Kenya Moore Wants You to Grow Your Own Hair


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore is embarking on a new business venture. The former Miss USA said back in 2012 she was joining the reality show circuit to promote her line of natural hair products, and true to her word, Kenya is now ready to unveil her new project to the world.

Kenya took to Twitter earlier this week to announce her new venture, saying “#teamtwirl I’m excited about my hair care line. I’m not selling fake hair… shampoo, conditioner, etc. 2 grow #realhairlonger #twirlonthat. I actually embark on business ventures that make sense… With a business plan that will grow wealth and an empire #not$10bundle.”

Kenya went on to sing the virtues of her products, saying they are for all hair types and contain no sulphates.

Kenya is the second housewife to unveil her own line of hair products in recent months. Fellow housewife Porsha Stewart recently unveiled her “Naked” line of weave products, which she touts as “hair so real, it feels like your own.”
No doubt Kenya’s above comments were aimed at Porsha, who routinely found herself on the wrong side of Kenya’s good graces last season.

So, did Kenya release her hair care line to take a bite out of Porsha’s sales? I personally doubt it. The ladies are appealing to two completely different markets. Plus, Kenya’s line hasn’t officially hit the market yet. lists something “Gone with the wind fabulous is coming…,” so we assume it will be unveiled any day now- most likely when the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” returns to the air later this fall.


  1. I like the idea of growing your own hair. I also think weaves are cool too and can serve in “growing hair”…in their own unique way. Good luck to both of the ladies with both of their lines.

  2. Well, maybe being a male makes me not as sophisticated as sistas when it comes to hair. But all I know is the weaves, extensions, wigs(especially your more colorful ones, blond, blue, green, tint), etc. really makes me realize just how much most have been BRAINWASHED by The Europeans…there`s no way around it no matter how much some may protest. What some may say consciously is in direct conflict with the subconscious. Sistas no longer wanting to look like sistas. The nastalgia of yesteryear when sistas sported the big fros…Angela Davis, anyone?

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!!


  3. I have tried to tell black women in my area that the new line of moisture creating shampoos, conditioners and styling products would stop their hair from breaking and grow it fast, but I dont think I convinced any of the fools to give up those hot wigs. So good luck to Kenya. My hair was down my back for the first time using those products.

    If they keep kenya and cynthia and peter on RHOATL, and take phaedra and apollo off, I’m going to stop watching, because they are the only HOT couple on that show, and their will be no male eye candy if apollo is not on there.

  4. Awww Sista, her hair does indeed look very soft 🙂 I went natural in 2009. My hair is the kinkiest of the kinky and there are days when I feel like shaving it off (never relaxing it, no) because it gets on my nerves. But I won’t. I love my natural hair, kinks and all. I never really wore weaves much except for fake ponytails. The couple times I tried “tracks” I used glue and it tore my hair out. And I could never afford the sew-in type weaves.

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