Preview Miss Kelly’s ‘Dirty Laundry’

posted by Sista on June 21st, 2013 at 11:38 am

2 (140x139)

Want a longer look at Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dirty Laundry’ video? Well, check out this 30-second clip the singer just released via her Facebook page.

Kelly gave us a glimpse of the video earlier this week while appearing on Good Morning America to promote her ‘Talk a Good Game’ album. This new clip, however, is much longer and far clearer. As to when the full video will debut, Kelly and her camp are being mum.

By the way, if you haven’t heard, first week sales predictions have ‘Talk a Good Game’ selling around 75,000 copies. That estimate rose a bit, as previous estimates had her selling between 60-65k.


  1. YASS HUNTY…..

  2. Kelly’s album is very good and is getting great reviews. Don’t think I have read a negative one yet. I hope Kelly grinds old school. She should hit the road again and really sell this album.

  3. Looks good. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  4. To hell with first week sales. Just make good music Kelly.