Kelly Talks About The Future

Kelly Rowland went live on Ustream last week and spoke about her plans for her upcoming album which will be released in 2010. Kelly revealed that she had reached out to Nelly to possibly work with him again- as well as her good friend Brandy- whom she said she had been wanting to work with for a while. The interview is just about 40 minutes long- but is definitely worth checking out. Kelly answered questions from the public and didn’t hold much back when asked about her former group Destinys Child and her former manager Matthew Knowles. Speaking about her new management, Kelly said: “In July I did announce that I had new management and it’s working out great. I can’t complain, I’m very happy. The coolest part of having new management is just the fact that it’s “My show”. It’s my show and that’s a blessing.”


  1. Kelly is one the 2 members of DC (other one is Bey) that I like the most. Happy that she can have her own shine without standing under someone`s shade.

  2. Good for Kelly, glad she finally woke up and started looking out for hereself. I hope she has success.

  3. i agree ITSME you so right, she actually can sing much better than B.

  4. Who is that in the picture linking to this article? Looks nothing like Kelly… more like Ciara?

  5. I’m happy for her too. Glad to see she’s doing things without the Knowles’.

    @NNE I thought that too at first. But if you look closely, it is indeed Kelly. It’s the lighting in the photo that made her look different.

  6. Lol, as if new management wil help ya…u make a beta B stan than u do an artist gal,

  7. Best wishes to Kelly. It took her a minute to develop the guts to look out for herself. I know. i was there too. Whether she sells millions ot thousands, her life is now much richer and rewarding.

  8. @ Shels- thanx girl! I really would’nt have known it was her if you hadn’t confirm 🙂

  9. Wow so no one thinks that how light kelly looks in that picture is a problem? :s. Well I be damned?

  10. LOOOVE KELLY!! She may not be the most beautiful chick in the game but she seems to have a lovely personnality and that’s more important (at least to me)!
    She has the talent all she needs is good managment and good songs!

  11. @brooke…….what celebrity is the most the most beautiful chick in the game without makeup with photo touch up? NONE!!! kelly is just as beautiful as any other female in hollywood.she doesn’t have to be the top selling to be attractive as she happen to already be!!!!

  12. Wow she is incredibly boring. I’m glad she sings allot better than she sounds. I couldn’t even finish watching the interview.ZZzzzzzz

  13. @ CinnamonDarky

    “She can sing better than B” Are you crazy?

    U must be one of those people who just don’t like Beyonce? Have you ever heard Kelly sing live? She sounds horrible to me. Beyonce has a wonderful voice LIVE. That’s how u can tell who can really sing or not.

    I wish Kelly the best of luck in whatever she does with her career!

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