Keri Hilson “Knock You Down” Video


Keris Hilson’s big day has finally arrived. The accomplished songwriter and aspiring singer’s first solo album, In A Perfect World, is officially available for download today. To celebrate the occasion Keri and her label released her latest video, Knock You Down, which features Kanye West and fellow singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo.


  1. Love the song…hate her!!!!

    I wish her the best either way, as long as she is doing something good with her life an good.

    Good luck Mzz Keri Baby!!!

  2. I likes!
    Ms. Keri is soooooo damn pretty & the song and video are rather dope. :thumbsup:

    ***On a sidenote: Hope she learned her lesson from that little remix stunt. The ppl want to see Black women supporting and uplifting one another. Not tearing each other down- despite if you dislike ’em. You can NOT like someone w/o hating.***

    Much success to Keri and her album release.

  3. Why is she dang on BOMB! Just completely BEAUTIFUL! To me. I honestly have a new found love for her! Love the video though! Good look for her. But Kanye looks a hot mess and a dang on fool with that hair cut. WOW!

  4. Gorgeous woman. Like the special effects, but overall I don’t think the video is all that. Plus, the song isn’t a hit imo. I used to be so behind Keri, I just don’t like her sound now, although every artist is bound to change, I’m just not feeling this change. I’m a fan of the Keri who sang “Love Ya”. I wish her the best tho.

    @ Nne, I agree with sistas supporting each other. Polow Da Don the king of stunts convinced her it was a good idea, I know Keri is a girls’ girl, so I know this idea was an act of desperation. I’m sure she’s not hating on these girls. But Polow never told the white artists he worked with to hate on each other, it’s too easy to convince black people to hate on each other. I hope she learned from this experience.

  5. nice video, she looks cute, good fashion. i just hope she’ll be brave enough to release a single without featuring someone next time (although i love ye and ne-yo)

  6. not good enough ms SKERI. go hav babies nd leave da music industry to beyonce. u aint no diva!

  7. I watched her vid out of curiosity because I don`t normally watch vids anymore. Unless I`m on `YouTube` watching the ones from back in da day or catching a show on one of the vid channels where they are featuring the oldies I no longer watch vids. With the exception of, my girl, Alicia Keys, Chrisette Michelle and the likes I`ll go to `YouTube` and watch those. Anyway, the vid is pretty good and she`s very gorgeous I must say.

    She should definitely continue to write her own material, as well as for other artists, because songwriting and producing can never be underestimated. They both bring a lot of royalties. I wish her all the best.

    On a sidenote: “In A Perfect World, is officially available for download today”.

    Unfortunately, that`s the sad truth. Artists today lose tons of sales via the internet. My philosophy is, if I like a particular artist, I will support them by actually buying their music. Afterall, it is a business. They, the artists, are like salespersons and we, the general public, are the consumers. NO salesperson want their product obtained free of charge.

    I understand that it`s the technological world in which we now live in and everyone has freedom of choice. However, if you`re a fan of an artist, one would think you`d want to support them with your dollars so that they can have maximum success. I only shiver to think of all the sales that the icons from back in the day would have lost had the internet been so prevalent back when.

    Just think, Michael Jackson`s `Thriller` would not have been what we know it to be today. Neither Janet Jackson`s `Rhythm Nation`, Prince`s `Purple Rain`, etc…Their history would have been compromised considerably to say the least. I just thank God the internet wasn`t around then to rob these greats and all the others of their history. Back in the day if you liked a particulat artist you had to actually purchase their music.

    Artists today lose, not only a ton of sales but, tons of money from the result of those non-sales. With this current trend I could definitely, possibly, see the artists, as well as record companies, being put out of business because downloading continues to grow at an enormous rate. Some may think I`m overreacting, but just think about it. If the artists aren`t selling then they, nor the record companies, are making money.

    Once again, everyone has freedom of choice. This is just my, humble, observation. You, todays` generation, have your stars of today that you profess to love. Well, just think of the many more sales they could have had if not for downloading. Your stars of today, unlike the ones of my generation, will have their history altered considerably….Just food for thought…

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!

  8. I like the song. I bought Energy on iTunes, I like it too. I did not like Turn Me On, but this one is nice. Kanye looks cute in the video too.

    I have to hear one more good one for me to buy the album though. BTW, to all the haters, at least she REALLY writes songs for others and herself.

  9. Miss keri is my girl i like her so much i’ ll do like i didi Gggb i refuse to listen to anything [beside turning me on and energy] else, until the album come out, i’ ll buy it then judge it ^^

  10. I love the song and the video. She doing the damn thing. Go Keri.

  11. This will probably be a hit because it sounds like everything else that is on the radio. There is nothing special about this song. She is very pretty, but, this is a basic song with a basic voice singing it.

  12. Keri almost looks like TAMI CHYNN in her new video Frozen ft Akon

  13. @ LiveNLearn

    I don’t know why, but Keri never struck me as a girls girl. I think it’s all an act. She seems like one of the chicks that only hangs out with men, she seems to be one of the women who hang out with men because they think females are messy. Almost every woman I know that gives that excuse are slutty, and I don’t think Keri is an exception.

  14. She is rocking and she sounds confident in all her songs,her track with keisha cole is crazy,i’m loving her she is beautiful and she is hot….go miss sexy legs….i’m a ciara fan but i have to go with Mizz Kerry baby she might not sell but her sound is orderly and the best album so far in 2009,not all over the place trying to do everything at once…..she is hot….i love her hair,fashion,sound and she is turning me on.

  15. I didn’t even watch this video or listen to the song.

    But Keri had the nerve to say “these h0ze in the game” I mean was she talking about herself, because she has to be sleeping with someone to get all this promotion. The only other artist I can think of that was promoted like this is Rihanna, but Rihanna actually brought something different to the table, and she had a distinct voice, and her songs were hot. I don’t know if it’s Timbaland or that Polow, but one of them is giving it to her for the promo. It’s always the chicks like Keri that break peace in a home. They claim that they are on a higher level, and they are always talking down to someone that is different. I don’t like Keri, besides that diss song, it’s something about her that doesn’t feel right to me.

  16. I love this song and video! Im trying to like Keri again after she tried and denied coming for Bee. However I would buy her album over Ciara’s copying a$$ anyday! Her album is actually pretty nice.

  17. love “energy”! turning me on grew on me but it isn’t my fav. I like this one. gotta hear another good one to buy the cd (even though she dissed the Queen Bey Imma give her a chance-lol)

  18. Very engaging vid. Like most of you, I hope I NEVER hear about this young woman’s name in some trifling mess again. She obviously has beauty and talent. The drama is not necessary.

  19. Keri is so talented, but i just don’ t like her sound I don’ t know why, I’ m just not feeling it
    Not at all

    In my best ghetto accent: someone betta call me a hater because if not the next time i say i don’ t like someone sound and a stan come around acting crazy they are getting googled up and beat the h-ll down

  20. I like Keri Hilson but who do this song really belong too because just from one listen I could swear its Kanye West ft Neyo and Keri instead the other way round. Anyway the song is alright nothing special

  21. I don’t know why, but Keri never struck me as a girls girl. I think it’s all an act. She seems like one of the chicks that only hangs out with men, she seems to be one of the women who hang out with men because they think females are messy. Almost every woman I know that gives that excuse are ******, and I don’t think Keri is an exception.

    You know you’re probably right. Come to think of it, she’s always bigged up women but she doesn’t really hang with girls. It’s funny because many pretty girls get bad rap because of pretty girls who think everybody’s jealous of them. With all modesty, I’m a pretty girl, and I’ve never had tons of jealous girls around. I get along with women VERY well in general, and I remember Alicia Keys saying she never had hating chicks around her, she gets along with women too because she’s always been cool and people love her in return, Jada Pinkett said something similar. Some (not all, please believe it) pretty girls love to believe people hate them to boost their egos. I’m not saying there are no “haters” out there, but nine times out of ten it has to do with their attitude.

  22. LiveNlearn I hate when people blame it on their beauty, or skin color, or hair texture,I just wanna hurt them
    “Oh if i wasn’ t so pretty people would respect me”, “oh it’ s because i’ m light skin”,”oh it’ s because i have white hair” GET over yourself baby, I am also a very beautiful young woman, successful out and very well spoken, and i don’ t have everyone jealous of me, I’ n bot even looking for any haters, Now people Look for haters, like having someone being jealous of you, Validate your life, I don’t need that

  23. @ LiveNLearn

    My point exactly. I know a lot of very pretty girls, but they don’t only hang with guys. The girls I know that hang with guys like that, they are either gay, or they are the down for a jump off type that will knowingly sleep with someone elses man. And they don’t hang with women because they don’t want to be put on blast and get their arse whooped. Most females don’t like chiks like that anyways.

    I have never had a problem getting along with women in general, I won’t get along with every female I come across in life, but you get my drift. I remember back in high school, my childhood friend only hung out with guys, we werent’ that close in high school, but we talked, she said she only hung out with men, because girls are messy, and they only talk behind your back, and girls wanted to beat her arse almost everyday. She wasn’t that pretty, but she had a reputation. My point is, women don’t want to hang around a skeet skeet as tanisha so affectionally put it :lol2: , so they hang with men, who probably benefits from their skeetish ways.

  24. @ Voice

    You said it. I can’t stand chicks like that. I’m a dark skinned sista and I can honestly say that I never looked at a light skinned female and got jelous of them, I wasn’t raised that way. It was always instilled in me that I was beautiful and unique. So since I felt comfortable in my dark skin I never hated a sista that was lighter, but I did come across a couple that “thought” people hated them because of their skin, I’m like you are a straight up |3itcH!!! are you serious. But I don’t think that about Keri though. I definately think she’s sneaky. She seems like the do him for a deal kind of girl, she is the type to put someone else on blast for it, and hide her stuff.

  25. Keri has struck a nerve with a verse that has no proof she is talking about Ciara or Beyonce. It’s just funny. I guess she did something right. Anyways I get what everyone else saying about pretty girls but I don’t get that vibe from Keri. I think Keri is just a tomboy and she said she was because she was an athlete. Keri gets along quite well with women and men. She just a cool chick and any people that has talked to Keri says she is cool.

  26. Truthteller: “I’m a dark skinned sista and I can honestly say that I never looked at a light skinned female and got jelous of them,”
    High Five on this one, Same here, I never got jealous of any female Period,Beside i’ m the compliment type, when i see someone beautiful even if i’ m driving i’ ll slow down and let them know, how gorgeous they are no matter what their shades is 🙂

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