Keri Hilson’s I Like Video

We have another video to share with you guys. If you all remember, we posted sometime ago that singer Keri Hilson had recorded a single titled “I Like” for the soundtrack to the German film Zweiohrküken. Well that video premiered earlier today and Miss Keri is looking very divalicious in it. More than likely this song won’t be a hit in the U.S. or get any major radio airplay. However, it will probably do very well overseas, particularly in Europe where Keri is very popular.


  1. Miss Keri Hilson dissed me in Athens early this year…I walked and said hey, remember me..She said…umm no …and she and her followers walked away… and i heard her say “she can cook” Oh but u knew me when u and Neek was in my house, eating my homemade 14 spice cajun fried chicken…What Fame does..SIGH!!!!


  2. LOL @LMAO For real? Wow. That sucks. What fame does indeed; but guess what, karma; what goes around comes around. And your spice cajun fried chicken sounds delicious!!!

  3. TINY what the eff? I was responding to LMAO 😆 I’m a hater? Actually I love that this video features Til Schweiger “The German” from Inglorious Basterds…he’s so hawt.

  4. @LMAO get over it. If she wasn’t on this blog and said she didn’t remember you would you still be angry get over it. Maybe she you are just someone that she didn’t want to speak to at that time.

  5. @LMAO I understood how you felt, I met a beauty queen couple of time and ask if she remember me and she said no. But we need to understand that someone who always travel and see many people a day really, it’s hard for them to remember every minutes of their life.

    About her new music, I have no idea why I love this woman so much, the song is OK but it’s not because of that. Maybe the way she smile or the way she move her eyes. She is a singer who made her own music sounds sexier.

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