Keri Hilson Gets X-Rated For Her New Video

The official video for Keri Hilson’s x-rated new single “The Way You Love Me” has been leaked and it is as vulgar and in your face as the song’s lyrics. Directed by choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, the video is a no holds barred look at Keri’s crotch in one shot after another. If Keri was looking to make a statement she has definitely made it. The video is already a trending topic on Twitter. Now let’s see if the single will be trending on Billboard… where it counts.


  1. X-Rated is way over-stated. I thought the video was hot…Of course having a penis helps in my interpretation.

  2. The video is hott but the lyrics are very vulgar!! But to be honest all new videos are like this-Ciara(Ride)Rihanna(Rude Boy)Beyonce(pretty much always). I’m a little disappointed in Keri, I expected more from her….Best of luck with the new album though.

  3. @NEKA

    Im not a big beyonce fan, but I’ve seen all her videos and none of them come close to this hot mess.

    This video is disgusting. I’m Appalled..Im just, I can’t believe someone would make a video like this. I call this desperation.


  5. the video isn’t what made it so terrible…its the song…i mean c’mon…f* me f*me?!?! the hell?!?!? yea everyone else is trying to sex it up but this is just too vulgar and in your face…tone it down a bit Keri. it’s too bad, cuz i was really feeling ‘Pretty girl rock’


  6. Seemed like Keri trying to be everything at the same time. She should choose one to emphasize her character.But her new album still rocks for me. Will buy it anyway.

  7. I mean she has not done anything that haven’t seen done yet, I got at least six videos at the top of my head who are just as raunchy yet people excuse it depending on who it is, A.A are hypocrites and Keri wants some of that naked money, she tried being sexy only but Her black counterparts had words like “wanna be”, “untalented” and what not…

  8. A true contradiction for Keri! I think she’s being strategic and this video will be soon forgotten and I doubt if this song will chart well, if it does that won’t be a surprise either. Her Pretty Girl Rock video is this extreme opposite…along with her collection of videos…unfortunately, these kinds of sexual antics are rewarded…the Kim Kardashian Empire for a sex tape, Lady Gaga really got famous by under dressing in public in her bra and panties through airports and onstage, Ciara’s ride helped to keep her in constant photo ops…the network E and Vh1 love spotlighting women in the most sexual way…I wouldn’t be surprised if Keri did Playboy…she seems to be on a mission…and along with this smut, she puts out some positive music and videos…we’ll just have to wait on the next tier of black female artists who will just stand naked with just talent and a microphone! In the meantime, I love some of Keri’s other positive moves and her embracing sisterhood, exuding confidence and empowerment!

  9. Im sorry, but that was a whorish video. How did she go from “breaking point” to this. Completely contradictory, and classless. Whats with all the cooch shots and curse words? I’m 23 and I just dont know what music NOR the world is coming to.

  10. Mrs.Jones I feel u I’m 23 also and I just shake my head at the madness!

  11. As stated in a earlier post, Ms. Hilson changed and for what reason, please tell me. This video screamed “HELP SAVE MY CAREER” cause that’s what I saw, she has always presented herself like a lady with class and was very cute with it, but this whole “F me, F me” gig was not good at all, it’s like she did a 360’on us and whoever told her to do this was dead wrong on so many levels.

  12. wow is all i can say. i’m a LOT dissappointed as i always thought as cocky as she was; which was a very unattractive flaw. she would never go the whole overt sexuality route. tsk tsk. where the hell is her mama?

  13. Wow didn’t she just perform at “The Black Girls Rock” awards? Keri what am I going to do with you. The first singles were uplifting and had a positive message.

  14. after reading all these comments about how despicable this video was I decided to watch some. I don’t listen to Keri Hilson so I don’t have much prior knowledge of the type of songs she does but that was ridiculous. what was the point of the video, the story, I don’t get it. what were they some semi-killa hoes on a mission? I don’t understand. what was faith evans doing in that video? I wish the artist who are known for talent and had been around back in the day(when music was something to look forward to) would stop sucking up or stooping low, rather, to these new lost/untalented artists who’s whole body of work couldn’t equate to one of their old songs. I just don’t get why this keeps happening?

    anyway, isn’t this what people figure they have to do nowadays? so I guess this isn’t anything new. what happened to tact? my gosh.

    pshh….I can’t even attack this topic right. I’m just mad at the new music landscape in general. I’m done.

  15. Hypocrite much?? This is for all of you who are calling her a hoe and saying that the lyrics are appalling, BUT! they still listen to Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, especially back in the day. It’s for all of the older ones who listened to Luke and 2 Live Crew’s “Pop That Pxxxy” or Naughty By Nature’s “Other People’s Pxxxy”, BUT! they are now shaking their heads at MS. Keri. If this doesn’t apply to you, then I’m not talking to you. This video was leaked. In other words, it will be completely cleaned up by the time it actually comes out just like OPP. That is, it will be cleaned up if it even gets played on the double-standard music shows. Yes, other top female artists’ dances and outfits are just as over-the-top raunchy, the lyrics just aren’t quite as hardcore outside of the rap stars. Oh yeah, I forgot about Ludacris and T-Pain’s song, “If I have another drink, I’m gonna end up fxxking you”.It was on the BET countdown for weeks. I am older, and these kind of lyrics and dances have been around since I was old enough to remember. There is nothing new about Keri doing it. Have you listened to the lyrics of Usher’s song, “Lil Freak”? If these male, pop and rap stars aren’t called hoes, then she shouldn’t be called that either. If they aren’t called vulgar and said to be appalling, then she shouldn’t be either. Also, this album is supposed to be all about the MANY sides and aspects of the female psyche. This video was about ONE of those aspects.

  16. Sorry this video wasn’t leaked artists do not make 2 video’s for one song. I am not old but know the different between a bad decision and a good decision Keri team mess up badly. Keri choice of words as a women p-poppin to hard in that outfit. Lil Wayne,Naughty by Nature’s,Trey songz/Ludacris etc. it has already been ESTABLISH that these ladies can not say nor do the same as men in the industry so why even go this route. I have seem
    seductive video from the others ladies but not nearly nasty as this video. what happen with Black Girls Rocks maybe they should pick female a lil more carefully for being a positive role model too young girls. one may say its just entertaining and i understand that but never saw this coming from Keri Hiltons.

  17. women are sacred that is why we get total different treatment from men.Nobody expected this from ms. keri, that is why everybody upset. i looked at keri like somebody who had sense too.but this is a lesson for everybody who wants to be in the business… dont think you are all that strong either, folks who have wisdom dont tell you to go with God for no reason.

  18. Wow this video is a boot leg version of ciara’s ride video. Come on keri you can do alot better u sexy as hell and talented but this won’t work for you. Just come to the realization that your carer is already floping to its end

  19. A tremendous failure for this.

    Keri and her team knew good and well that the listeners she attracted with Pretty Girl Rock (primarily YOUNG and ADOLESCENT GIRLS) would be listening out for her next track, and this video about a basically brothel of women, of which Faith Evans can be determined as their Madam, are going out on a metaphorical mission to bring in the man, i.e. are going to use sex to entrap him.

    What’s more crazy, contradictory and irresponsible are these lyrics:

    “You can overwork me; don’t hurt me.”
    – What? And more bitch references than you would hear from A Pimp Named Slickback.

    Good grief, Keri, just pitiful. Get a grip, don’t sell out like this anymore.

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