Kelly Rowland’s One Woman Show

Kelly Rowland and her label may not be able to agree on a release date for her upcoming album, but at least they have finally agreed on a name. According to published reports, Kelly has finally settled on the title “One Woman Show,” after previously having chosen the very underwhelming “Kelly Rowland.” Look for Kelly’s new project to hit record store shelves sometime this fall. In the meantime, you can download the album’s first three singles (Commander, Rose Colored Glasses, Grown Woman) from iTunes now.


  1. mess!!! what they should try and agree on is, to release one album not to different versions of it!! not to trow shade but the album will flop!! but she might have a top 10 debut!! sorry Kells!!

  2. Okay,I have one more Kelly rowland album in me so i’ll check it out 🙂

  3. i am really hoping that things work out for this girl ..really from the bottom of my heart

  4. @ VV BROWN You sound like an idot!! Go Kelly! Ignorant lowlife haters. SMH….It’s sad when people root for you to fail

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