Keri Covers Complex

Pop’s next it girl, Keri Hilson, is covering the August/September edition of Complex Magazine’s annual Style & Design issue. The Atlanta starlet, in collaboration with French artist So-Me, set out to capture Keri’s playful and sexy side and did just that in a shoot that looks half Plyboy-ish, with a side of Spongebob thrown in.

The issue officially hits stand on August 11th, but you can get a sneak peak below and on Complex’s official website.


  1. I agree with the 1/2 playboy-ish/half spongebob vibe but eowwwwww saucy. No buttocks but she def still looks a little more curvier than I remember seeing her. *snaps fingers two times* lol

  2. That artwork is crazy nice. Good work from So-Me on that. Nice white bikini pics too. Keri looks great.

  3. I think I am sick of looking at RnB chicks’ breasts. Just my opinion.

  4. All of the R&B/Pop chicks look great, sound great, and have great messages.

  5. If that ain’t motivation enough to stay in the gym, I don’t know what is! Get ’em Keri..

  6. Keri is gorgeous. Her make up is on point. Call me crazy but she looks like Beyonce on that cover. Just a little younger. Anyways the pics are hot, the first three look like cd covers.

  7. Keri looks great as always. and yeah it really looks like R&B chick type but considering to the cloths the shoes and overall, I call it a “Fashion”. Looking real nice, lady! ^3^

  8. She looks fab, but isn’t this the same woman how said she didn’t want to sell sex!LOL

  9. she looks good in these pics. yes she does make me want to go hit the gym. i think i’ll keep my booty over hers

  10. So what she do not really have no backside. She look great. She in shape and her skin is flawless go girl. Yes she make me want to hit the game too. I need to hit the gym lol.

  11. I wanna know since WHEN having a booty makes you a complete woman? damn i have girlfriends spending 6 thousand 11 thousand and more getting ass implants come on yall we better than that, now rihanna is flat assed, beyonce is flat assed but those two are still considered the epitome of beautiful black women so leave keri alone 4 REAL

  12. i don’t like her hair and this is how she always looks to me.

  13. It looks more complete TO ME wow yeah I said wow where the backside at so what lol.

  14. What these young women can’t understand is that if you want to have longevitiy in your career stop trying to sell to men it is women who stay a loyal and faithful fan. The problem with these new female artisit is they are constantly trying to get the attention of men and they will like them and be hot for them but their not going to buy their cd’s.

    Maxwell came out all of those years because women buys his music and Mary J is still around because women buy her cd’s as well. Once they figure that out then maybe they can be around for more than 3-4 years. Look at the queen of sex sales she is even fading away because she didn’t try to build her female fan base. Think about that ladies.

  15. @ voice Wasn’t “bothering” that girl and who said what about she needed to get butt implants …. not like I broke her down or sum’n so *shrugs*

  16. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL….P.s rich men dont marry girls with big asses..just check the credits hoe.

  17. PHILLY : HEY! my sister have a big ass and she married a filthy man so stop!

  18. Wait the hoe comment want to me? lmfao That doesn’t make sense ’cause i’m not a gardening tool….. rich men don’t marry chicks with big butts uhhhh YEAH THEY DO lol where’d you get they didn’t? Hmmmm

  19. I need to stop going to Georgetown and seeing white men with they big booty butt implanted white wives and black wives/gf’s then I might have to start taking pictures. Georgetown in D.C. is where the people with money shop at FYI.

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