Keri Hilson Shows Off Her New Look

Keri Hilson has been spotted around town lately sporting a new look… specifically a new hairdo. Keri looks more elegant and dare I say it… more like a pop star. Keri’s previous hairstyles were a tad too “I colored my hair with Kool-Aid” looking- and I’m sure a professional stylist was brought in to glam up her tresses. Check out the diva in training below attending the BCBG Max Azria Show yesterday afternoon and later on attending the BMI Awards.


  1. i like the hair!

    but she is a MESS!!

    Shes just changing her look everyweek! like calm down omg!

  2. Instead, I really love her smiling face. She has a sweet face and especially her smile. If she got her hair long it would be very feminine.Anyway, I love her short hair. It is so cool!

  3. stop hating on keri hilson her cd is not all pop its r&b too she made a hot ass cd and yes its better than beyonces last 2 cds kri is slowly taking beyonces place she has a better personality and shes a better dancer and she makes music with real meaning unlike beyonces trashy sasha ass

  4. Keri is so pretty but something about this style looks old womanly.
    I like the way it looks in her video though…

  5. I like the longer hair on her, it makes her look more approachable. That rat tail? not so much. The make up is on point, and I like the outfits in these pics too.

  6. @ Tee
    But is she a better singer? No
    (and no one was hating…what’s ur problem)

  7. she is hott. dont really like the outfit though. And her music lyrics (songs) is kinda better than my girl B if you compare her CD to the lattest B CD, however she CANNOT sing better than B

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