Keri Hilson Hosts ATL Party + Talks New Album

Singer Keri Hilson enjoyed a day off from the second leg of Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” tour to host the Moet Rose Lounge party at The Mansion in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

The 28 year old beauty revealed earlier this week her plans to tour the U.K. and start work on a new album.

Keri’s latest album “No Boys Allowed” has been certified Gold and produced the platinum selling hit “Pretty Girl Rock.”

Despite the single’s success however, Keri told Billboard magazine she didn’t feel like the album’s singles selection reflected the true feeling of the album and its title- thus she hopes her label will back her in releasing either “All the Boys,” “Buyou,” or “Beautiful Mistake” as the next single.

Keri also hopes her next single will include a short form video that encompasses the message of her album.

“I would love to tell a story and shoot more videos on my own,” she said. “I would love to do a short film-style video . . . I think there’s a message to still be had from this project.”


  1. I wish Keri would spend less time talking about what she wants or wishes to do, and actually does it. Otherwise, she seems all talk and no action. What with practically blacklisted artists like Chris Brown hustling to get his music out there, and people like JoJo, whose albums have been pushed back, putting out mixtapes, and so on and so forth, it just seems lame to sit back and wait for the label to do stuff, or wait for someone to give her the funds/approval/greenlight.

  2. keri hilson is the best right now and she is hated on and underrated by beyonces, rihanna ,ciara and fans. keri sold more albums than kelly rowland and ciara.

  3. So now she knows the single selection shes put out doesnt match the title of the album? wow! Keri confused people with that desperate lori ann gibson produced crotch popping video just after the very cute pretty girl rock. looking at the numbers Pretty Girl rock is what her fans responded to, yet she still followed up with not one but TWO hyper sexualized vids for the next singleS and loudly defended her right to choose to do so WHEN FANS COMPLAINED. now she isnt selling well shes throwing her label under the bus for “choosing” the wrong singles for her. Ha!

  4. @pam- i agree with you – I was put off by the 2nd single and lost interest after that.

    on a side note- her pants look kinda like sweats


  6. Is is me or does Keri always look overly made up? I think that is why I cant connect with her… you cant see into her eyes. She reminds me of my daughter’s Bratz and Moxie dolls.

  7. if her album was not Gold the record co. would have dropped her by now….it has went Gold.

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