Keri Hilson No Boys Allowed Promo Pics

Check out these exclusive promo shots Brown Sista was sent from Keri Hilson’s upcoming “No Boys Allowed” album. I know I just said two posts ago I was feeling Keri’s new platinum blonde look, but these images aren’t so bad. Maybe its because the over the top make-up balances the out the over the top color. Whatever the case, Keri is following the lead of such greats a Janet Jackson and Madonna, who knew the importance of switching up your look with each album.

Now let’s see if Keri can take her music and videos to the next level as well.


  1. That looks like my grandma’s Bingo Wig. She looks a Mess..I’m sorry the make-up look like someone just painted make-up all over her face. This is not fierce, this is a HOT BOILING MESS

  2. Uh-Oh, Keri crossing over to the dark side… it’s always just a matter of time…smh

  3. Looks like Bey’s latest Dereon shoot, only rode hard and put away wet. Poor thing. lol

  4. Not really feeling the look, yet atleast. But you do not have to change your LOOK in order to reinvent yourself, you can do that with your music, that is the most important thing.

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