Keri Hilson To Host MOBO Awards

Guess which female singer just landed the gig of this year’s co-host of the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards.

By golly it’s none other than Keri Hilson.

Music’s latest “It Girl” will not only share hosting duties, but perform as well. Keri is also up for several awards- most notably “Best Internation Act.” Keri’s competition is stiff, as she will be going up against Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Ciara and quite a few others.

Check out our Keri gallery update above. The singer was spotted Friday leaving Radio 1’s studios in London, England.


  1. I don’t see how the competition Is “stiff” we all know who’s gonna win……none other than wait do I have to say her name?

  2. before yall start hating on keri hilson let me say she is a great singer and a great songwrite plus dancer dont sleep on miss keri baby because her album is the shit it has that real r&b feel to it most people dislike her because they feel like beyonce is the only singer in the world beyonce is played out and her album was crap i dont support beyonce her first solo album was great after that she went downhill beyonce got concieted she got a big head started callin herself a diva and jayz labeled her the hottest in the game but she really aint she is not mariah or whitney anyway keri hilson is the top shit these days she can dance and sing she has real talent she aint no copycat she has a great personality and she keeps it real i hope she wins over beyonces overrated self

  3. Wow, you can tell this is lamer than the BET awards. Same predictable nominees, and we know who will win. I have never even heard of this. Where will it air, youtube?

    On the pics, Keri is gorgeos, but she looks like a fat man in that outfit.

  4. LOL @truthteller youtube?

    I think you actually have to be there to see it or in that country.

  5. Tee, seriously, PLEASE let it go! LOL! Real R&B? PLEASE! Go check out Vanessa Williams The Real Thing, that’s the closet to real R&B we’re getting right now if you go all the way back to the REAL orgins.

    I don’t have Keri’s album, didn’t even bother to bootleg it. Only song I ever liked by her was Energy.

  6. We already know who’s gonna win? really? After what happen at the MTV awards you can’t say that anymore.

    Congrats to Keri for landing co-host.

  7. love her she’s always smiling and she is xtremely intelligent….love her song with sean paul

  8. love her she’s always smiling and she is xtremely intelligent….love her song with sean paul,the MOBOS were realy upset with bey last year for not showing up,i realy wanda who will win….KERI is growing everyday and i’m pleased that the world is playing more of her music and getting the respect she deserves,hope the grammies dnt sleep on her.

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