Kenya Moore Twirls for Krave Magazine

Reality show diva Kenya Moore is ‘Gone with the Wind’ fabulous in her new photo shoot for Krave Magazine. The former Miss USA *get her title right* takes on a boxer’s persona, knocking out all haters, Porsha Stewart and Walter Jackson included. LOL.

Sidenote: I like Kenya. I truly do. Unfortunately, she has done irreparable harm to her brand by appearing on the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

In less than a season Kenya has allowed her crown to be made a mockery of and solidified herself as a desperate mean girl so hungry for fame she faked a relationship to secure her casting.

Whether real of fake, score another win for Bravo and another loss for the image of black women on television.


  1. Meeka Claxton said she signed on to Basketball Wives to promote her business (which was never seen). Kenya said she signed on to RHOA to promote her natural hair care line (which ,has never be seen or mentioned). When will these ppl realize these reality producers use them, not vise versa.

  2. I have always loved Kenya Moore. In fact, when she won her title, she instantly became somewhat of a role model for me and many other black females.

    What I have been noticing lately, with Kenya and other celebs is this over powering hunger and thirst to be seen, heard and paid no matter what. These people don’t mind tainting their images or brand, just to get a pay check.

    So, I say this is not just Kenya’s problem, especially when I see so many other entertainers with that same hunger and thirst, basically doing the same for a little change. And this goes for the celebs that have already attained wealth and should not have to act so thirsty.

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