Kenya Moore Covers Smooth Magazine

Former Miss USA Kenya Moore is a lot like actress Reagan Gomez Preston, you never know what either one of them is up to until they turn up on the cover of King, or in the case of Kenya, Smooth Magazine. The 39 year old actress will be gracing the summer issue and a quick visit to IMD shows she has a new movie to promote. Kenya has appeared in a string of straight to DVD movies and recently completed β€œThe Confidant,” which co-stars Boris Kodjoe and is produced by Kenya and fellow actress Vivica A. Fox.


  1. she’s gorgeous. i wish her acting career would come mainstream because she’s been at it so long. i saw her in person once and i swear, pics don’t do her justice.

  2. she looks stunning, on the other hand, 39 really??? wow here i was all these years thinking she was in her late 40’s’early 50’s. hmmm… or maybe i’m confusing her with someone else. oh well :hifive:

  3. I’ve always though she was a really pretty chocolate woman, but what’s with the weave?? She has beautiful hair as well

  4. Kenya Moore has always been beautiful and has always had gorgeous hair (weave or not). It’s good to see she still looks gorgeous and with the recent resurgence of Stacey Dash I hope she garners more substantial work.

  5. :lol2:

    with the recent resurgence of Stacey Dash I hope she garners more substantial work.

  6. Another chick famous for nothing … She is pretty though.

  7. Yah there’s a lot of white women that are 10 times as famous for no reason so….kudos to Kenya. BTW she was MIss America once so that’s why she’s famous….black women AREN’T usually famous for no reason

  8. @ MOMO…Yes she was Miss America. And at that time to participate a woman had to be “Natural”. No weaves, wigs, body enhancement surgies..i.e., lipo, fake breast, nose jobs, etc.
    I have always loved Kenya Moore. I placed her high on my list of beautiful black women. I felt she and I had something in common. We’re both dark skinned, with nice features and we both have long hair that is all ours. I get compliments all the time and sometimes it is backhanded. Such as…How did you become so pretty with your dark skin? Or I thought you were wearing a wig or weave. πŸ™„ πŸ™„

    Anyway,…Thanks Kenya for representing the beautiful dark chocolate sisters. I thank you and Jayne Kennedy (although she really isn’t dark skinned) for letting us see ourselves in a beautiful light. One that is truly natural. Because we don’t really have any role models promoting being a proud black woman.

  9. Poor Kenya Moore and Stacey Dash…this is what you do when you are starting off your career, not when you been in the game for 10yrs..Heck you should have atleast made it to the point where you playihg Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidmans best girlfriend in a major movie….LOL gotsa have some talent…

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