Keri Hilson Loses Control

Singer Keri Hilson has released the video for her latest single “Lose Control.” Taken from her sophomore album “No Boys Allowed,” ‘LC’ features rapper Nelly and was directed by Collin Tilley.

Keri is expected to be a presenter at the Billboard Awards tomorrow night, so do make sure you tune in.


  1. Love the song, sampled Rihanna’s Te amo…like the video!…Keri is getting better and better in the studio and live…”Pretty Girl Rock” and “Breaking Point” are good songs…I like Keri, another highly disliked female singer…she’s a gold selling artist at best thus far…but, she’s everywhere and gets serious props, media coverage and positioning…stay on her grind…in her own lane…seems to have a serious plan that has yet to unfold!

    Keri brings confidence or what some view as cockiness…Keri Hilson rocks!…love she had Nelly on this joint, even tho’ some feel he’s played…she could have gone with any list of hotter rappers…Nelly did really well with “Just A Dream” on pop charts and radio stations…a good collabo…we become so easily conditioned, when people fall off or take a break, we can easily disconnect…the excess of media, social networking entertainment, tabloid news…we have a short attention span. So these artists have to stay on their grind and Ms. Keri surely does!

  2. This song is not sampled from te amo. They are similar sounding, but not sampled. Love this song! Go Keri

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