Keri Hilson Shows Off Her New Look

The 20th Anniversary of the release of ‘Poetic Justice’ has inspired quite a few celebs to don dookie braids again. Singer Janet Jackson made the look even more popular than it already was when she wore the style for the film back in 2003.

Earlier this year Solange sported the look, as did her sister Beyonce and countless other Brown Sistas. Singer Keri Hilson is the latest to jump on the trend, showing off her new locks via Instagram.

Keri further showed off her do at the Grand Opening of the Krave Bar & Lounge (formerly known as Luxe Lounge) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Keri also did a mystery photo shoot with her new look, which was posted online by makeup artist Lahluvie..


  1. I lost a lot of edges and baby hair wearing these braids back in the day. Never again. The small tiny ones are much better. Keri looks pretty though. I look forward to her return.

  2. Gorgeous. I hear you Dana, edges are at risk with heavy braids like this; but the style looks good on Keri nontheless.

  3. OMG! She looks regal. Yes to black women looking like black women! =)

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