Keri Hilson’s New Music Has a Fan in Monica


It has been almost four years since Keri Hilson released new music via her “No Boys Allowed” album, but according to fellow R&B singer Monica, that might all be about to change.

Via her Instagram account, Monica shared a photo of Keri in the studio, along with a caption asserting the singer’s new music would likely lead to a couple of Grammys.

Keri’s first Grammy nods came back in 2010 when she was nominated for Best New Artist and for Best Rap Sung Collaboration for her work with Ne-Yo and Kanye West on her single “Knock You Down.”

Keri Hilson Explains Her Musical Hiatus

Since then Keri has kept a low profile musically, explaining her absence as something she needed to do to get closer to God. Via several cryptic messages posted to Twitter in the summer of 2013, Keri said ego, fame, success and pressure had caused her to veer off track and that she was taking time off to “deal with the elephant in the room.”

Whatever the case, news of Keri’s possible return to the charts should serve as welcome news to lovers of R&B. “No Boys Allowed” was full of underrated musical gems and was a welcome change for a genre that seems to be almost completely male dominated.

Here’s hoping Keri gets it together and releases something in the coming year.



  1. nothing wrong with getting your faults together….people dont “allow” or like when people become better as individuals, gives them nothing to talk about.

    good for you keri

  2. It took a lot of courage to take time off, when music sales are really down across the board. Keri was still establishing herself as a singing artist with many fans and detractors. I have mad respect for her because nothing is worth your soul and peace of mind! At the end of the day, I think she’ll be happier whatever the music does or doesn’t, the game is fixed anyway, now she has hedged her bet (with her own priorities and boundaries)!

    We have to get back to understanding that GOD gives every man a LOT in life, and it is always more than sufficient for the masses, counting our blessings because so many people were born into human suffering, abject poverty and chaos. Want nothing and have everything, as Buddhism teaches!

  3. I think the online harassment got to her.
    I hop when she returns she bypasses the negative urban audience and goes for pure pop. Look for a new audience.

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