Miss Kelly’s Lame OMG! Interview


If there is one downside to Kelly Rowland’s latest single ‘Dirty Laundry,’ it is that it has given the press even more incentive to ask Kelly about Beyonce than ever before.

Such is the case with the interview Kelly gave to Kevin Frazier and Yahoo’s OMG! Insider.

Kevin grilled Kelly about ‘Dirty Laundry’ and asked question after question about Beyonce. Now to be fair, Kevin does say more about Kelly and her many endeavors will follow in another video, but how sad is it that so many years into her own solo career, the media still feels the need to make Kelly just another source for Beyonce information.

Yes ‘Dirty Laundry’ mentions Beyonce, but the song doesn’t revolve around her and neither should Kelly’s interviews.


  1. I am so glad you said it Sista and wish you had went in more. Dirty Laundry is a tale about Kelly’s life and its many trials but all the media took from it is the Beyonce verse which they reported simply as Kelly being jealous of Beyonce. Even the physical abuse has taken a back seat to the jealousy angle. If Kelly ever wants to get out of the shadow of Beyonce she will have to exert herself and fully excommunicate herself from all things Beyonce related. I felt Kelly was on that road but Dirty Laundry put her right back into Beyonce’s shadow. She’ll have to produce another solid hit single to get the media’s attention focused back on her.

  2. It’s really sad because you would think they’d at least focus on the domestic abuse or Kelly biological family. I feel there is a story there. Hell Beyoncé is not even all that interesting if you ask me. What you see is what you get(Beyoncé). Kelly still seems to be hiding a lot of internal conflicts that could help a lot of people. And I never got the inclination that Kelly was jealous of Beyoncé from the song. If anything she was making a comparison on their lives professionally. It was revealing the place she was in her life rather than plain envy for Beyoncé. Hell EVERYBODY is jealous of Beyoncé even people who don’t know her. Its not a bad thing… its normal.

  3. Well said, Sista. I was thinking the exact same thing. For years, Kelley’s interviews consisted of her excessively praising and promoting Beyoncé. She finally got away from that in the last couple of years, only to be brought back to it now. “Dirty laundry” was supposed to be her “breakthrough,” but instead it now looks like her setback. I cringe whenever I see her having to prove that she loves Beyoncé in interviews.

  4. @Liverpool
    You’re right, she did open that door and the media jumped on the songs lyrics because they knew that sensationalism sells and any mention of a Beyoncé feud means page views and clicks for the unsuspecting. I knew that the whole marketing campaign was going to backfire and it seems like it did.

    Kelly better learn to stand on her own talent.

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