Keri Hilson’s New Video Gets Leaked

Much like Kelly Rowland earlier this year, Keri Hilson has found herself having to deal with the premature leak of a not yet authorized, edited or finished video. Keri’s label quickly went about having the clip yanked from as many sites as they could; however this is the internet and once something leaks that is it. For every one site you take it off, another 1,000 people are out there re-uploading it to another. Thank God for those people or I wouldn’t be able to post the video right now- LOL.

Keri took to Twitter telling her fans she couldn’t wait for them to see the final edit- which she said is much better than the leaked version.

I personally don’t think this version is half bad and I actually thought a few scenes were kinda cute- loved the beauty parlor scene and the ending.


  1. The music industry is brutal. As for the vid I hope it’s true what she said about the final version being way better, because this for me was just alright.

  2. The final version won’t be any different. Like Kelly’s I couldn’t find one difference between the original and the leak.

    I love this version. I think it is cool. One of Keri’s best. No need for her to change a thing.


  4. i don’t know, but i feel like she’s tryin too hard. This video looks cheap as well

  5. I actually liked the video and the song is cool. But I need to know how leaks really happen? Nobody has security over their stuff????????

  6. IMO, “leak” is a code word for “We put out our material, it didn’t get a great response so instead of going with the promo for this wack ish no one is checking for, we’ll say it leaked, let’s start over ppl”

    That’s just BG23 interruption of course lol

  7. This is really nice…she’s building a nice collection with three videos I like and give an A and this is one of them! I love hearing the vocals over the production…Monica and Fantasia giving us true vocals, good music and beats…melodies and harmonies and others are following…Keri did a great job with this one…Kelly’s last video shown here…music is supposed to make you feel something, not just for us to look at people in a video…I have to say that the music is getting better and better…Tiffany Monique, Fantasia, Monica, Kelly, Ciara, J. Sullivan, Faith Evans, Keri Hilson, Chrisette, Goapele, Elisabeth Withers, Ledisi, Jill Scott, Eric Benet, Kem, Jaheim, Usher, Marsha Ambrosius, Melanie Fiona, Erykah, Angie Stone, Janelle Monae, John Legend and his remake of “Wake up,” along with our staple superstars, we have some good music out right now. It may not all be played on the radio or names and faces we’ll see in constant rotation in print, radio or online, but you don’t have to be a superstar to make good music, to touch people, to creat magic.

    As I watched the tragic, tragic story of Tami Terrell, listening to her pristine vocals, acapella, the beauty and the magic in her extraordinary voice was more than talent, range and ability, but her soul, I know this is where we must return and this video is headed in that direction. Our listening taste has to be rebooted, re-conditioned…Monica and Fantasia really helped by reminding us of the beauty and power of true R&B and everyone doesn’t have to be “pop”…Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell charted well on pop charts as with all of Motown. So Keri is helping too with bringing some rnb music that’s saying something…it’s not a wedding song or social commentary song, but it’s a really good one!

    Go Ms. Keri!

  8. Song is alright, but her look is so tired and done. On to the next one!

  9. Cynthinia, I agree 100%.

    Unfortunately, once people have a negative perception in their minds, it’s hard to transform the mindset. Many of us complain so much that there’s no good music being made that when artists delve deeper on their musical journey and the music improves, we fail to recognize it. I noticed the same thing with BET and hip hop/rap music. We complained about the network and the lack of good shows but we were unable to acknowledge the line-up changes and the new direction of the station. Our opinions were still attached to the old broadcast. We do have artists that deliver heart wrenching, soul stirring, cinematic, emotional, and entertaining music that touch our very existence but it’s a travesty when we’re unable to recognize it.

  10. @Sepiastar

    I also agree with you…

    “Many of us complain so much that there’s no good music being made that when artists delve deeper on their musical journey and the music improves, we fail to recognize it. I noticed the same thing with BET and hip hop/rap music.”

    When Shelia Johnson spoke out about how she’s embarrassed to see BET today…I couldn’t believe it and all the people that agreed. Mainly based on past negative views and programming. Today I find myself watching BET more than I have in years, since Teen Summit, Ed Gordon and midnight love videos…not since Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mariah, Mary J., Lil Kim, Tupac, Biggie, Anita Baker and Regina Belle nem dominated late 80s and 90s. Today BET is a much better network…I thought the car racing reality series was definitely moving forward, the BET Honors, Hip Hop Honors, BET Music and Gospel Awards Shows, Sunday Best, Rising Icons, My Black is Beautiful and other programs I don’t watch. 106 Park is still a strong program for black artists to promote new projects…it’s a very viable network…but, like you said, we don’t notice the difference.

    I know I did especially, in 2010…Alicia Keys on that piano and seeing Prince honored when he’s been scorned by the mainstream most of his career. He’s just so talented and knew how to maintain his own celebrity that he’s undeniable. To see the old footage of Michael Jackson surprising James Brown onstage, a place for black artists when there is no other place “Kanye” and “Chris Brown”…with President Obama stirring up the Tea Party (racism)…we need to recognize strengths, even if they’re white owned…not surprising, white people own the infrastructure…putting Jay-z on the cover with Warren Buffet was to distract us away from our Ivy League Black President, so we can aspire to what’s the least achieveable. The same with the music that’s heavily promoted…narrow images and successes that a very, very few can imulate or attain. But, most of us can be college graduates, good parents, build strong families…but, if there’s no music to fill our hearts up with what we’re unable to buy…hope, joy and beauty to tide us over, to help us as we get through with and without the material pleasures or necessities…there was always music…but, it’s there for us…but, we go and buy what sells bigs and makes the most noise and often it’s not real or has substance.

    Things are improving…but, we don’t notice and our “value system” is corrupt.

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