Kerry Washington Covers ‘THR’

Actress Kerry Washington is covering the ‘Drama Queens’ issue of The Hollywood Reporter alongside fellow Emmy hopefuls Connie Britton (ABC’s Nashville), Kate Mara (Netflix’s House of Cards), Anna Gunn (AMC’s Breaking Bad), Monica Potter (NBC’s Parenthood) and Elizabeth Moss (AMC’s Mad Men).

Kerry, star of ABC’s hotter than hot ‘Scandal,’ chats with her fellow cover mates about their first acting jobs, worst acting jobs and what it feels like to finally be working on hit shows.

According to Kerry, she previously starred in two pilots that were picked up, only to be fired and have her role recast once the shows aired. She doesn’t name the shows but acknowledges had they worked out she never would have made ‘Ray’ or eventually landed the coveted role of Olivia Pope.

Check out the cover shoot and a bit of the gabfest below.


  1. Love that Kerry is front and center and not pushed to the side like black women usually are when they share a cover with a group of white women.

  2. Love her, class and sophistication. Kerry-please don’t change.

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