Keri Hilson Says She Has the Winning Hand

Keri Hilson Says She Has the Winning Hand

Keri Hilson Talks About Her New Album

While doing a bit of promo at the recent Essence Music Festival, singer Keri Hilson took time off from promoting her upcoming film, Almost Christmas, to talk about her long awaited new album.

“Just picture someone playing Dominoes or cards and then all of a sudden they go ‘bam’ and reveal they have the winning hand,” Keri told Hip Hollywood. “That’s what I plan to do, and that’s what I think my music is worthy of doing.”

Keri went on to talk about the false press release announcing her return earlier this year, saying “This is my comeback. I’ve been gone for five years, so if I’m going to issue a press release and artwork it’s going to be way more creative and artistic than the fake stuff that was put out.”

As for her five year hiatus from the music industry, Keri said she didn’t mean for it to last as long as it has, but assured fans her new music would be worth the wait.

Keri has been previewing new music for fans via SnapChat. Click here if you missed it. You can also check out a repository of Keri’s previous chats via Keri Be Snappin’ on Instagram.

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  1. She doesn’t have the winning hand based on what I’ve heard so far, but I’m still wishing her the best. We need more women on the scene.

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