Keri Hilson Goes Gold

Keri Hilson’s debut album, In A Perfect World, has officially been certified Gold (500,000 copies sold) by the RIAA. Released earlier this year, In A Perfect World has already spawned 3 hit singles, including the Top 10 hit Knock You Down, which features Ne-Yo, rapper Kanye West and was also certified Gold by the RIAA. Keri has also been nominated for 6 awards over the past week, 2 American Music Awards and 4 Soul Train Awards. Keri will be a presenter the AMAs and will reportedly be in attendance at the Soul Train Awards.

Miss Keri Baby


  1. Damn! Is she really just now going gold??! Umm.

    Love that pic above of her… looks like she should have a makeup or some kind of endorsement with her pretty face and smile.

  2. Good job! Going gold should be a process of deliberately plotting every step towards longevity. Some folks go gold or platinum the first week or two on hype leaving the fans with one good song and a cd of fluff. Some of them you never hear of again. So, its not the over night success that really counts as much as the sustainability.

  3. Congrats !! I thought she was headed towards platinum. Good nevertheless for a new artist. I wish her good luck in the near future.

  4. I’m not even going to front, her album is hot. One of the best out now. But I do think her sales would’ve been better if she didn’t come off so arrogant. That approach just doesn’t work for everyone off the bat. Alot of people like her personality, but I think it turned a lot of people off, including me.

  5. congrats to her! Hey don’t take that lightly going gold is a big achievement and I do think she would have sold better without leaks and if she had not seemed so arrogant but over time people have opened up to her!

  6. i thought ya’ll had reported her going gold like a month or two ago?

  7. Her album been out like 6 months and she just now going GOLD..LMFAO

  8. dont compare keri hilson to lame beyonce that is stupid beyonce steals songs and copies from other artist keri is more like a female michael jackson she can dance better than beyonce and her songs are wayyyyyyy better who’s album was better keri hilsons she put it down beyonce is fading thats why shes working with lady gaga on video phone beyonce sucks at what she does her album is trash beyonce is nothing but a fraud the world will see soon that beyonce is nothing but a fake brad keri hilson is taking over i cant wait to watch the awards shes gonna knock beyonce down finally keri is doin so much more than beyonce remember beyonces first destinychild cd was gold keri’s next cd will be better and beyonce will be a memory

  9. @Tameke

    I just laugh whenever anyone says “Beyonce is lame” or “Beyonce is fading” or “Beyonce is falling off,” seeing as how people have been saying that about her since Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” album came out (and sold 10 million worldwide).

    Results speak for themselves, boo

  10. @ BARON

    I agree. People need to stop with the Beyonce bashing. I mean when we tell the truth about how wack there idols are they call it hating, I wish more people would buy a dictionary. Beyonce is a better vocalist and dancer than Keri, that’s fact, now as to who has better music fashshion and looks are a debate. But say what you she has made some music that has and will continue to stand the test of time, this chick hasn’t even made one song that does that. I do like her album, but people need to get real.

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