Kerry Washington Covers Essence

Actress Kerry Washington is covering the latest issue (Nov 2010) of Essence Magazine. Kerry has two films on the horizon this fall, including the much anticipated Tyler Perry film β€œFor Colored Girls.” The actress reportedly touches on the issue of race, which is what the November issue is dedicated to. Kerry reportedly laments the lack of roles for African American women in Hollywood, but talks about what she and other actresses like Vivica A. Fox and Meagan Good are doing to change things.


  1. hollywood will continue to ignore black actresses, so why not do two things, go overseas and do films, if you are an artist, you will go anywhere for your art. and most importantly create your own. years ago when hollywood was out in the open with discrimination, black hollywood was truly black hollywood creating their own. and no i’m not talking about the coon step and fetchin, gang related , urban comedies that pass it self off as black hollywood films, i’m talking about real black hollywood showcasing their talents.

    kerry washington is a beautiful and talented actress and i’m surprise she’s on the cover usually that one dimensional so-called magazine but lacks real substance and real interviews, usually have the same black actresses on the cover while the content is about religion ,sex, downtrodden black folks. this is a baby step for Essence rag. i would say i would buy the magazine because of kerry, but just like the janet interview, essence probably butchered this interview as well.

  2. ^^^I’m surprised at myself. I bought the last three issues of Essence. Will probably buy this one as well. I concur about going back to ‘old Black Hollywood’. I completely agree. While our actors/actresses may not be featured in the big blockbusters all the time, or in a positive, varied light all the time, there are movies being made but on a more independent scale. shadowandact[dot]com highlights us and our features, be it small screen, big screen, European, etc. Check it out. But yeah, agree with you. Let’s all go back to how we once were. Deceased singer, Lamya (r.i.p.) wrote a song about old Hollywood called “Ruby Tuesday”. She basically echoed then what you’re saying now. One lyric:

    “…but in the days, before the dilution,
    music pollution,
    we positively sparkled on tv…”


    “…in the shiny glow, of 90210.
    before Jerry Springer,
    the thong’s thong and the video-ho.

    back before we were tangled in drama
    douching for dollars,
    bimbo to scholar,
    we absolutely sparkled on tv…”

    So true. Great song. Great album. Great commentary, too from this non-American singer, born in Oman, reared in London, sung backup for Duran Duran and others. Just a great artist who passed too quickly, but I digress.

    I’m just glad I have her album. πŸ™‚

    Black Hollywood! Let’s go back to ‘sparkling’!!! πŸ™‚

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