to the camera…well, I’m not convinced that she’s really telling her man off or whatever the lyrics describe. It’s like she’s barely trying.

    Something tells me that Kelly CAN go OVER THE TOP with performance including her voice and dance movements.

    I hated the video; it was unoriginal. I don’t like the song, it’s just blah, boring. Eve’s rap sparks it up a bit, but for the most part it just doesn’t register.

    I hate it didn’t do as well as they expected, but what do they expect when it sounds like everything else out there?

    I seriously think Kelly should take the Toni Braxton route in singing love ballads and slow-tempo jams. And she just needs to RELEASE and come on outta there! Something about her persona seems shy and reserved; it’s like she’s ‘holding back’ and is afraid to let go!

    Maybe she should learn to play the guitar and do a rock album or something. I don’t know, but I”m not buying this LP if the majority of it sounds like this record.

    God bless you Kelly Rowland.

  16. Well April is just about to be over. May and June are just around the corner. Please don’t sleep on Kelly. What people fell to realize is that Beyonce isn’t just a shining star out the group, she is the shining star period. People are so focus on her that every female that comes out is going to be compared to her. I think Kelly is being herself. We all know that she isn’t doing music because she needs the money because homegirl is paid. She loves to perform. 06/26/07. Oh yeah how is she trying to target Beyonce audience when it use to be a group called Destiny’s Child.

  17. Kelly needs to get away from the Knowles management and take control of her own career. She needs to hire a new management team and get with veteran songwriters. She needs to get away from being in Ms. B’s shadow and create her own style.

    She is a beautiful woman and has a beautiful voice. She needs to make nice R&B mature empowering music and not that pop candy booty shaking mess.


  18. Reese, I know beyonce is a dynamic performer and demands the stage, but I still think its the D.C. curse. Most people are going to see her as Beys back up singer no matter what she puts out, hot or not. If Kelly were given a fair chance back then, I think she would have been a little better received NOW being that SHE has the voice. They didn’t start giving Kelly & Michelle, more vocal parts until people began to complain. The knowles knew damn well what they were doing form Jump. It was all set up to make Bey the star and it worked. But if Kelly is basically part of the family they should have treated her career just as good. They should be ashamed of themselves. They really neglected her meanwhile, Bey is in our face every 30 seconds 🙄

  19. JBL…don’t throw JANET fans into this equation because her debactle with her record label and radio is a whole other story. So please.. :stop:

    Anyways… I’m feeling Kelly’s new song and so are my friends. We were bumping it hard this weekend! She also has a good give the girl a chance da*n…and stop hating!

  20. Kelly just needs to wake up and fire her managment.If you every seen her live she is a great stage perfomer and has a great voice. What she needs is a Missy R&B mid-temp ballad, A Babyface groove, I hot track for the neptunes, A rodney Jerkins banger, a pop hit from Dianna Warren, A couple of songs from Jonta Austin and I bet she would have a hot record. Instead they have her work with Solange and Tank who is a good song writer but still. If everyone on this site knows what she should you have to wonder if she feels the same way and just is legally tie to the Knowles lock, stock and bond like TLC was with Pepples. Destiny’s child starting really young and no telling how long Matthew had that girl sign her life away for because she look at them as family but we all know Matthew is a hustle and he might have her under some 20 year managment contract (I wouldn’t put it pass him).

  21. AndreLedale I was simply pointing out the fact that Kelly is trying to go after the same set of eyes that are already mesmerized by Beyonce. That won’t work for her right now because the Beyonce Experience (don’t get me started on the vanity of that title) is a beast of a PR & marketing machine that will literally eat Kelly’s attempt to get any of that spotlight.

    They are now solo performers and the priority of any musician or singer is to reach that #1 spot on the charts and sell records. This automatically makes them competitors in their career. They might be friends and former group members, but friendship has nothing to do with business.

    After looking at her recent photos/video and listening to her single, I think Kelly’s hair, dress and sound is very similar to Beyonce. That won’t work for her because the Beyonce Experience tries very hard to consume all eyes and ears. And unless you are of strong mind and will, it might be difficult to see past Bey’s stage presence and looks when presented with both of these talented ladies.

    Unfortunately, Kelly is seen as a backup singer to Beyonce. That’s just the way she was presented for so long. But I am hoping she can come out of DC’s shadow and rise the way Beyonce did.

  22. I’m sorry, I think Kelly is a beautiful woman and very talented, but her music isn’t good enough to bring her out of the shadows of Destiny’s Child and Ms. Knowles. There’s no question that she has to prove herself as a solo star, so she needs to step up her game. Her new single is just boring. I tried to give it a chance, but I wound up listening to “Freakum Dress” instead. And I agree with a poster above who said that she didn’t even look like she was trying in her video. I mean even if a Beyonce video is crap, she believes in it and she sells it. I just didn’t get that from Kelly. The only bright spot in the whole song was Eve, and even that was mediocre.

    Kelly might want to break into another style of R&B because the club banger isn’t working for her. I mean even then she might only be able to bang out one hit like Letoya (who by the way is awful and one of the worst singers I’ve heard in a long time, but I digress).

    What Kelly really needs is personality. Some spunk or pizazz. A little pepper. Right now she’s just bland, and no one wants to see that. She has the talent, now she just needs a dynamite personality to go with the talent :thumbsup:

  23. :dance2: I heard the song on CL and I was’nt impressed. Eve brought it up a little but even that wasn’t enough, its Kelly’s song not Eve’s. Being shy in this biz dosen’t cut it. She needs to find a alter ego like her BFF B and go for it! I don’t think she wants it like B does…watch B she’s a ANIMAL on stage and in her vids! I am Bee’d out though…too much B :stop:

  24. The truth of the matter is that Kelly has to make better song choices. She actually TRIED to do something DIFFERENT with her first album. It didn’t do as well as expected, but it was still a decent, respectable album. Few people realize that Beyonce’s album was pushed back (in 2002) in order for Kelly to release hers since she was so successful with Nelly on “Dilemma”. So I don’t think MATTHEW is the one to blame here. I capitalized Matthew because HE is the manager NOT Beyonce. Kelly has to make better song choices. That’s the bottom line. You can’t promote crap. People just aren’t going to buy it. Sorry. :dance2:

  25. JBL….after reading what you said and thinking about it, your right. Kelly should go for the ballads because she’s not a booty shaker unless she’s around her booty shaking friends. And although I don’t see her as a Heather Headly I look at Keisha Cole and I think, then I look at LeToya and I think…..well there is always room for good songs. Good relavant songs. I’m switching from her being hood to her being good and being a hitmaker. THat should be her focus but I still don’t think she can do it with Matthew. He is great at what he does for Beyonce. That vision was clear but he is foggy when it comes to Kelly. OOOOOHHHH She should work with R. Kelly. That would be a good match.

  26. Now you all see Mathew was right when he told Kelly to try alternative music with her first album.Even though it didn’t sell really well it went gold which isn’t bad.Mathew knew the RnB field was crowded and it would be in Kelly’s own best interest to try another market or another type of music.She could have built on the success of her first album had she not taken so long to record a new album.

  27. :brownsista: Kelly Rowland will only do well if she has the strength to leave the Knowles’ nest. It doesn’t mean she has to stop being friends with them. It does means that she needs to find people who are focused on her and her only. How can “Like This” ever have a shot at becoming a hit, when Beyonce’s B’Day has been re-released and promotions are still ongoing. All Beyonce promotions should have been over by the time it was time to promote Kelly.

  28. :iagree:
    I said a long time ago that Kelly gotta let go of Mama Knowles titty – breast feeding time is over. She goes on BET to drop the video to the single – in what? A damn House of Dereon low budget t-shirt dress – why? she acting like a walking Billboard for the Knowles and dem… :noway:

    Then how could you not buy the B-Day album (i didn’t) when at one time there was 1)De Ja Vu 2) Ring the Alarm 3)Irreplaceable 4)Upgrade U 5)Listen
    6) Beautiful Liar- all on the radio at one time.

    The only hit was Irreplacleable but it took Matthew and Bey a while to figure it out so they kept dropping those bombs (De Ja Vu, Ring the Alarm and all that other garbage) til something stuck with the radio heads. Good strategy that worked for now…til peeps get sick of her…

  29. If her management team promoted her and her album as hard as they do for Beyonce, then maybe more people would see what she has to offer and buy it.

  30. her video did play on mtv! so thats false info u posted @ brown sista..u stated mtv never aired it and she was on trl and premiered the video…so that is @ least 1 time i know for sure it aired! so yes the single may have tanked but lets gets some facts correct!….thanks! love the site!

  31. Hello blklove…

    Video playlists are posted on Billboard which is the source we provided. Did you click on it? Did you read it for yourself? Premiering the video is not the same as playing it. Kelly Rowland’s video at the time we posted this article was on neither MTV or Vh1’s playlist and had never been played by either channel. This very info is even posted on several of Kelly’s fan sites. Our facts are straight and backed up by a reputable source.

    And just for clarification, we are a celebrity/gossip blog. Though we would never knowingly post false information, this may not be the best place to look for solid information. Try CNN for that.

  32. I ride the slow yellow bus so my comment was deleted by staff.

  33. Difintley i have to agree with you guy’s bottom line kelly needs to get the balls,and get some new mangement

  34. It was a no brainer that Kelly’s single was not going to take off. Mathew Knowles is not going to let anybody outshine his little girl anytime soon and that includes Kelly. I personally think the single is good and better than the depressing single from her last album but as long as beyonce wants to shine kelly doesn’t have a chance.

  35. Can we please stop blaming Beyonce because Kelly can’t get a hit single. Fact is Kelly is not Beyonce. Beyonce is the better performer and is a true artist while Kelly just has a pretty voice which isn’t enough to make it. Kelly needs to be special and she is not. She needs to come with something new or original but she did not. We all know the song is weak and Beyonce had nothing to do with it. Was Beyonce the writer or producer of the song? Did she put a curse on Kelly’s recording session? Come on people lay blame for Kelly’s flop at the feet of kelly where it belongs and not Beyonce, Mathew or the radio stations.

  36. [quote comment=”6010″]I don’t want to be mean. But who here really thought Kelly stood a snowball’s chance in hell of ever having a hit single or hit album?

    :lol2: :iagree: I was thinking the same thing!

    Truthfully the only thing I liked from her was her duet with Trina, everything else I wouldn’t even bother bootlegging. It was said on a lot of other sites that her album launch kept getting pushed back to make room for B and Solange’s mess, and the radio stations are totally biased because I haven’t heard her song at all on the radio, which I’m not exactly complaining either 😆 She seems like a really nice person though so I hope that she changes things around so her career can take off 🙂

  37. Lemme add that I am not a Kelly hater.I think she is pretty and she has a very strong voice.Vocally she is way above Michelle and light years above Latoya.She just isn’t smart and maybe she does need to get away from the Knowles like Toya did.Kelly still has to do the work and appeal to the masses like Latoya managed to do.You all just have to stop blaming Beyonce because she has no control over whether another artist succeeds or fails.

  38. Kelly was brilliant as 1/3 of Destiny’s Child. But on her, she’s just so…blah. “Like This” is the type of song you’d expect to see Rihanna or Cassie 🙄 miming along to. Bland, meaningless lyrics and a typical bass-heavy beat. Add a boring video with a concept we’ve seen so many times before, and no one is really going to be interested. I mean in the video, even she seems bored with the song! I actually have her first album, and there are some really nice mellow songs on there. She should have stayed on that route, in my opinion.

  39. I totally, totally, TOTALLY disagree with whoever said Kelly is a better vocalist than Letoya! That’s bull and u all know it! That H-town can sang her a$$ off. Letoya got spunk, down to earth, more relatable than Beyonce or Kelly. And it does not hurt she beautiful too. Letoya has been out of the girl group for years now, but she came out and did her thang. Went platinum, that album was off the chain. The people who say she can’t sang r truthfully beyonce stans just admit it. Truthfully I can’t wait for the next album to come out, she got soul and frankly is not boring. Letoya is being her and keeps it real. :noway: :stop: :hater:

  40. Well why you guys think that the US make the world goes around (well it doesn’t). I wouldn’t call her last album a flop either she sold over 2 million (world wide). She is currently doing a world wide promotion it started in Europe, Kelly states that Germany are her most loyal fans. The damn album hasn’t even dropped yet. I’m going to type a bunch of hahahaha’s and lolololololol’s when she is number 1.

  41. Prettyparker I posted a comment because I knew you would respond. Your cool people.

  42. Kelly sucks balls and her new single is pure crap. the video’s wack

  43. Shameful, I have to admit I knew this was going to happen….again. 🙁 To be honest Kelly is not going to ever be promoted well as long as she is under that same label who put all the attention on someone else. She need a new manager or something. 😡 😡 🙁

  44. @ ANON

    If you think that Letoya is a better vocalist than Kelly….heck I don’t even know what to say to that. Letoya may have spunk, but she’s no songstress. Let’s be real :mrgreen:

  45. The facts? Holy shit, someone here needs to get the facts straight. Like This just moved up to 69 on the Hot 100.

    Like This is not flopping, like this website. :hater: 😀 :booty:

  46. This was posted last week when the facts were just that- facts. And this blog clearly states no cursing. Your little filthy mouth will be banned if you do it again.

    As for our flopping website. Tell the 135,763 unique visitors we had last month that. Tell my wallet which is fat with advertsing revenue- and I thank you for stopping by and making me a little bit richer :lol2:

  47. Last week the song had over 15 million audience impressions and was 29th on the R&B Billboard charts. Hardly a flop either last week considering it was just released to Pop and garnered all it’s plays from buzz alone.

    Hardly a tank as you would say or the facts, as you stated matter of factly. All i’m saying next time get the facts straight.

  48. And if you could read you would know that the facts are straight based on when this article was posted. Still, you are clearly a very loyal Kelly fan who takes bad news about your idol a little too seriously. We are not here tear Kelly down. We support Black women. Read the blog description and you will know that. Still, we post news good and bad. Kelly’s single has stalled and is not receiving good airplay. Stop telling yourself it is a hit just because you are a fan. Btw, Kelly’s single is already on Itunes and still it is at the bottom of the charts. If you know how the singles charts work then you know that a single moves up the charts based on part Itunes downloads and airplay. Kelly has both and still nothing. The writing is on the wall as far as single goes. Please read it.

  49. Like This is currently 99 last i checked on the Itunes Hot 100. It’s also number 8 on the Itunes R&b charts. Little can be said for her competition Mya. She is getting a million audience impressions a day.

    The facts are clear.

    I actually just browsed the website, and it’s enjoyable, just a bit inaccurate.

  50. Oh and last week it was 112th on the itunes chart and top 10, so that argument is also moot.

    And yes i am a hardcore Kelly fan, i jumped the gun with my initial statement and i apoligize, but calling the song a tank by any means is inaccurate.

  51. @ Shay Letoya not a songtress is u *** kidding me? So going platinum is what to u? Look let me check u on the facts of Kelly since we r talking about being real. Kelly’s video is boring. She is playing off like she’s not acting like Beyonce, but it is not working. The video screams Beyonce. She is not creative with the video all I see is her pushing up her boobs for sex appeal. The management (Knowles) she chooses to stay under is not promoting her to the full maximum like some other chick (cough..Beyonce..cough). I don’t believe in buying crappy music Letoya album was not crap. It was actually better than I expected. I can actually say Letoya is doing her own thang and wow I didn’t know she had a voice. Kelly is not giving the fans whom damn well know can sing some nice slow jams that would potentially help her sell albums. Let’s keep it real as u say she will never get out of Beyonce’s shadow if she is not willing to say hey let me find out who I am and do my own thing. Letoya is doing her as a songtress otherwise she wouldn’t go platinum. They is no way in hell I will buy music from an artist who can’t sang. LATER :hater: ! :thumbsup:

  52. @ Anon (((Please don’t go there with that whack ass Letoya. Where is she now, wasn’t her ass on “The Blvd. Of Broken Dreams.” That’s when the album was already over with. Letoya first single was an old Mary tune that’s what help sell the damn record and people pity fuck!n her. Kelly’s first album doubled her sales. SO NEXT!)))

  53. What’s with the cursing? Though we have censors that does not mean you all can just disrespect the rules here. If you can’t post without the foul language, you need not post all.

  54. Kelly does live in Beyonce’s shadow. Everytime she does an interview, she is always talking about Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce to the point where she is almost obsessed with the girl.

    She needs to step up her game, break away from the Knowles family and the DC image. You can’t mix business with family and friends. If she wants to have a successful career, she has to take complete control of her situation, evolve and regroup.

  55. Kelly’s video was whack and mediocre. Her dancing was whack. Even her singing was whack! People like u ANdre feel sorry for her cuz she still a background singer behind Beyonce! U r madd cuz I kept it real! As for Kelly’s album, now that my angry stan deserves a SO NEXT!)) :loser: :thumbsdown: :dance2:

  56. Ok Ok Ok Anon,

    We realize that you like Letoya and all and that’s great. She might be a very sweet girl. Yes she has personality and that’s cool. But that girl CANNOT sing. The fact that her songs are catchy and sell doesn’t make her a singer. She has a voice and can carry a tune, but come on LET’S BE REAL she’s no Aretha Franklin, Stephanie Mills, Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Jennifer Hudson, or Fantasia. Heck she’s not even a Beyonce 😆

    I realize that you don’t have to be able to “sang” nowadays to make money. I mean look at Rhianna, Amerie, Ciara, Christina Milian, or Brandy. I mean Aaliyah sold records and I loved her, but a songstress she was not. She was an entertainer, which I don’t even know if I could call Letoya that considering she’s only had ONE big hit single, which was a sampling of an already established hit record. So……….. In conclusion, Letoya might be platinum and that’ s good for her. I don’t make it a habit of trying to bring people down, but she cannot be considered a vocalist, by any stretch of the imagination.

  57. No one will throw poor Kelly a bone. Almost a year after Beyonce’s album was released Vibe magazine has chosen to put her on the cover of their June issue. Kelly who has an album coming the same month gets a small story printed about her on the inside.Why didn’t Kelly get the cover? It is starting to look more and more like a conspiracy to keep Beyonce on top and Kelly on the botton 😡 😡 😡

  58. Ok Ok OK @SHAY I’m a keep it real with u. Wow BRANDY not a vocalist??!! All I can say at this point to ur delusional imagination for a list is… :lol2: !! Cuz I can’t take u seriously!!! NEXXXXTTTTTTTT!!! :bag:

  59. I guess a whisper is considered singing nowadays???

    I guess I’m too old to know what real singing is.
    You’re right Letoya, Brandy, and Cassie are all vocalists. I mean, who was I kidding :mrgreen:

  60. Akon I mean Anon your so right about everthing that you said…. You sound like a real :booty: I mean really.

  61. @ Shay do I really need to come up with a nickname for u. Its too easy. And since when screaming and riffing to a point u ruin a song considered real singing. Pardon I’m too young to have a difference of opinion on what is considered singing. U r right Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce r all screamers I mean who was I kidding :iagree:

  62. Don’t forget Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Stephanie Mills and Aretha Franklin. I guess they can’t sing as well :stop:

  63. Kellly’s single has reached it’s peak while Rihanna is about to fly high and probably all the way to #1.It has been reported that horrible Umbrella tune broke records with it being added to almost all formats.Kelly won’t catch a break ever because she was never given a chance in DC and the industry is racist against brown and dark skin females today.If you don’t look like Bee or Rihanna or Cassie or Ciara you might as well go sit your butt down because you ain’t gettin’ no where these days.

  64. I question ^^^^ you said that the industry is racist against brown and dark skin females today, what is Ciara and Rihanna exactly????

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