Keri Hilson Agrees to Bow Down


Don’t Do It, Keri !

Singer Keri Hilson is rumored to be teaming up with producer Timbaland to record an apology record to Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Yes, you read correctly.

Timbaland broke the news in a recent interview with Diddy’s Revolt TV, where he spoke of his falling out with Jay-Z and his plans to make amends to the hip-hop heavyweight, via ‘Sorry,’ a single to be featured on his next solo project.

Timbaland also revealed news of Keri Hilson appearing on the single, apparently to do a bit of groveling herself to the Queen B.

Lyrics from Keri’s 2009 single ‘Turnin’ Me On’ have long been rumored to have been about Beyonce, despite the singer’s steadfast denials. Still, Keri will reportedly accompany Timbaland on ‘Sorry,’ in order to set things right with Beyonce and her legion of drones.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for apologizing if a wrong has been committed. But Keri has said time and time again that she is a Beyonce fan and has nothing but respect for her. So, why? Why should Keri degrade herself by apologizing to Beyonce on record for something made up by bloggers and disgruntled fans who don’t want to see any other black female singer rise to the top?

Keri needs to step back and really rethink this one. If she thinks this song will get the Beyhive off of her back she is sorely mistaken. If anything, they will come after her even more with taunts of her bowing down to their queen.

Rihanna often makes shady comments that are thought to be about Beyonce and she never denies them. If anything, she encourages them. Badgirl RiRi would never bow down to any singer- and she sure as hell wouldn’t grovel on record.

Get off your knees Keri and get a backbone. If you allow this ‘Sorry’ record to be released you will be the laughing stock of every social media outlet there is. But worst of all, the hive will never let you forget how they forced you to bow down.


  1. Keri about to lose the last 2-3 fans she has left.

    Jay and Bey got the hip-hop/r&b genre on lock. Hence why the music is so bad.


  2. i still don’t understand how Beyonce fans make it hard for any other black female artist to shine. People who live in the normal world who aren’t on blogs or twitter, go to record stores and they don’t buy thsi ck=hick’s music. It’s not Beyonce or her fans’ fault, just people don’kt want to buy her music. And by the way, Dana, Bey and Jay, don’t have the R&B/Hip Hop genre on lock. When was the last time Beyonce released? And Jay Z just released an album! So, I guess you’re going to blame every wack rapper and singer out there releasing horrid music on Beyonce and Jay Z, and not the actual artists and not to mention the record labels. I’m a Beyonce fan, but i think haters and her naysayers give her too much power. Calm down!

  3. Dana lol. Yes she is. Why she going to do that to herself. I would not bow down to nobody but god.

  4. Keri is a DAMN FOOL if she is, in fact, considering doin such a foolish thing just to capitulate. She should be smart enough not to let those rabid fans maneuver her into using futile energy to kiss someone`s ass. Who is Beyonce that she thinks she owes her an apology? Instead of becoming belligerent when some don`t bow down to their goddess, her fans should suggest that, said goddess, gives it a rest for awhile and go into solitary and pick up a book and learn how to form COHERENT sentences…a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    MJ & The GOLDEN 80s 4eva!!


  5. I’m seriously hoping (against hope) that Keri & Timberland have something up there sleeve with this one….Like an extremely sarcastic apology that takes aim at Jay & Bey’s need for worship. That’s what I would do & I would not care WHAT their fans thought. If she is really about to bow-down to another human like that….It would be beyond ridiculous. Like the old folks say…Use your head for something else besides a hat rack.
    Who is giving them this jacked-up marketing advise??? Like seriously!

  6. nothing keri ever said was wrong, thats her opinion and what she believes, so why apologize for it? keep your respect, its priceless. and its something the Carters cant buy….

  7. Since when did apologizing mean bow down? Would u all feel the same if Beyonce wanted to apologize for the song Bow Down?

  8. You all need to stop with the B-hive hating – it’s soooooo ridiculous. The blogs that write about celebs should know if you don’t hear it from the horses month it’s hearsay and JUST that! If an article is written about Kelly, Bey name gets thrown in the mix – this has to stop people. Kelly is not a victim of Bey’s success! nobody is. Get up off your ass work hard and you can have the same things. I really wish all this Bey and Kelly and whoever else they compare her to would stop. The woman is just a hard worker – at least give her props for that – DAMN!

  9. Rihanna gets a pass when it comes to shading Beyoncé because she started off by praising her in the past, even went on to call Beyoncé her idol. If Rihanna came out the gate with the Beyoncé hate and she didn’t have Jay Z on her side, Rihanna would face the same kind of scrutiny that Keri Hilson did.

  10. This sounds like one of those coerced open(public) apology letters………Keri who put you up to this girl?

  11. Commenters Calm Down, W and Wendy are the same person. #patheticloser

  12. Voudou, seven years ago when Rihanna stepped on the scene Beyonce wasn’t considered the God she is now. Back then she wouldn’t have bothered to slam Beyonce because Beyonce was just launching her solo career and was hardly the force she is today. But even today, the Beyonce worship is unfounded. At best she is an artist with mediocre sales who flourishes because the r&b scene has been stripped bare of female competition, hence her record number of Grammys, garnered almost completely in r&b categories.

  13. Sorry for the triple posts. I wanted to add that the beehive stay coming for Rihanna on Instagram and she stay putting them in their place. She has status to do so, but acts like Keri and Keyshia Cole are ridiculed because apparently they don’t have the required sales to speak their mind.

  14. OMGG y’all thinking into the situation more than what it really is.. if she going to do it so be it.. im sure she has the option to decline being apart of the song but maybe its something she want to for herself.. its not degrading.. I think she feel its time to clear the air for once and for all. and I am beehive.. I do know that some of the idiots from the beehive can be dumb and ignorant about the situation. but not everyone is like that..

  15. WAIT. Why are we claiming that Beyonce has a “need for worship” or “that she thinks she owes her an apology?” When has Beyonce EVER said as much? Y’all sound mea delusional. She hasn’t said a word, yet is being dragged in the fold once again.

  16. *mega. & Rihanna’s shade is always so stale…it really doesn’t warrant her to backtrack anyway. If anything, she should be apologizing (I’m sorry, “bowing down”)to Ciara for being so petty.

  17. Sista can u please tell JUJU me and Wendy are not the same person. JUJU please check your facts and relax.

  18. I’ll believe it when I hear it from Keri’s own mouth…. I just saw her on another blog at the club chillin with her man, don’t think Keri is thinking about Beyonce or Jay Z.

  19. when all else fails throw shade at Beyonce to get some clicks, tweets, and whatever. PR 101. lol

  20. People tap dancing for the two of them is ridiculous. Especially since Beyonce has not had a legitimate hit in like three years. Her fans would call anybody else with that track record a has been. SMH.

  21. I truly hope this is ONLY a rumor for Kerri! First and foremost, Keri’s lackluster sales had nothing to do with a diss song. At the time, anyone who came out had a tough time because without a giant wind machine (marketing blast), no artist can achieve what Beyonce has created. Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kesha and others have it! Second, black people don’t support music in terms of buying it!!! Keri came out in the download “singles” era of the music industry, which Rihanna has dominated according to Billboard as the top pop artist of the last 20 years. Another one, who was severely loathed and trashed (singing and performances) until “Rude Boy”, but her hits just keep on coming, even with sub-par performances, number ones because the girl can choose a song that works for her! Keri wasn’t pop enough, like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, two VERY disliked artists, not who many Beehive stans would support, even if the majority did actually buy music, in which they don’t or Beyonce’s 4 would have been diamond!

    Keri’s sales has nothing to do with Beyonce. Stans don’t represent the artist, that’s warped idolatry! If Keri does something like this, she really does need to take a break. Brandy, Monica, Fantasia, Melanie Fiona, JHUD won’t do Beyonce’s numbers and the hive likes them too!

    There will always be novelty artists like Susan Boyle or even Tamar who will come out and make a serious splash, but it’s just not the same game with Pandora, YouTube and bootleg music. Keri doesn’t do world tours with major sponsors like Alicia Keys with Mastercard and with one of the worst singles of her career, sponsors that help push music sales months, even years later!

    It’s sad that Timbaland would play this marketing rouse (ploy). But, hey, these people are awful impoverished and needy to be so wealthy and accomplished!

    Beyonce has worked very hard for her position. Keri has too, I love what she’s accomplished! Every man has a different lot in life that can’t be measured nor compared, that’s a fact of life!

  22. @ Smooth Criminal very well said! I hope this is a joke who is beyonce to bow down too? lol! So sad and anyone who supports this need to develop some self-esteem and character!

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