Kelly Rowland’s New Video

DC3 member Kelly Rowland premiered the video for her new single Like This on MTV’s TRL today and I hate to say it- but it was nothing special.I didn’t like the song to begin with and don’t like the video either.Not that Kelly isn’t looking and sounding great- she just isn’t doing anything that I haven’t already seen or heard before.You guys however can judge for yourselves.Check out pics from her TRL visit below and click over to see the video and participate in our poll of the day.

Poll Of The Day


  1. Kelly is trying to be like Beyonce.I know you all gonna try and deny it but she all.All that humping, bumping and grinding is totally Beyonce.

  2. I’m sorry yall I love that song. The video was ok. And stella you knew it was coming, I don’t think she is trying to be like Bey. Remember she was part of destiny’s child so its probably hard to shake some of the moves. I like it, I support her totally! And her voice is great :dance:

  3. Both the song and the video are simple.Kelly hasn’t evolved at all.Just like her DC3 days she still askin’ where her girls at.It’s old and boring.She really is meant to be just a backup singer.

  4. The video and all the obvious booty and thigh shots make the video look very Beyonce-esque.Kelly is obviously trying to get her sexy on but she comes off rather odd to me.I wish the sister luck but I don’t see it happening with this song.

  5. :iagree: I don’t see much success here. What a lack luster video and song for that matter…

  6. I am a big fan of Kelly, but the song is a little weak, does not really say anything. For her first Single Release, she should have chosen a song with some “bite!” She looks great and m’ girl Eve looks out of this world. The song is not bad, but she should hav chosen a stronger song, which showed off her vocal skills.

  7. :hater: Since when did B become the standard, Kelly is doing Kelly She isnt gonna show all her skin and dance like a stripper!! She has to be herself simple but sweet!! Go Kelly do u!!!!! This is just apreview and her album is gon do well ya’ll watch!!!

  8. Someone has alerted the Kelly fans.The poll has 20 votes saying they love the video.There ain’t no way 20 darn people really love that video.

  9. She looks very much like a stripper in this video. Just not a very good one :lol2:

  10. [quote comment=”5173″]She looks very much like a stripper in this video. Just not a very good one :lol2:[/quote]
    You so wrong for that :lol2:

  11. I like the song. However, the video was a little lackluster and could be a lot better. When she had on the silver outfit it reminded me very much of Beyonce. I think that Kelly just needs to find her own style. She has a great voice and she’s very pretty, but she just needs to find her own niche.

  12. Wifey did a great job. Kelly even knows that she was going to be compared to Beyonce they were in a group together like their whole life but I guess everyone forgot about that. I love Bee but she did’t create sex appeal. People are never happy. Baby girl is going to have a bomb ass year just wait. and watch. The video went with the song Eve did her part to.

  13. I thought the silver out fit didn’t compliment her at all, the gold tan one was the bomb on her though, and the black one was not cute. I think Kelly has her own look and build and Tina needs to put things on her that look good on her. She has a big butt and no Boobs. Really she can wear anything with that combo but they put her in stuf that isn’t cute on her, or things that don’t glamourize her. I think the flyest she’s ever looked was in Soldier video with the furr coat and swimsuit. Even cater to you. she’s little with a big butt so that looks good on her. That silve is for someone built all over.

  14. Kelly being part of DC3 like Beyonce is not an excuse. Letoya was of DC3, she made the smart move of not doing anything similar to Beyonce. Consequently they got compared only for coming from the same group, NOT STYLE WISE. Beyonce didn’t invent anything but she’s what’s popular right now, so any R&B singer doing anything slightly similar to her will be compared (Just like Usher vs any R&B male singer) LET ALONE SOMEONE FROM DC who does SOMETHING SIMILAR.

    And people been waiting for years for Kelly to set herself apart from Beyonce, she’s no new comer, people been waiting and rooting for her, I think her and her crew messed up a good opportunity. The Booty shake was too easy for the comparisons. She’s gorgeous but I’m so disappointed!

    I think Eve owned this video!

  15. How is a rapper doing the hook of your song and you’re a singer ? How did that happen ?

  16. I LIKES IT!. Video could’ve been better though but I loves this song. Why is she acting like she’s afraid to dance? That annoyed the hell out of me!!!! COME ON KELLY!

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