Kelly Rowlands Says Kanye Lyrics Not An Insult

Rapper Kanye West may have thought he was throwing brown skin sistas a bone when he referenced singer Kelly Rowland in his hit song “Power;” however the singer’s fans are singing a different tune. After Kelly told Complex magazine she was basically flattered by the shout out- her fans took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their displeasure with not only Kanye, but with Kelly as well. This forced Kelly to hop online and basically tell her fans to take it down a thousand.

Check Kelly’s Facebook response to the pseudo controversy below…

For those not familiar with the lyrics to Kanye’s “Power” single, check out the part below that specifically references Kelly…

“The system broken, the schools closed, the prisons open/ We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, Motha—-er, we rollin’/ Huh? Motha—-er, we rollin’/ With some light-skinned girls and some Kelly Rowlands”

Kelly recently spoke to MTV about the “Power” reference as well and said she felt as if Kanye was holding her up as a standard of beauty. Many tweeted that Kanye’s lyrics do nothing more than insinuate that Kelly is cute “to be so dark” and that the singer should in no way be flattered by such a juvenile comment.

Whatever the case, Kelly has spoken about her hang-ups with her color in the past, saying she never really thought she was beautiful until Tina Knowles told her she was.


  1. What’s the problem? Kelly is beautiful, and Kanye is simply SAYING THAT!! Sometimes girls with darker skin don’t get the recognition they deserve. People get tired of seeing white girls and light skinned girls as the most beautiful when dark skinned girls are just as beautiful. GO KELLY WITH YOUR BEAuTIFUL DARK SKIN.

  2. *blinks*

    So all various shades and hues and colors need to be recognized now? This man referred to women as ‘mutts’ once, in terms of their skin tone. I just don’t understand the continued fixation with skin tone, be it negative or positive.

  3. Janet – Queen of pop
    Madonna – The Queen
    Whitney – The voice
    Mariah – Queen of hits
    Beyonce – Queen of pop/ for her generation
    Brandy – The Vocal Bible
    Xtina – The Voice/ of her generation
    Gaga – Princess of Dance
    Britney – Pop Icon
    Rihanna – The Pop Princess
    Ciara – The Princess of R&B
    Alicia – Queen of R&B
    Mary J Blige – Queen of hip hop/ soul
    Aaliyah – The Angel

    Thanks for submitting applications for Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Amerie and Ashanti. All of them have been denied and there isn’t any room for their kind on the list.

  4. I don’t see where’s the insult “with some light skinned girls and some kelly rowlands” it’s not that serious I could see if he called her a b***h or a Ho that’s somethin’ to get upset about!!!

  5. I saw this trending on Twitter today and fell out laughing at all the comments from people saying they didn’t even know Kanye had mentioned Kelly. I have heard that song and thousand times and could have sworn he said jelly rolls.

  6. @ VV’s list. Ummm, Ashanti needs to be somewhere in that list.

  7. VV Brown
    You seriously sat down and wrote all of this? That’s really sad…

    I think Kanye is a very insecure man,He def meant it as a “pretty for a dark skin chick” Type of comments, But if the concerned person is not offended i digress….

  8. im glad him didnt say black bi tch or something stupider….ppl cool down it FALL NOW:)

  9. @KANYADE I agree!
    @VVBROWN Ashanti is the princess of R&B and Ciara is the QUEEN of crunk, even though some say princess of crunk.

    And I don’t see what the problem is either. I’ve heard other rappers refer to singers like Beyonce’s, Rihanna’s, Nicki Minaj’s… so what was the insult???

  10. Edit

    Beyawnsay Queen of Jacking…..she is nowhere near queen of anything except stealing styles. Her music doesn’t even stand the test of time, not even for her generation. LOL!!!!

    Ashanti Queen Lyricist

  11. ^^^ chile sit down.

    The fact that u think Ashanti is Queen of anything makes u an ultimate failure/hater.

    Beyonce is the Queen of pop for this generation whether u like it or not. No other black female artist this generation comes even close to her success.

    Anyway back to topic, I agree with Kelly. It wasn’t an insult.

  12. I believe Kanye meant it as a compliment and as Kelly feels, a standard of beauty. I agree with Kanyade, why was the reference necessary? But, we are still colorstruck and the “she’s pretty for a dark skin chick”…conscious or unconsciously is how we still view various hues of beauty. It’s as bad as ever. I understand too how some sistas feel it was an insult. Just as black men want to be seen as a “man” in this world regardless of skin color, so do black women.

    Images are powerful and at this time in our history, the flavor of moment is “light skin” for black women.

    Name five dark skin female and male superstars, megastars or sex symbols…singers, rappers, actresses, athletes…


    1. Serena Williams
    2. Kelly Rowland
    3. Gabrielle Union

    Up and Coming:

    Tasha Smith – She’s beautiful, but it’s her loud mouth behavior that made her super popular for Perry audiences. But, I’m glad to see her physical image on screen.

    Grossly Underused, barely working:

    Nia Long


    1. Eldris Elba
    2. Blair Underwood
    3. Will.I.Am
    4. Tyrese
    5. Kanye West

    Didn’t even list the ballers…the point is there’re many positive images of black men, but darker skin sistas are lacking and therefore are sensitve. Not to see positive images of oneself is a failure of our society as a whole. Now that it’s all about the visual, unlike in the 90s where there was diversity and inclusion…we have definitely digressed as a people, making high self-esteem premium for all of us, even the chosen ones!

    “What we do to some of us, we do to all of us!”

  13. Im “dark” skinned and I recently had a guy tell me that I was pretty for a dark skin girl. I dont think he will ever speak to me agin after I gave him some very choice words, LOL. But i am not offended by this song, Bey and other singers are often mentioned in songs and its not a big deal so I really dont see why it is now.

  14. A lot of times rappers are just trying to find a line that will help them rhyme with the previous one. I think as Kanye was writing these lyrics it hit him that the “Kelly Rowlands” will fit right in. So I think it was more of a aaah ha moment for him. Maybe subconsciously it could mean something else but we really don’t have to entertain that thought unless we choose to. And for the record, Kelly is just beautiful period, not for a Black woman, a tall woman, or anything. She’s just beautiful and from what I’ve seen through pics and interviews, it seems like she has a personality to match which makes her even more stunning.

  15. What was wrong with that? I don’t see what was so offensive …

  16. how bout he mentioned her name cause he needed 2 make a rhyme..

  17. kanye has issue with skin color, i guess in his crazy mind he was giving kelly a complement.

    when will some black men get over this the dark skin light skin mess.

  18. kanye west line meant that he’s looking for darkskin girls as well, because he put an s on the end of her name. it’s not that deep.

  19. Nothing wrong with Kanye’s comments, he’s using Kelly as a reference to darker skinned girls, and putting them more in the spotlight as desirable women as opposed to it always being about lighter skinned girls.

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