Keri Hilson Explains Musical Hiatus


Singer Keri Hilson’s absence from the music scene as of late is no accident. The R&B diva’s last album, ‘No Boys Allowed,’ was released a mere 2 ½ years ago, however, according to Keri, she would have long since released new music by now had the “elephant” not gotten in the way.

Over the weekend Keri sent out a few cryptic tweets which quickly led to rumors of her either being pregnant or completely retiring from music.

Keri quickly logged back on the clear the air, saying “I’m not taking a leave of absence. I already took a leave of absence. Decided to finally let my fans know that I did indeed step away for a while.”

As for the pregnancy rumor, Keri cleared that up as well. “I get how you all could think you found clues to that conclusion you conjured… but I’m not pregnant. Those clues are unrelated and exaggerated.”

Keri never addressed what the “elephant” was. She did however allude to her possibly allowing something, like ego, to get in the way of her relationship with God.

“Take a moment to think about the things you find yourself putting before God.” “Is it money?” Keri asked. “Your relationship? Success? Pleasure? Your image?” she continued.

Whatever it was, Keri says “It’s still there. Just smaller now.”

As for what Keri’s fans really want- new music- no word from Keri as to when that will finally arrive.


  1. she’s a writer first. i’m sure she will always be involved in the business on that end.

    one thing these singers should remember is that not all fans know the cycle of releases and eras. we don’t know how long they have to record, master, release, promote, and tour. we don’t know those kinds of dates. so for her to say, “i’ve been on break and i’m extending my hiatus” is kinda like, okay.

    i mean, even when they are “not” working, they are kinda working aren’t they? they post pics on their instagrams and their tumblrs and facebook. papparazi takes shots of them as they go about their daily errands whether working or no.

    i would never have guessed she was on hiatus…or that she would have extended her hiatus. did someone ask her point blank if she was ever recording again? oh wait *re-reading* she posted some “cryptic tweets” (to keep her fans guessing).

  2. Two, three years is hardly a hiatus. But I guess when people like Rihanna release new music every year you have a different standard to live up to.

  3. I like Keri and as a songwriter, as Kanyade stated, she’ll always be in the business. She’s very pretty and articulate, so television or fashion are viable options. Financially, she’s in a good place, the industry really sucks!

    I believe it just all became too much, overwhelming and she probably wasn’t having FUN. Celebrities live an isolated life because most people want something from them. All that glitters ain’t gold. I believe all of her hard work and not getting the record sales has gotta be taxing and not because of her “diss” song. Black music consumers are not very supportive (for the ones they like), band wagon people and will fall off easily. We’re not ride or die consumers. Her single with Kanye West did well because of its crossover appeal. I think it’s difficult to have a relationship and loneliness is constant when traveling, promoting and touring. I wish this brown sista peace and blessings, she’s already done a whole lot…most of us do too much!


  5. She was on a music hiatus? Sorry, didn’t notice…*kanye shrug*

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