Keri Hilson’s First Week Album Sales

Keris Hilson So how exactly will Keri Hilson’s new album, In A Perfect World, fare on next weeks charts? Well according to Hits Daily Double the singer is on track to sell about 90,000 copies of her new CD, which would land her in the #3 position. Keri’s fight for the top spot was interrupted by some very stiff competition, in the form of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the Now30 compilation series. Both of those albums are expected to battle it out for pole position, selling around 130-140,000 copies. These of course are just preliminary numbers, as official stats won’t be available until next week.

However, Keri should be very proud. A top 10 debut her first time out is quite an accomplishment.


  1. #3 I doubt it! Maybe #7 or 8. The CD is pretty good but due to her WHACKNESS I doubt she sell that much. Ashanti sold 86,000 for “The Decleration” and she has alot more fans then Keri. But we’ll C!

  2. I’m not really a fan of keri hilson(because of her remix to turnin me on) but her songs are okay. I like the cd cover but i doubt it will sell
    90,000 copies.

  3. 😆 @ the first two commenters!

    Keri turned me off on her remix as well, so I lost interest in supporting. I still wish her well :brownsista:

  4. Just to say, Unless ya’ll buying copies, your opinions are irrelevant. Hitsdailydouble is RARELY off by more than 5,000 and if it is, it is usually because numbers are crossing 500,000.

  5. Well maybe it will maybe it wont! I just know the album is OK and nothing special. LOVE VS MONEY by the Dream now that’s a hot album!!!

  6. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: The Beyodel stans are still mad about the remix. 😆 😆 The truth always hurts!!!!!!!

    Beyodel thought she was gonna sell a million was off by 60%. What’s her excuse for not meeting/exceeding sales expectations? 😆

    Either way, Keri’s music is 10X better than that Beyodel crap!!!!!!!!

  7. Thats better than what I expected from her I was only expecting about 70k copies or nothing more….Well Im no fan!! Good Job anywhoo

  8. Like everyone else I was turned off my the remix too…I dont think that she will place at #3 I believe that the other artist dropping this week will all enter in bigger than Keri…she already getting a big head and I cant take no more of her or her wack ass tracks, Im hoping for a flop she can go back to writing…which are flops too

  9. yeah that shocks me because who is keri? i mean come on…i was thinking maybe 50k lol but numbers dont mean much its more about the talent and to me she cant sing so i wouldnt waste the time or money, if they were selling it for free at the walmart down the street i still wouldnt take the time out my day just to waste gas on hearing her voice, now i like that turning me on song but thats rarely when i listen to the radio so…

  10. OMG!! do u guys above here yourselfs?? Keri Hilson is on point the girl writes her own ish and others… including some of the artists that were in her remix to turning me on…i kno yall didnt take her remix seriously did yall?? obviously soo… Beyonce is soo overrated and needs the help of NE-YO, Keri, and her sister Solange ( who co-wrote Get Me Bodied and Upgrade you) yes her sister to make her hot…she aint no writer…Keri keep doing your thing girl!! We need a fresh face to knock O miss overrated Beyonce out that spot…

  11. Wow, a lot of :hater: lol. I bought the CD, and was pleased. I love her lyrics, vocals, and the production was on point. As far as the sales, I am impressed. 90K isn’t a bad start at all. I LOVES ME SOME KERI HILSON!

  12. @ HotCocoa although you may dislike her singing you can’t deny her songwriting credentials. Mary J. Blige’s “Take Me as I Am,” Omarion’s “Ice Box,” the Pussycat Dolls’ “Wait a Minute,” and Ciara’s “Like a Boy” are ALL her creations, so you might wanna do research before u start hatin

  13. If that happens good for her That’ s Not Bad,Not the best out there, but for a first cd to be number 3 that’ s not bad, for a brand new artist it is not bad tonight many of the top singers out there right now minus Alicia keys and Ashanti did not sell more than 160.k The first week so i say good for her,The cd is great yall, too bad some people won’ t open their minds and give people a fair chance unless it comes to their idol, Too bad,She ain’ t bad

  14. I agree wit EGO I’m not in to her anymore after she did dat dis track, be ur own woman she only did it for publicity.why do black women have to hate on one another?I just don’t like dat and I will not be supporting her at all and I doubt if she will sell dat many records. The dream album is hot! Keri is turning me off!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!

  15. Some of these people crack me up . I mean some of ya’ll wouldn’t have bought the album JUST because it is not Bee. She had a diss track, so WHAT?? You’re not gonna buy album because of it?? Did you even listen to it? That sounds ignorant, especially since Bee has said and done far worse than that. I guess it’s okay for Bee to say and do as she please but no other artists are entitled to do the same. I am not a Keri fan but I had to say something.

  16. i was indifferent about her but she really turned me off with the remix. it’s not even that she did the diss, it was her lame excuses and attempts at explaining it that turned me off. first she said the song was about adversity, then it was about someone she knew from her past, then it went from those to it was about nobody to it leaked and i didn’t know anything about it. you talked yo shizz, stand behind it.

    anyway, she’s not humble and that diss record proved it. how are you going to be going at established artists who have actually sold records when you have yet to put out an album (at the time)? her sales are ok because sales have dropped in general. she’ll get a wake up call when that huge drop hits her in her second week. next time, she’ll wait to gain some success before she actually starts running her mouth.

  17. Oh well, looks like Hannah Montanna will keep her from the top spot! Can’t wait to see Ciara’s numbers!

  18. Keri Hilson has done the opposite of what she intended… she intended to take Beyonce’s fans, but instead, Beyonce’s fans has set keri Straight and have closed an ear to her bullshit because she is no match for B. She thought people would go out and buy her CD, instead we’re all going to the dude on the block who sales burned CD’s out of his trunk! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Well I went out & bought the cd & I am enjoying it. Yea she did that lil remix, but so what. Yea she backpeddled, but so what. It would be different had she went after fans & molested lil kids, or beat/curse someone out. Sometimes you have to learn to pick your battles. No I didn’t agree w/ the backpeddling, but that didn’t stop me from giving the girl a chance. Unlike many of you I was NEVER really thinking about supporting her from the jump. Yea I grew to like the “Turning Me On” original, but still never thought about buying. Until the last week or so when I heard “Knock You Down”, ” Get Your Money Up”, & “Make Love” ( I guess her label was pushing hard so they were sending out all these singles). Anyway When I saw that there were 4 solid singles I decided to give her a try & I am glad I did. Now no she doesn’t have that J Hud or J Sullivan kinda voice, but if ppl can give CiCi & Rhi Rhi a chance they can surely give Keri one. For one I think her vocals are BEST when put up against those 2… Keri can actually sing & can harmonize. Anyway, to each’s own. I hope that Keri does well… no she doesn’t have to be platinum, but @ least solid numbers :brownsista: .

    Also to the person who said the Dream’s new album is on fiya, I have the album & I think it’s just ok. I personally think his 1st album is his best. Maybe the 2nd album will grow on me. The point in me saying this is that we all have different listening ears for things what maybe gold to me, maybe copper for someone else.

  20. Blame it on tha Rain
    the same people complaining about keri are the same people against ciara and rihanna, they just want everyone to fade away and let their girl be the only one, which is not fair at least IMO

  21. u people crack me up.. even when bey is far from all of this, her name is still being brought up and that just shows how powerful she… BEYONCE! keep em talking

  22. YES!!!!!!!!!!…Now maybe she will go away…and go write for other people….and then KEEP BRAGGING ABOUT IT….LOL

    She is madd WHACK…..and

  23. @ MzNatasha Yes, I actually downloaded first,as I do with all music now, before I make the decision to purchase it. I wasn’t that impressed, and found myself skipping a lot of tracks.

    :iagree: with wohoo’s entire comment. I think Keri’s attitude has turned me off, and I got off of Keyshia Cole for the same reasons.

    @ Blame It On the Rain I agree about The Dream! He has been receiving rave reviews from everyone, but I found myself skipping tracks on that as well! I liked his first cd better too. The title track off his new cd is my ish though! I also agree that Keri’s vocals are better than Ci and Ri. I prefer Ri over the 3 though.

    @Jess Keri has only written a verse for Bey, and that was the Love in the Club-remix. I think I read somewhere that Keri was supposed to be featured on the track, but it was turned over to Bey. Keri is part of a songwriting team, so I guess you could say, she needs The Clutch.

  24. Who cares about the diss record b/c TECHNICALLY she didnt diss anyone but herself :hifive: …I wont say Keri cant sing but I will say she aint doing NUFFIN with Beyonce vocally, physically or performance wise. So she can kick rocks with that one. I did hear her album and out of 14 songs I like about 5 songs. My point is when “Mrs Keri BA-BAY” gets 6 #1 singles, 3 #1 albums, goes, 2x platinum in 2 months, headlines her own tours, starts signing autographs in a MACY in stead of WET SEAL, gets to perform with legendary artist such as Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross (RIP), Tina Turner, Michael Jackson ECT, and graces the cover of ANY BIG TIME magazines. Then she can create a real diss record. 😆 UNTIL THEN HAVE A SEAT MRS BA-BAY

  25. :stop: It’s funny how people wanna discredit Beyonce as a songwriter but big-ups Keri’s skills. Yall act like Ms. Keri was the second woman, and FIRST BLACK WOMAN EVER to win the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year award or something. LOL.. Oh yeah, thats right it was Beyonce! 😆

  26. OH LAWDY The DAMN Beyawnseybots :bowdown: are out in full force on this one. But something I must laugh @ us Black folks know DAMN well we’re so 1 dimensional it’s Beyonce or BUST.

    It’s really funny to me and stupid as well. Because only our music is sold on the streets and brought more on the streets then in the DAMN stores. Really says alot about us Black folk and our support of each other. We’re the only ones who must do diss records or snub each other either if we do it, our parents who act as a manager does it as well.

    Good luck to Keri I purchased the CD and was very impressed with it. Like I said in previous post I’M SUSHI FIERCE/ I HATE TO BE BEYAWNSEY is a shitty mess CD nothing but quick beats and catchy lyrics to have a quick sell. At her level of talent she know better than that to fool her audience with quickies just to land at the top.

    Someone sent me an article that was written about the stupidity and un-unifying ways of us African Americans and it was written by a Harvard Professor which made this even more shocking what I read had a lot of truths about us and it was sad and we don’t even see it.

    We must do better because Beyonce is mad talented. But she is not the adds all that ends all. To show you what support is. Look at Britney was in the media last years and was a DAMN MESS. She finally got it together put out “CIRCUS” became a hit and her tour is TURNING IT POINT BLANK! selling out at every stop. Why? because the mostly WHITE fans support her! and “Circus” isn’t at the bootlegers neither!

    Black folks get it together Beyonce,CiCi,or Keri all the music sounds the same. The Young Black sound these days has NO CREATIVITY.
    But this craziness on here is really foolywang.


    In love and Respect! 🙂

  27. Keri Hilson is only known in the hip/hop community and does not have much crossover appeal. To make it big in the music industry, your music has to have crossover success. Looks like all of that controversy didn’t pay off.

  28. It is very sad that with all her accomplishments as a songwriter she would stoop so low as to diss the people who put her work out there for the public to enjoy. That alone could have stamped her as star on the rise but no she had to show us that without selling nai record of her own her ego is already inflated. Sorry but I can not support someone like that.

  29. Keri you got your ass waxed by a disney character! 🙁

  30. I love her album lol my sister bought it but i took it while she wasn’t home. my fav songs are Intuition,Alienated and Change Me :koolaid:

  31. @blacksista, Keri writes with team of about 5 peeps. She’s doing the same thing every other artist is doing when it comes to writing.

  32. Ok for Keri…I’m still supporting I Am…Sasha Fierce though…that album’s still my jam…but I support keri a bit….altho i didn’t like the turnin me off remix but she has talent nontheless…i wish her well…

  33. I have to agree I was interested in Keri before the Turning me Off Remix so I stopped supporting. I wish her well but I think she lost alot of people’s support. We are tired of artists hating and starting beefs with each other. We as the fans only want good music. We’ve had enough of the artist beefs. Especialy with one’s who never start drama with any other artist. What did Ciara or Beyonce ever do to Keri Hilson.

  34. In all objectivity, I listened to the album and wasn’t impressed, I only liked like four songs . Keri’s sound has changed so much in three years (and not for the better) and her lyrics aren’t as dope. I doubt she will sell that much, she’s not even as popular as Ashanti or even Mya (“Fear Of Flying” era) back in the day.

  35. “Promise in the dark ” is very beautiful

    Mister C: The naked Truth, I like it :thumbsup:

  36. she makes me yawn. go away SKERI. i heard a couple o da songs nd i must say i expected em to b as bad as they r, give it a rest.

  37. I like Keri’s songs, but her voice is soo annoying. I only spend money on folks who can sang chile. Like

    Layla Hathaway
    Chrissy Aguilera
    Erica Badu
    Jill Scott

    I only made an exception for Janet cause she’s Janet and she is the ish. Keri cannot sing but she is a good writer. I wish her the best. She’ll be fine either way.

  38. I have the Dream’s album also and I just can’t get into it. I accidentally bought the explicit version. Right now I’m stuck on Ryan Leslie…I put it on “random play” and let the my cd player pick which song to play next cuz it’s just that good.

    I’m just interested in this Kelly Hilton chic. Even before she played herself with her little diss track. She just never appealed to me. NEXT!

  39. Well I am a huge Beyonce fan, but does that mean I can’t enjoy other artist music?? Everyone is upset about this remix, the song was wack….I listened to her interview back tracking, and sounding all scared. The girl was in the studio having to much fun, and someone may have thought this would bring some press…duh..Now everyone is talking, some may have bought her album because they heard the remix, and all the hype. Either way I like her songs there cool, but people calm down, she could never fill Beyonce’s shoes…It’s retarded to even speak their names in the same sentence…This is not to say Keri doesn’t have talent she is a great writer, and has an okay voice….but Beyonce is compared to Diana Ross, she has many accomplishments. Keri just released her first album March 24th….so in conclusion it’s okay to be a Beyonce fan and a Keri Hilson fan, there two completely different kinds of artist. Compare the queen with someone on her level :stop:

  40. I liked engery and I was actually gonna give keri a shot then she came at beyonce she took a gaint leap not just a big one beyonce is a superstar and has da numbers to support it keri is just whack you have 2 actually have a ablum that sold before you come for bee crown girl sit down cause you will never be half of beyonce and da get your money up part did u see that her and her husband made da most money last year

  41. @ Katrina.. I have to agree… I luvvvvvvvvvvvv me some Ryan Leslie :hifive: …. that album is ROCKIN :koolaid: !

    @MoniChris… I am sorry, but Erykah & A.Key don’t have Layla H. vocals either.. the content that they sing about is deep & meaningful. The ladies are NOT a Rhianna, Cassie, or Ciara. But the vocals still do not measure up to a Layla, Patti, Phyllis Hyman, or a Vesta.

  42. LOL too funny, Keri is the business and top 3 for a debut is pretty good for your first time out the gate! Don’t hate on Keri because Beyonce got outsold by Taylor Swift!!!!!

    Let me remind you Stans that Destiny’s Child’s first album out the gate peaked at #63 so get somewhere and sit down!!!!!!!!!! LOL debuting at #63 and that was back when people actually bought albums.

    Writing on the walls debut was #6 so hush that noise, everyone starts somewhere and she can say her first effort charted higher than he BS!!!!


  43. Actually, Beyonce has sold more than Taylor Swift worldwide!LOL

    Anyway, back to Keri!

  44. Don’t hate on Keri because Beyonce got outsold by Taylor Swift!!!!!

    Excuse me TAYLOR SWIFT is amazing, Lil girl got talent :bowdown:

  45. She did not write Like a boy she wrote ooh baby. Ciara wrote like a boy. Cici writes most of her songs

  46. :stop: Its funny that ppl are being closed minded to KERI over some lyrics she did not write….PPL SHE DID NOT WRITE THE REMIX…..BUT she did put her own flavor on them…Beyonce plays or is going to play KERI’S songs on her tour… I guess it does not phase her that match….It does not stop her check and none of yall are going to get any royaltys for yalls close minds…Period the album is HOTT!! & as far as CIARA….she know her voice is not all that so she aint have much to say…her better part is dancing…and when she had that chance to ask Keri about what was said she was on some IDK & QUIET shi#t….so I guess it didn’t phase her either….SO YALL HATERS IS JUST WASTING YALLS TIME..

    Note: Dont use all our energy in a battle that only you are fighting and its not even yours….GO GET KERI’S ALBUM….ITS BEEN SAID….”RECORD STORES ARE NEEDING TO RESTOCK ON HER ALBUM”..HAHA :hifive:

  47. :thumbsdown:
    Personally i think the album was just okay!…It dissapointed me because the Beats Just worrent as Hard-hitting as i expected them to be. When i think Keri hilson i think “Hard Beats” nd “Nice Vocals” but she Didnt really deliver The Beats on this album..The Album does have a few nice parts in it like “Nock Me Down” & “Energy” but some songs just dnt work 4 her..The album will Probably debut at #4 or #5 or sumthin like deht cuzz i think Kelly Clarksons album will Drop from the top spot to the #3 spot nd The Hannah Montannah Movie Album will be #1 nd Now 30Will Be # 2..


    Seriously? well the target by my house was sold out but i tought the little white girls black wannabe were just doing their jobs :lol2:

  49. :lol2: They probably were…But the thing is “somebodies doing it”…There’s no criteria for buying an album nor are there standards…Long as your spending, your good….THANK YOU BLACK BUT WHYTE GIRLS…I hope to thank yall for KERI one day b/c I know Im BLACK….Again to the, :hater: ‘s

  50. Its sad because Keri is talented and blacks refuse to support her because she released a remix talking about other females in the game. If I recall Beyonce released Diva talking about other females in the game for no reason, no one came at her publicly. In Diva Beyonce burned all the mannequins in the car trunk representing her killing the other chicks in the game. How is this cool? Just because Beyonce sold more records its okay for her to disrespect other young black females trying to make it? Beyonce tries to act like she is about sisterhood but she finds ways to put other women down….but no one says anything. Keri Hilson made a name for herself because she is a real song writer, not someone who is taking credit from real writers. Keri wrote Gimmie More, Perfect Lover by Britney, and many more so she has payed her dues.

  51. Thank You! Kenny! You are somebody who understands…Its crazy b/c Ive always been a beyonce fan…but Ive always recognize that she’s been over hyped by the ppl….and thats since the beginings of destinys child….so Its always has been a love/hate relationship for me towards beyonce…..In the end Im going to yell…regardless of a remix, a damn song….GO KERI! 🙂

  52. Right now, Keri Hilson is the IT girl. Don’t matter what Black folks think, White folks are loving Turning Me Off. Now she is in a video with Kanye and Neo Yo and White America love the both of them. I bought her CD and it’s great for a first time artist. Additionally, she stands right in the middle of singers. Her pitch and tone is better than most on the scene. Girl is mad beautiful. On top of everything she is bright and articulate. This is something a few other folks lack. All I know is hollywood is going to be knocking, and if Missy can act a few other artists better watch out. She is rocking right now with her look, which is fresh, her style that is different, and point of view.

    Go HEAD MS. KERI BABY! You turning me ON!

  53. The album will Probably debut at #4 or #5 or sumthin like deht cuzz i think Kelly Clarksons album will Drop from the top spot to the #3 spot nd The Hannah Montannah Movie Album will be #1 nd Now 30Will Be # 2.

    When did it become ok to write “deht” instead of that? I swear young Blacks are regressing with their language and it is not cute. “deht” is not a word and is not an acceptable substitute for the word that.

  54. Yea! For a first album she did pretty good….There was some leaked songz that I wish wasn’t leaked b/c they would make the album more appealing…but for a 1st like I said she did nice…I think she’s going to take the #3 spot which is pretty good…..GO KERI!


  56. Kenny: I never expected such out burst from you , You seemed like such a … fan or i’ m i confusing you with someone else? And it was not beyonce burning those mannequins it was Sasha, beyonce will never do that she is a devoted Christian, want to open doors for all black women , her heart is really pure 🙂

  57. LOL @ you all blaming Beyonce fans if her album doesn’t sell. What does Beyonce fans have to do with it! Keri has a fan base that will support her. She will be just fine!

  58. :stop: :stop: Keris albumn was absolute fire!!!>..i believe the best black femal debut in a looong loong time…i mean she skipped all the growing pains and got straight to the hot shit..she already is mainstream..she doesnt even have to crossover…so :thumbsup: :koolaid:

  59. I don’t why people are talking about how Beyonce released Diva its a big difference Beyonce can do that bcuz she can back it up. Keri hilson is a new artist even though she was writing songs. She is already actin big and her remix was directed to Beyonce. I mean yea Diva was a little cocky but she didnt try to point out other artist and put them down.

  60. ^^Thank you. And Beyonce didn’t call anyone b’s and h’s. If anything “Diva” was more directed toward the “haters.”

  61. One more thing: I like Keri Hilson. I bought her album, and I think it is pretty good. She is definitely succeeding expectations which is why stores are probably selling out because not that many cds were shipped to them in the first place. But can we please stop acting like this chick is writing songs all by herself. She is part of a team of writers. And not one song on her album did she write by her lonesome. Nevertheless, Good Luck Keri!

  62. Bey the girl that dissed the Jackson on a magazine and never did she once apologize and her ugly sister supported her statement,plz let go of your double standards Beyonce is no angel she is a selfish sasha fierce whole day if she was about sisterhood she wud be doing duets with real brownsistaz not brothers or latinaz…..dnt tell me about stand up for cancer or dreamgirlz,why does she never sing with other brownsistas on her own songs?…..if you dnt wanna buy Keri just dnt,its true white or mainstream radio stations do like Keri.

  63. Take a listen to the album you won’ t be disappointed, and that’ s coming from an anti mainstream music 🙂

  64. i think all these beefs should stop once and for all! i LOVED Keri Hilson’s Energy when i first got it free from itunes and i LOVE Miss Beyonce/Sasha/whoever she wanna be since DC 1st album “With Me” was my jam! All this hate when we should all be supporting SISTAS and Bruthas PERIOD! unless their music is just foolish lyk 50 Cent but that’s a whole ‘nother post. :stop:

  65. I thought her songs were okay. I love her new single with with kanye and neyo. I think people need to give her a chance. Why tear our own people down. We love to do that. Crabs in a barrow will get you no where.


  67. OMG give me a break with all this diss record bs. Ya’ll actin like Beyonce is god and can’t be talked about whatever. And Ciara, just a few months ago ppl were talking about Fantasy Ride getting shelved and she needs to sit down now it’s ‘Don’t talk about CiCi’ I get it it’s like that sibling ordeal where you and only you can talk about them but no one else can? I get it.

    The remix is what it is, who cares about who it was about. Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Ciara, T.I they all do songs talking about “other rappers/singers” and they don’t say their names but ppl still listen to them so what’s the difference. What’s interesting is ppl assumed she was talking about Beyonce, hmm I wonder why, maybe it’s because some of the same bloggers and users always talk about Beyonce saying she needs to sit down and go have some lil Jay’s. And everyone knows Ciara can dance her behind off but her singing is wack. So even if Keri was talking about them so what, she’s just saying what everybody else says. For all we know she could have been talking about some chicks around her way. Get over it ppl.

    Her album is straight, good melody, lyrics, beats. Next!!! :koolaid:

  68. @ Voice- Taylor swift cannot sing a note in key! She sings the same note everytime and has the most monotomous voice ever! Her album is selling simply because she’s considered pretty by white american standards and because of her relationship/breakup with a Jonas Brother. Fair enough she can write songs, but not every songwriter is a singer and she is one of those who can write but not sing. Her songs are pretty much about the same thing over and over again; i.e. relationship ends and I’ll be better off without you/other teenage smarmy stuff

    Back to Keri- I am yet to see whats so great about her. Her voice is okay, she just sounds like any other singer, lots of vocal mellisma and heavy use of chest/ mid-register but not in a particularly impressive way. And people forget that she was part of a team of writers, she didn’t write these songs on her own, many of them were also album fillers. Her live performances have been just okay but maybe that will improve in time.

    Either way I wish her luck with her 1st album, but she seems to stuck up to be the kind of artist I would support

  69. @ Voice- Taylor swift cannot sing a note in key!

    OH NO you didnt lool, I love Taylor wether she can sing a note IYO or not , I love her voice, and her little teenage heartbroken lyrics, I think she is so cute, and full of life and i love her voice so whatev

  70. Keri sucks…that’s it. Yes Alicia and Ashanti did sell WAY over 150K their debut week.

  71. To all of the stupid azz haters and their stupid azz comments. Not buying or supporting Keri Hilson album because of the remix, yall need to really grow the hell up, please anit nobody say nothing about when 50 Cent diss Ja Rule everybody ran to 50 like he was a god, Jay did it, T.I. did it Naz did it and that anit stopped nobody from buying or supporting their albums. Who is Beyonce like she can’t be talk about, what get on my nerve is how people treat celebrities like they is god, Jesus got talked about so I’m quite sure that’s not the worst she have heard. If Beyonce or Ciara didn’t phase it why should yall, hell yall acting like Beyonce pay yall, and know you anit getting nothing. I like Beyonce and I like Keri and I love both of their albums I did feel like Beyonce could’ve did better because video phone hated it she was trying to be to gangster till it was fake, I guess yall gone stone me now for saying that . To dark sista said baby it’s so funny how you act like Sasha is not Beyonce, really you might need help just like her azz.If you don’t want to support Keri who tha f@#k cares she still did good in her first week sales so shove that up your azz and you can quote me on that.

  72. The thing thats the most funny about some of these people’s words on this topic is the fact that they comin for Keri for her Turnin Me On REMIX but no one is saying anything about Beyonce’s Diva when is u listen to the words she CLEARLY came for every female in the game. Even if she didnt name anyone – – – -Hell neither did Keri for that matter. She even said that the song wasn’t about Beyonce. The only reason people are even at her saying it was about Beyonce is because thats what the media started and then people (Like the ones on here) kept it goin. She never wrote for Bey but one lil line on In The Club Remix so how could she even be talkin about Beyonce? I bet she and Bey read some of the things people say and lol their asses off while banking their millions. This reminds me of when ppl use to try and put Kelly and Beyonce up against each other. Bey is doin her thing. Keri is getting there. So damn let them both have their shine. At the end of the day they both makin more money than the haters.

  73. Keri Hilson is dope! I like her. And yes, Ashanti’s album only sold 86,000 its first wk but that was due to bad advertising because her album was really good actually. She deserves more credit. As for Keri, I like her. Keri Hilson and Ashanti for 2009!! YAY! lol

  74. @ Evade which Ashanti album are you talkin about? her last one flopped last time I checked.

  75. Keri’s album is refreshing! very grown up! you will not be disapointed in it!! she sings about real ish

    Beyonce is too old to be singing this lil elementary crap that she sings grown woman cant be bumpin diva and that single ladies crap…its a shame too, because Beyonce is very talented, but shes wasting it…who can relate to her? she sings about nothing..
    she needs to take a 2-3yr break, go on vacation..I promise noone will miss u!!!

  76. Well I have the album and I was very pleased. The turning me on remix i don’t care about too much because I love beyonce. It’s not about that though her cd is good and she is talented and thats all that matters to me. So what they got beef you can’t get along with everybody…
    Congrats KERI!!!

  77. Be Be acts like she just an originator. She is a biter. Diana Ross/Tina Turner wanna be. She has been around. But she ain’t nothin but a yellow broad with an aiight body getting over in a white mainstream audience. She can sing better than most out there but she just getting on my nerves. I’m tired of seeing her I’m not nobodies fans I worshipped nobody. Ya’ll all need to know Jesus thats who you should be worshipping. What is this mess that I’m reading like does anybody have any goals or do you spend your time writing comments about people while their progressing. I don’t contradict myself. I liked Beyonce when she came out with Destiny’s Child!!!! I don’t like none of her singles but I do like a lot of her songs from B-Day and naughty girl but I say She was better off with the group. Ciara. <—What? come on now. Yeah she can dance but she can’t sing!!! and Rihanna she can’t do shit. She got people writing for her thats the only way she’s getting over. She got this big ass forehead and green eyes. She skinny as hell She looks like a damn barbados junky with make up on her face. Please. Just Cut it Out. Keri well she’s a writer. She confuses me but I know what I’m not confuse about she can’t sing. dance, she just came out of no where. Like what the f$#k. Give me some real talent. Jasimine Sullivan fresh, writes and can sing her ass off. The problem is she sounds like Lauryn Hill but better and she’s not a crossover. Bust your window yeah but the others songs are soul. Christette Michelle Jazz professionist but teeny boppers don’t won’t to hear that ish. Neither does white america. Its a shame talent is never really getting dues. Writing and/or having that look/appeal is what gets you over these days. Shit even back in the day. Well this is babylon and this is bull@83

  78. lol.. I jus find it funny that most of the “Keri Haters” are dudes that wanna be or think they are Beyonce.. lol.. jus a thought.. no offense intended.. jus tickles me..

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