Kelly’s Weave Makes Waves In South Africa

Beach beauty Kelly Rowland was spotted in Miami, Florida over the weekend getting her sun n’ fun on. The Like This vocalist has been making news lately for not only her upcoming lifestyle and travel show, but news that she is already working on her third solo CD, as well as there being a possible 2009 reunion of her group, Destiny’s Child. The singer is also poised to release a children’s book in 2009- which she started work on late last year and just recently completed. And not content with just keeping her name in the news in this country, it seems Kelly, or better yet, Kelly’s hair (weave), has been making news half-way around the world as well.

According to the South African Times:

The Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed a consumer’s complaint about a haircare commercial featuring American singer Kelly Rowland. Prince Mamburu lodged a complaint about the Dark & Lovely commercial that is flighted on SA television. It features the singer with a shiny and bouncy straight bob hairstyle that Mamburu said was misleading because the singer was in fact wearing a weave. In the ad Rowland promises that the cream relaxer will result in “smoother, longer and silky soft” hair. But Mamburu’s complaint was dismissed after the manufacturer argued that a “similar” result could be achieved depending on the consumer’s natural hair.

To be convinced, the ASA brought in an independent hair specialist, Brian Warfield, who confirmed this. Warfield stated that the end result depended not only on the product, but also on the length, texture and density of the hair. “In his opinion, a result like the one depicted on Kelly Rowland’s hair is achievable using the Dark & Lovely relaxer, styling and aftercare products,” the ASA said. Warfield pointed out that a professional hairstylist could achieve results depicted on any product package, whereas a person doing their own hair at home would not be able to duplicate that type of style or movement.

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  1. Love this lovely woman! She’s just so darn pretty and works hard to keep her held high. Good job Kelly!

    As far as the weave complaint, actresses do it all the time in those hair commercials. Beyonce is on tv for the L’oreal Feria hair commercial (and two other hair products) wearing her wig in the advertisements. Andie Mcdowell ALWAYS wear a wig in her hair commercials. That prince needs to get over the commercial and focus on other things in his nation.

    Then again, I have no complaint on wearing weaves/wigs to push products as long as the celebrity looks good sporting it.

  2. I don’t think he understood the commercial. They don’t seem real big on relaxers there. I think Ms. Kelly is doing her thing. I am so proud of her. She gets so much criticism because felt that she should have just stayed in the back ground and not tried to do anything for herself or tried to do her own thing. You go Kelly.

  3. She is a beautiful girl i need what she have on her skin lol.

  4. I thought Destiny had been fulfilled??? Wassup wit the reunion? And then in 2009?? Yall JUST broke up! Oh well, I guess times is hard for e’erbody.

  5. I don’t about the rest of y’all, but it sounds to me like “Prince Mamburu” has too much time on his hands.

  6. She is very beautiful! As far as the commercial, sometimes it can be misleading. Of course, I would hope that people do understand that in those commercials they have professional stylists doing their hair. It’s all about trial and error when it comes to hair care products. what works for one person may not work for the other.

  7. I am glad to see Kelly venturing out into different waters… I wish her MUCH success ;-).

    As for the commercial… ppl have to do what they have to do to sell the product & of course they have professionals doing the hair for the commercial. That’s like saying you are going to go to Burger King & get the burger that’s on the commercial lol.

  8. Kelly Rowland is a joke and she sucks big time. Her career is never going anywhere because she just doesn’t have the “it” factor. The only thing she is good at is being Beyonce’s biggest cheer leader and boot licker. So stop making excuses for her.

  9. you guys are missing the point in america, you cannot put a woman with a weave in a shampoo or relaxer commercial. as far as beyonce’, that is a color commercial and people dye weaves and wigs, so that is acceptable. this is something to think about. the complaintant was asking if they were selling the unattainable, a valid question in today’s commercialized society.

  10. Why is it everytime Kelly or Michelle’s name is mentioned (concerning anything!!!!) a comparsion is made to Beyonce. Stop it already!!!!!!

  11. @Wendy said: I totally agree with you. They can’t have there own things going on without someone bringing up Beyonce name. She is not the beginning and end to everything. She is just an overrated singer and entertainer. These two are just as talented as she is.

  12. Since the Prince is keen on TV commercials for women why not mention mascara commercials too. Those models most often than not are wearing fake lashes. 😆 Still he should focus on other things with more importance. As for Kelly she is as gorgeous as always. The Prince just gave her more publicity. Thanks Prince! 😆

  13. To the Prince and anyone who thinks that all these women are wearing there real hair in these commercial GET A CLUE.

    Just about all of the models,WHITE, BLACK, HISPANIC and other wise, wear weaves,extentions, wigs so on in all of these comercials. If he’s gonna complain about Kelly then he also needs to complain to L’oreal about all the white chicks wearing weaves in there commercials. Like somebody else said this negro got waayyy to much time on his hand. Go pass out some condoms or something, your country has the highest AIDS rates in the world and you sitting round worrying about weaves, NIGGA PLEASE!!!

  14. Kelly is pretty
    I ONly know a few sistas [my mother, sisters an i included] that wear their hair naturally and love it
    the rest are all about braids and weaves which is fine with me , But there is a problem when you’re being put down because you decide to embrace your natural beauty, I have a head full of [16 inches long] hair, and i keep it clean and well styled still some people call me “nappy headed” the first occasion they get while the weave wonder ladies get praised….
    Its America , Black Americans Love the white man’s features [ even thought are in denial about it ]….

  15. ^^^^^THat was Hors Sujet But still…
    .And 3 years ago the same thing happened with a beyonce’s commercial where 2 black girls burned their hair down trying to relax their hair by a product beyonce was promoting in Paris… I mean it is what it is …
    Anyway congrats to Kelly on her new endorsements [i guess] she needs to stop dreaming about that dc’s reunion because it only means more exposure for gisele… how can she and michelle even accept a reunion? I mean haven’t they been mistreated enough by their non-existing “fanbase” How can i not blame people for calling her a dumb cheer leader? Pretty girl…Too bad she just took the beauty of black queens …

  16. No we don’t. The white man loves our features and spent years telling us how ugly they were until he found a way to reproduce them. Black people do have a fetish for straight hair though, but I put that on Black men. If they appreciated Black women’s natural hair Black women wouldn’t spend so much time trying to change it. As Black women we don’t want white women’s lips, ass, nose and for damn sure not her flat ass.

  17. @ Excuses…glad you chose that as your name. Because that’s exactly what you are a big Excuse. I know you parents are ashames of you…..moving on to better things. Kelly is so pretty to me. She has flawless skin. People can talk down about Kelly all they want. At the end of the day she is happy, successful, rich, and beautiful.

  18. Bria, you usually speak sense but u said some ignorant ish just now. What do u mean “they dont seem real big on relaxers there”. Have u even been to SA. Most women have weaved and relaxed hair.

    So dont talk about ish u know nothing about, makes u sound realy ignorant and arrogant

  19. Im sick and tired of people accusing black women of trying to be white just because they wear a straight hairstyle! Have you guys been to africa? there are some black people with natural straight hair, some with natural red hair etc. if you want to wear your hair natural, fine and if you want to relax your hair or wear weaves or braids fine.

    Other races also braid their hair and do afro or dreadlock hairstyles are they trying to be black?

    its just a hair style people, and just like fashion, it changes according to how one feels.

    Kelly looks beautiful in the pictures by the way and i like her figure!

  20. i think this prince is got something hot for our kelly, b’cos with all these fake hair commercial going on ads , it amazes me why he picked on kelly.
    And to those of u who always see nothing but beyonce:
    the problem is u people have ur neck stuck right up to beyonce’s a** so much so that u eat her sh*t without even knowing.
    a lesson to learn that she is just as human being as u lot are.

  21. Kelly just needs to face it- no Beyonce- no career, on second thought she could maybe do the Broadway thing

  22. Love Kelly! She seems like a real person. Her hair… couldn’t care less about it. It usually looks pretty though.

    I’m a natural sistah, but I don’t begrudge any one of my sistahs for whatever hairstyle they choose. I’ve been thinking about hopping the fence though because some days, I have to literally beat my hair into submission–it’s SO thick!

    That Prince…. what? I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but I’m sure there are more pressing issues than someone haircare. What the devil is he so up in arms about? There are real problems waiting for him–address those. Leave Kelly’s mop alone!

  23. I wear a relaxer not because I am trying to look like white women or any other woman for that matter, I am trying to make hair more manegable. I don’t wear weave, yet, but if I did it would be because I want a different look. I am sick and tired of people always telling black women we are trying to be like white women. It is so not true. Can’t we just want to look fabulous and if weave helps you fell fabulous then go for it.

  24. People can do whatever they want with their hair, but I must say I LOVE wearing mine natural. There’s nothing like washing, shaking, and going. My husband loves it too b/c he loves ME and this is MY hair.

  25. My hair was relaxed when I was younger, so I had no choice in the matter. I sometimes wish it was big and wavy like when i was a kid, but I lack the nerve to cut it short and grow it out. I don’t have a problem with weaves, but I hate when people think that’s all Black women can do with their hair. I went to the beauty store last week and a woman all but ran a comb down my scalp checking for a weave when I told her I didn’t have one. I know it’s hard to believe for some, but Black women can wear their real hair and…get this…it will also grow.

    Weave on a hair commercial makes me think “If the product is so great…then why does the model need to wear another woman’s hair?” I’ll be sticking to the best relaxer and hair products I’ve ever come across…Just for Me. At least that little girl has real hair…or so I think.

  26. Amen to all of the ladies who know and understand that wearing one’s hair straight doesn’t mean someone is trying to be or wants to be white, Jesus Christ. That is more ignorance than needed. Hair is styled, it can be straight, curly, wavy, nappy, dreaded, colored, whatever, it is not going to make you another race! Believe it or not there are caucasians who have kinky hair, are they black? And guess what, they straighten it, but are they black? Get a clue people and stop thinking that all black women are trying to be white if they want straight hair. I’ll go one step further, white people who want a little bit of plumpness to their lips do not all want to be black. Blacks do not own full lips. Whites who want a bigger a$$ do not all want to be black. How about we all (no matter our race) just want what we deem as attractive, to hell with being another color. It is what it is.

  27. Oh my… what a stir that this has made. However, I think that in the midst of this situtaion we or at least some of us have forgotten the beauty of the texture of our hair. I believe that Black women are the ONLY group of women who can do so much to our hair & it actually will look good, if we do it right. We can relax it, go natural, braid it, lock it, & if you are really bold you can shave it into a fade & still be the bomb. All that matters is if YOU are willing to take care of it & give the proper maintence & if you feel sexy w/ it. Yes MANY other cultures have tried to do it, but we are the only ones who can make it look suave :).

  28. Until I got hair extensions 10 years ago I did not connect the dots that the models used on relaxer kits and in a lot of the hair ads were in fact wearing hair pieces and weaves. That’s why the Avlon product line makes a point to mention each model is wearing her own hair in their ads. And they do make the best relaxer on the market though a lot of salons don’t know how or use their products properly.

  29. OH PLEASE kill that noise i said “black people love the white man’ s feature” i never said no one were trying to be a damn thing I MET GUYS and females that told me that they love straight hair because it looks so much like white hair that’ s why i said what i said, just because you like something on somebody’ s does not mean you’ re trying to be them so you all can get some water

  30. WEll 80% of us are as fake as we can get Acrylic nails, weaves , tons of make up,even surgery So ganging up on kelly is like ganging up on ashanti for her video the “way that i love you ” Its unfounded

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