Keri Hilson National Anthem Slip Up

The National Anthem is a song that has slipped up many an artist. Keri Hilson can now add her name to that very long list. The singer recently butchered the tune while performing it at a Lakers vs. Hawks game. I personally think Keri didn’t rehearse enough and attempted to get a lil too soulful for her own good. Sometimes it’s just best to sing the darn song.

I blame Marvin Gaye- the world was just never the same after he performed his awe inspiring rendition at the 1983 NBA All Star Game.


  1. lol @ dude saying, “put it youtube now.” it wasn’t that bad. to me, she proved that she could actually sing. would have never known that based on her songs.

  2. She was aight SMH at her forgetting “held”, and you know EVERY female artist has to use their head voice to hit the free note, with that said I believe the best singer we’ve come to know(Whitney’s) version is still the best.

  3. its alright, even though i cant stand her cuz she is cocky, but i love her hair.

  4. Yeah, Keri didn’t nail that one at all…but, who knew she that much vocal ability and range…so some good definitely came out of this…loved the outfit…better hair/wig these days…

  5. Random Observation: I counted 5 naked/lewd black women on the homepage of this site. Disgusted. Ugh. Stripping down to practically nothing and still not even B-list celebrities. Ladies, let it go.

  6. “Stripping down to practically nothing and still not even B-list celebrities. Ladies, let it go.”
    MEME don’t be surprised, that’s what they are about.

  7. Wtf :lol2: I Know monica was there too…they should have had MO sing It she would have KILLED It with her soulful angelic voice!

  8. you should know the NATIONAL ATHEM like you know your A-B-C…1-2-3 mmm oh well Keri at least she sang through It…but my 5yr old daughter could sing better than that

  9. Oh, say can you see? By the dawn’s early light…

    :iagree: ^^^ you should know that one song by heart, AT LEAST. Now were it the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” them ummm :bag:

  10. LOL! Well, its not the end of the world. She probably was distracted for a moment, lost her train of thought or had a case of nerves. It happens to the best of us! I just saw a MJB concert with the words to her song on a teleprompter at the foot of stage and those are songs she has sung forever that her fans probably know all the words. Lest we forget the slip up at the historical inauguration of my president where the Oath of Office was screwed up in front of mega millions around the world. Keep your head up ghyrl. You did a pretty good job inspite of the slip up! This Brown sista is standing behind you!

  11. She sounded awesome!
    I wish R&B singers would stop w/ all the extra notes & rifts- that’s why she messed up and that’ll teach her for trying to diss other singers w/ that one track last yr. πŸ˜† j/k

  12. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……………..see what you got keri……???

  13. OMFG HOW EMBARASSING! looking beyond the mistake.. i never knew she could sing this well!!!! LOLZ!!

    when i think of keri, i just think of her autotune shit lmao.

  14. @ NNE :iagree: that was KARMA for he dissin’ Beyonce & Ci-Ci πŸ˜† gurl step ya’ p***Y up πŸ˜†

  15. hmmm…

    I think all major recording artists should know this song. You never know when you’ll be called upon to sing it.

  16. Sitting court side of Atlanta Hawks game is a big thing now among black celebs, its like sitting court side of NY Knicks games. Better luck next time Ms. Keri Baby

  17. NNE- True but it was more for her clearly LIEING about it, everyone knew WHO she was talking about…be a woman.

  18. lmao Keri??? Are you kidding me??? Well the more slip ups you make now the better you’ll later in your career if you make it!!! lol BUT you sounded aight!! keep pushin boo boo. And agree with “NNE” all them extra notes and rifting F’ her up in the game..

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