Keri Hilson Struts Her Stuff On the Ellen Show

Singer Keri Hilson gave another cutesy performance of her single “Pretty Girl Rock,” this time on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. “PGR” is presently sitting at #39 on the Hot 100 after peaking at #31. The single on the R n’B charts however is a bonafide smash, sitting pretty at #6 after 11 weeks on the chart.

Go Keri !


  1. Go KERI great performance but geesh I dont understand your wardrobe deck its like got u on pause for that next level!

  2. This is a really good song! Her vocals and live singing and stage presence keeps getting better and better! At first, many people felt this song was too cocky…then the video softened and gave the lyrics deeper meaning.

    Not surprising it’s not as big on the hot 100 charts…women suffer with self-image and many find it difficult to see it or dare say it… “I’m Beautiful”…when we all are from the inside out…no exceptions if we choose to express this brand of beauty!

    Go Keri!

  3. Saw the performance Yesterday morning & I was very impressed. I hadn’t really paid much attention to Keri’s live performances before this. I was very happy to see that she could hold her on vocally( which many can’t do today) & that her stage presence was lively & not dull. Her “No Boys Allowed” is very good btw. Better than her 1st, which I thought was a pretty good. She is showing that she is growing as a artist.

  4. “No Boys Allowed” is a very good album with many potential singles.

  5. lmfaooooo yo keri dancesso provocative!!!!!!!!!!!! its mad funny did any one else catch that hip grind????????

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