Kenya Bell Cleans Up Nicely

Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell is officially divorced. Almost two years after she broke into her soon to be ex-husband’s home and attacked him with a box cutter, the 30-something year old former beauty queen has finally agreed upon a divorce settlement with former NBA player Charlie Bell.

According to published reports, Kenya and Charlie will be sharing custody of her their two daughters, with Charlie to pay Kenya $1,000 a month in child support.

In addition, Kenya will get $780,000 in cash and half of $670,000 from another account Charlie had. Kenya will also pocket half of Charlie’s NBA 401k plan, half of his retirement plan, half of his NBA pension and half of his NBA welfare plan and health benefits.

Kenya also walks away with a Michigan estate worth $2 million dollars, as well as a home that was purchased for her parents.

As for Charlie, who sought to collect a portion of Kenya’s “Basketball Wives” earnings, well, he wasn’t so lucky. Kenya has to pay him nothing. He did however walk away with another estate the couple owned, plus a home he purchased for his parents.


  1. Dayaaaaaamm aaa. This nut is paid now. Now she can get rid of that latoya jackson wig she was wearing tryna look like tami. And she bet not put out an album. She’ll be broke in ten yrs.

  2. Wow…. Net worth more than EViLYN nowadays!!! Haha

  3. Ha! Exactly! I was about to say she’s the second most paid behind Shaunie now. I ain’t mad at Ms. Bell.

  4. Do you guys think she was deserving of HALF of everything he has ever made?

    If he married and divorces again he’ll probably end up destitute.


  5. Well Sista…. I think a lot of these athletes are young starting out but I still believe they need to start taking those vows just as serious as the professional game they play!! However… Scandal amongst women is quite prevelant these dayz too…but either way both parties should always be aware that marriage is a full time job within itself… And shud be continuously nurtured throughout time for it to have good outcome in the end… I don’t know if our generation truly gets that.. But growing up with the divorce rate of today I can def appreciate my parents of 40yrs!

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