Keri Hilson Covers Jet Mag

Singer Keri Hilson is covering next week’s issue of Jet Magazine. The ATL beauty spoke quite a bit about her personal life and below are excerpts in which the singer talks about what she likes and doesn’t like in her men…

”I like an average guy, A forward thinking guy. He doesn’t have to be rich but he must be working towards something. And he can’t be complacent. I like a man who can stimulate me mentally. We can sit here and talk about politics and religion. I like a guy who is wise who can stimulate me with conversation. Conversation is everything, that’s what holds a relationship together. I don’t fancy entertainers or ball players. I just don’t want to be anybody’s trophy. They can’t handle a girl like me. I think I’m too much for another entertainer or ball player. The type of girl they look for is not me at all. They like a soft spoken, submissive type who is cute and just wants to spend their money. Of course that’s now all of them, but that’s usually the tone of the conversation that I’ve had with them. ‘You thought I was that girl? Well good to meet you,’ and I walk away. I was raised better than that. I know what a relationship looks like from my parents. I want the real thing. “


  1. You go Keri! Keri speaks the truth on this subject! We still have to notice if the guy is just into listening to us or does he share & open up himself. Guys that only listen to us & don’t open up themselves are usually still just being players as well. Then we feel even worse cuz we got played by a guy that should have been very happy to have us. So get them to open up as well.

  2. I have a new found love for Keri now. WOW! At first I thought she’d be just another pretty face in the industry. Now I’mma have to pay attention to her. Love the article! =D

  3. What’s wrong w/ being ‘soft spoken’ and/or submissive? There are times in life to be those things (specifically submissive).

    I guess Keri means in a pushover kind of way??

  4. I respect the fact that she doesn’t favor a ball player or rapper to have a serious relationship….but be careful what you say you might contradict yourself keri!

  5. I like Miss Keri. Like Beyonce she has quite a few haters, but this article just proves she is extremely smart and business minded. 6 properties w/ 2 in the Bahamas? I can get with that!!

  6. Not a fan of her work but I recognize she is a writing talent and has been successful with that alongside her solo work. I wish her well.

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