Keri Hilson Covers Vibe Magazine

Keri Hilson is featured on the cover of the December/January issue of Vibe magazine. The final edition of 2010 and first edition of 2011- is a double issue that also features rapper T.I. Keri is acting as’s guest editor for the week and gives fans a glimpse into her personal life and finally explains why she titled her upcoming sophomore album “No Boys Allowed.” Click here to check out her takeover of Vibe and look for Keri’s album to hit record store shelves on December 21st.


  1. I agree that she lacks that IT quality. Both her singing and performing is mediocre. I’m not that into her music either. Breaking Point was an alright song though.

  2. Another pretty illuminati puppet with mediocre talent, out to brainwash and destroy our youth. Next.

  3. I’m not her biggest fan in the world, but when I look at Keri, I think she has so much potential. I feel like she could be big if she dropped the “just another overtly sexy R&B girl” schtick and really sank her teeth into something meaty. All she needs is some good material with a lot of edge but a lot more substance. She’s gorgeous, she has a decent voice, she’s a talented songwriter. I mean, the ball is in her court. I personally thought Pretty Girl Rock was a bunch of nonsense. She can do so much better.

  4. Kelly Rowland has yet to be on the cover of VIBE (solo). *sips tea* I’m hoping VIBE becomes more varied and open with non-mainstream, struggling-to-stream, and mainstream, singers and rappers. Here’s looking out for you Kellz. If Keri can make it? *cheers*

    I see leotards are still all the rage. Keri is very pretty. I wish her well, but after seeing that new video, I wish her some therapy as that ish was just too much! SMH.

  5. keri is the shit i love the album u are looking at the female usher and mj right here.

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