Keri Hilson’s New Year’s Message

Keri Hilson reached into her fashion bag of tricks for this outrageous number which she performed in on New Year’s Eve. The singer put on her top hat and tails to ring in 2010 while rocking the stage in Las Vegas during the “Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” special.  Keri later tweeted this message to the public- letting them know in no uncertain terms that 2010 was indeed going to be her year…

HAPPY NEW YEAR, haters!!!! You’re really gonna be mad this year *kanye shrug*


  1. really Keri really? Man I like her, love her music but sometimes she just needs to act her age! That comment she made wasn’t needed but her success will speak for itself, she doesn’t even get as much hate as many of her fellow singers and they do their best to take the higher road, Hope she learns to do the same and I hope she comes with some new music this year!

  2. I love her music and her beauty very very much. But she’d better save her words for her class. Haters nowadays act worse, but as a singer , you don’t have to say something bad about it. people talk both good and bad things. All you have to do is just let them go with the wind.

  3. Well,she can say whatever she wants……… She has fresh talent so she better BRING IT ON!!! Go Keri!!

  4. Relax Kerri. Actions speak louder than words. She look like Count dRacula with that outfit. i really don’t like her fashion sense.

  5. I’m not impressed with “Ms. Keri Baby”. Her music is “ok”. She is
    a whisper singer to me, with not strong vocal cords, as many so-called singers lack these days.

  6. All these celebs can fall back for real.

    All Twitter has done is just reminded THEM that they aren’t much better than the rest of us…and now they’re mad. LOL. Lord have mercy the innanetz!

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