Kerry Washington Covers Vanity Fair


Actress Kerry Washington is covering the August edition of Vanity Fair magazine. The 36-year old newlywed and star of the ABC drama ‘Scandal,’ is reportedly the first black woman to cover the U.S. edition of the magazine since Beyonce did so back in 2005.

Kerry tweeted her cover over the weekend, thanking the glossy and acknowledging the fact that she is also the first black actress to grace the cover alone.

And in other Kerry news, you read correctly- Kerry is indeed a newlywed. News broke over the weekend of the brown skin beauty marrying NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in an under-the-radar ceremony in Hailey, Idaho early last week.

Kerry’s new hubby is a Berkley graduate who now plays cornerback for the San Francisco 49’ers.

Congrats to the happy couple!


  1. gorgeous! and congrats on her marriage. I am happy for her.

  2. Get’em Kerry.
    Congrats on the marriage.
    Didn’t think she dated black men, though.

  3. Congrats on the cover,the marriage came out of nowhere though seems fishy…

  4. Already congratulated her on Facebook. So Kerry has accomplished so much this year, but only when she married a black man did she get any recognition on this site. Wow, this woman , even if she wasn’t married to a black man, has still did more for her community, and has represented black women in a positive light, moreso than the average black female celebrity that is fawned over on urban blogs. Amazing, I thought that the days in which crossover blacks , having to show their Black Card was over and done, you know since the debacle with Whitney. Whitney being tormented by her community for being a crossover hit, but when she married Bobby Brown, than she was a real sista. But, back to Kerry, she married a black man, but FYI, he’s not yor everyday black man, nor is his family. He comes from Nigeria, his parents are physicists, his sister is also a doctor and a minister. He is deeply rooted in community work. So, all this jumping up and down that she married a black man, please, she married into an elite upper social crust black family. Think Black Martha’s Vineyard. Like her parents, mom is a professor and dad, is a professional, her mother side lives in Manhattan. Black folks ar amazing, now she’s black. FYI- neither party camps have confirmed the marriage,yet.

  5. Congrats to Kerry, she can secret too!

    I love it because it goes to show people that celebrities can have a certain amount of privacy and don’t have to expose every aspect of their lives to the public and fans. Now the guy is going to be bombarded with requests for interviews, at least he’s had time to date and marry Kerry without scrutiny: career comparisons, net worth, etc., Wendy Williams style, instead of similar bonds, upbringing, character traits, personality, goals, etc.! I hope they keep it private. I’m not surprised she married a black man, women are often more open to “who they meet” and it not be etched in stone, who they must date and marry!

  6. fa-bu-lous! and congrats on the cover and the nuptials!

  7. So Kerry has accomplished so much this year, but only when she married a black man did she get any recognition on this site.

    This comment came out of left field. One search of Kerry’s name shows plenty of articles written about her and the success of Scandal. As a matter of fact, I wrote about this show a full two years before it even aired and continued to make updates about it. I could care less who Kerry marries and I by no means feel black women should tie themselves to black men if they do not want to. I’m happy for Kerry regardless of who she jumped the broom with 🙂

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