Keri Hilson Strikes Gold

Keri Hilson According to Interscope Records, Keri Hilson has her first gold single, thanks to a little help from Ne-Yo and Kanye West. The trio came together to collaborate on Keri’s “Knock You Down” track and the union proved to be a very profitable one. KYD has so far sold over 600,000 units, with the ringtone ringing up another 500,000 in sales. The single presently sits at #3 on the Billboard charts, jumping four spots up from last week and overtaking both “Halo” from Beyonce and “Blame It” from Jamie Foxx. Keri needs only take out Pitt Bull (I Know You Want Me) and The Black Eyed Peas (Boom Boom Pow) to achieve her first #1 single- an accomplishment very few singers achieve with their first record.

In related news, Keri Hilson is due to appear at the 2009 BET Awards June 28th where she is nominated for four awards including Best Female R&B artist, Best New Artist, and Best Collaboration. Hilson is also up for a Viewer’s Choice Award for “Turnin’ Me On”.


  1. i like the song but TURNING ME ON was my jam. I didn’t know her single was climbing the charts or her ring tones was poppin’ off like that though. Keep doin’ ya thing KERI!

  2. good for her. i still think if it wasn’t for neyo, kanye, and lil wayne, she wouldn’t have done this well. but i guess nowadays you gotta do something to get your record played, the ones she released by herself weren’t cutting it. I just hope she won’t have to continue to do that to get recognition. But congradulations ms. hilson

  3. Oh MrsJones now how could you possibly know that. Can’t just saycongrats huh. Gotta throw some negatives out there. Well Congrats Ms. Hilson keep moving forward.

  4. Congrats to my girl Keri !! I actually love the song but I must say that Turnin me on was the shit!! This song is hot too and I absolutely love neyo’s part!!

  5. Good for her and as much as I DISLIKE Scary Hilson “Knock u down” is my song! 🙄 @MRS JONES I agree with you wholeheartedly anywho Congrats to her anyway…

  6. wow! i didnt xpect this with so much hate going around…..congrats mizz kerry baby.

  7. I guess the haters/critics were wrong..Ms Keri on her way up..congrats!

  8. This girl fails at a career. Notice her first single as a SOLO artist went nowhere, yet her next two with artists BIGGER than she is did well? No one is checking for her, they’re checking for the guest artists. “Knock You Down” is really a Kanye song since he’s on the song more than Keri AND Ne-Yo. EPIC FAIL.

  9. I like her voice and her style. Congrats to her. She’s new and different, kinda like a breath of fresh air.

  10. Best female r&b artist??????? ❓ 😕 who the heck put her on that list? Best songwriter? yes. she don’t even have vocals to be in that category.

  11. This is good. I hope I don’t regret this, but I think Keri is starting to win me. I heard her CD the other night, and it’s dare i say this… REALLY GOOD. It has a good variety of songs, good lyric content, it’s creative. So this is good for her.

  12. I’ll co-sign too her album was pretty good….. I’m not too surprised with the success of knock you down it’s a good song. That Pitbull song and BEP songs are 2 of my jams too tho. Not a big fan of BET but good luck to her on the nominations.

  13. For everyone saying if Ne-Yo and Kanye weren’t on the track she wouldn’t be successful, hello isn’t that what the majority of NEW artist do to break??? They get a “name” on one of their singles to bring traction and get buzz. There is nothing wrong with that so I don’t know why ya’ll making it seem like it’s a bad thing. 🙄 At least the song was actually good instead of just putting a “name(s)” on the track for the sake of it and it still being garbage. ➡

    Anyway Congrats to Keri, KYD my 2nd fav song from the album. 🙂

  14. I guess if it’s not Beyonce, people will be negative. There is plenty of room everybody. Who cares how she is doing what she is doing? She didn’t step on anyone or threaten to boycott performances. She is doing her and if she is fortunate to work with these artists so what? I just think it’s hilarious how people passing judgement on everyone except Bey. When people accuse Bey of stealing other people’s songs, her Stans come out full force defending her actions. As someone said earlier, Keri is breath of fresh air. She is not screaming or showing her cat all of the time.

  15. i like keri…KYD is my track…hope it can reach number 1… 😀

  16. @ Badgirl23

    Even though I really like Keri’s music and think she’s creative. I have to agree with everyone saying that. The singles that she put out before Turnin Me On were a big flop. Lil Wayne made that song what it was. The same thing with Knock you Down. By Keri being a new artist, she NEEDED them. She doesn’t have a real unique voice or a high range. Personally I don’t like when people have to use someone else for success, but I’ll make an exception for her. The music industry is changing faster than ever.

  17. Oh BTW. Since I finally gave Keri her props, I hate to drag this woman into this, but doesn’t Keri Kind of look like a short haired Beyonce in that picture. That’s weird.

  18. omg lol!

    its so wierd. Coz she like started from scratch kinda thing so its harder yer lol!

    i was just so used to beyonce.

    like going straight to #1 for her first two solo singles. and going platinum for both aswell. Being #1 for 8/9 weeks in a row.


  19. i dont like keri though.

    after her beyonce and ci ci diss!

  20. Truthteller: no she doesn’t. Kerri look is a breath of fresh air though, her face has strong features. im not gonna compare them cuz they both beautiful. But Beyonce is thrown in your face so much, you welcome another beauty. B is like a stalker lol

  21. Omg um…… she’s said over and over that it wasn’t a diss. The girl Ciara on a radio interview and they had a pretty good conversation and sahe told Ciara then it wasn’t a diss.

    @ Truth the only thing they got in common is being lightskin they don’t have similair features at all.

  22. They are both light skin. They have the same lip shape, almost the same fullness. Keri’s jaw line and eye shape is simular to Bey as well. Kerris face just seem to be a bit longer.

    On another note, I didn’t say that Keri and Beyonce looked alike all the time. It’s just the angle that Keris face is at in that pic.

  23. Good for Keri. She still doesn’t excite me a ton, album and all, but I like seeing new people around the music scene and her song is catchy.

  24. its not success unless she’s compared to beyonce

    “The single presently sits at #3 on the Billboard charts, jumping four spots up from last week and overtaking both “Halo” from Beyonce and “Blame It” from Jamie Foxx. Keri needs only take out Pitt Bull ”

    thats just low even for u stephanie.wish all the bickering here about beyonce overshadowing other artists ended with u starting to stop comparisons

  25. Oh Lawd, can we please not bring Beyonce into this? People get sick of her because she is soooo overrated and over promoted, and there’s nothing she does that anyone else doesn’t do, and some do it much better.

  26. Beyonce had support from Destiny child, Jay-z,Tina and Matthew b4 she cud reach the top,Jay-z was a good calculated move from their coporation,so stop attacking mizz Keri and i dnt want her or any female artist to be like beyonce or to reach her level,we dont know how Keri defines her achievements and she might be content,we are becoming a species that celebrates too much objects,any achievments should be appreciated and celebrated….when India was liberated from Britian journalist asked Gandhi if he wants India to be a developed and prosperous country like Britain and his reply was no and went on to explained that it took exploitain of human life and resources of the whole world to make Britain what is then what would it take India….lets let go of the attitude of acquiring more at the expense of others….wealth has to be shared not one person hoarding endorcements and having reserved rights to be the only one perfoming and getting scripts.

  27. LOOOOVE Ms. Keri!!! Her album is Hott Hott Hott!!!!!! I knew she would be a big hit!!! She is SUCH a breath of fresh air in this played out REDUNDANT industry with the same tired people!!!!

  28. “Knock You Down” is definitely a hot single. I think that Keri did a great job with this one. It’s totally different from what’s being played on the radio. Maybe NeYo and Kanye had something to do with elevating the status of the single, but new artists been done for years so it’s not fair to say that she’s only successful b/c of them. Keri is holding her ground. There will always be mixed reviews on an artist especially a new female artist. Keri has a great look, a great personality, and she very creative. She is definitely making her mark as a major competitor in the industry. Great Job, Keri!!! 😀

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