Kerry Washington Covers H Magazine

Actress Kerry Washington is gracing the (August) cover of “H” Magazine. The actress has two new films slated to be released nationwide this year: “Life Is Hot In Cracktown” and “Night Catches Us”. Kerry’s “Cracktown” opened earlier this year in limited release and garnered the actress her best reviews to date. Kerry talked to “H” about why she took the role, as well as why she thinks it’s important for Black actresses to get behind the camera and take creative control of their projects.

Check out the full article here.

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  1. Kerry is awesome! should post the new video of Maxwell’s ‘Bad Habits’ Starring Kerry Washington!!! It’s HOT!

  2. She’s gorgeous. The cover shoot is the best. She appears very elegant. I admire the fact she also sees the importance for Black actresses to actively take control of their projects behind the scene instead of just complaining about the predicament they find themselves in.

  3. I love Keri. She hasn’t changed much since Save the last dance.

  4. She looking light….must be the lighting…… I have a girl crush but I’m only feeling the pic of her in beige eowww.

  5. I like the fact that she didn’t slut herself up. Those pictures are beautiful, sexy, and classy. The other female artisist should take note you can be sexy and classy.

  6. Kerry Washington is definitely a classy and sophisticated black actress. It’s sad that more don’t represent us in such a light. I, do agree that black women should also focus on being behind the scenes , so that their images can be more posistive. Hopefully, black women will step back and form production companies.

    I hope that Kerry Washington has much success in Hollywood.

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