Keri Hilson Models For Priestess NYC Jewelry

Keri Hilson Here is a sign that Keri Hilson’s star is definitely on the rise. The singer has just landed what I believe is her first ad campaign. “Miss Kerri Baby” has apparently been tapped to be the new face of the Priestess NYC jewelry line. The singer has long been a fan of the brand and has often been seen wearing items from their jewelry and fashion collection. Most recently the singer was photographed for the December 2008 edition of Source Magazine wearing a Rosary necklace and skirt from the designer.

Known for their big plushy multi-colored bracelets and necklaces, the designer has a store in in the West Village and has been featured in Self, Allure and Vogue Magazine.


  1. Keri Hilson is like a breath of fresh air. I know she’s been around for awhile and people know her work. But that was behind the scenes. Not in the spotlight. Now is her time to shine and I welcome her talent. It’s about time we get to see and hear from other artists too. My black people are strong, intelligent, and possibly posses more talent than any other race. And I stand by that!!!

  2. yes, like keri.. she is one beatiful girl…i hope she gets more endorsements…she just has to keep moving and she will get there..gorgeous pic and gorgeous girl…

  3. I’m happy for Keri and I hope she continue to get more endorsements.

  4. i wouldnt say keri is a breath of fresh air, in my opinion she looks and sounds like a bunch of artist that been out except she falls short for me, this is a nice picture though and i like to see her hair like this because i dont like her usual hair style at all

  5. She is a cutie. Her voice is pretty nice. Her album was okay it was better than Ciara’s but I digress…

  6. i agree mario, she’s like a mixture of the old ciara and rihanna’s gggb style. she’s not that original to me, but hopefully she will have success

  7. Actually, to me Keri is a Bit different. She is the only other singer I know that has the unique vibrato sound that beyonce does but with a higher voice that to me is VERY refreshing. If she could develop more power live she could be great. She’s a decent writer as well. Her make love and Knock you down songs are really good. Knock you down is on the rise on the charts too…top 40 if i’m not mistaken.

  8. I like to see Keri on her grind. She is a real go getter and even though I would not buy her albums, I have heard her songs and they sound great. I hope she gets what she is looking.

  9. I am telling you Kelly is the best looking chick out there right now, she is as exotic as rihanna, but she need to let that “homeboy swagga” GO like right noe, it makes a look like a dyke and no offense it is not cute!

  10. i love mizz keri baby….knock you down is my anthem and wish her all the best.

  11. Still not a fan of Miss Keri Baby. sorry. But she is a pretty girl, this is good for her. But this question is for the designer, he doesn’t think people will walk around with those thick necklaces does he? If that’s what he wants he shouldve got my girl Rih Rih, and the world will follow.

  12. @ Voice
    I totally agree with you on the homeboy swagga thing, that’s always turned me off about her. I mean if you’re a lesbian fine, do you. But straight chicks that act like that bother me.

  13. She looks like she nauseous in that picture. I’m unsure of what to say about Keri Hilson. I like her. Bought her album. Like her new single. But to me she lacks something, and as much as I want to really get excited when I hear about her, I can’t.

  14. Who in they right mind is going to wear those doofy necklaces- I don’t care whose neck its on

  15. MAjesa-uno why you can’t get excited about her-because you don’t know the real her- what is she talking about that isn’t already out-She is manufactured-pretty yes, great beats yes, decent voice, good writing skills- but still manufactured

  16. I still dont like her as a person and not tryna be mean but that pic looks forced. :thumbsdown: Her album is good BUT I just cant get wit her, her dance moves are too stiff and her live singing isnt all that great either :bag: Anywho Congrats to her.

  17. Just because an artist can sing does not mean they have to know how to dance too…………keri is very talented ….she is a writer and a singer…and she is a breath of fresh air because she not constantly being seen like some female artist that desperately needs attention. i like keri’s swagger and everyone has thier own opinion, but her album was hot to me :bowdown: some ppl just don’t want to see other ppl shine….I hate to say this, but Beyonce is not the only talented artist :noway: she forced herself to learn how to dance and act it didn’t come natural…..look at Rihanna she doesn’t give the best performences, but has sold millions…. so have other artist like keyshia, monica, mary ashanti and the list goes on….most of the time ppl just find a reason to HATE! if she wanted to learn how to dance she would try maybe it doesn’t bother her.

  18. YAY!!! keri is pretty as always, like this pic of her. 🙂

  19. Yeah, I like Keri. She is a breath of fresh air – somebody different to get the focus. I hope she continues to rise and do well.

  20. KERI hilson’s album is hot i personally thought it was better than SUPER C 😆 i mean ciara album did not plan on buying it anywayz just heard samples of her songs.

  21. Ur right she is a breath of fresh air,unique(somehow) n i lyk miss keri baby’s swaga

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