Keshia Knight Pulliam Celebrates Her B-Day

Keshia Knight Pulliam One of the Cosby kids is not such a kid anymore. The youngest of the clan, Keshia Knight Pulliam, celebrated her 30th birthday last night at the Prive Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keshia recently appeared in the Tyler Perry film “Madea Goes To Jail” and got great reviews. Next up for the actress- according to Keshia in a recent interview, she would like to play the role of singer Janet Jackson. Speaking to radio host NaVell Lee, Keshia said: “My dream role is to play Janet Jackson, if she ever does her life story while I’m still alive – and I’m young enough to play her”.

No life story for Miss Jackson is on the horizon as of yet- but you can still catch Keshia getting her groove on at her party below.


  1. i could see her doing that…..being they are both very petite. i would actually like to see that…how it would go down farilla.
    hope that happens for her…i’d check for it.
    plus janet’s cool with me…so is little rudy. lol. :koolaid: :bowdown: 😆 :hifive: 🙂 :lol2:

  2. wait….a minute.
    aight so i’ve always been annoyed by other people when they do this…..really i think it’s just stupid…but darnit i’ma go for it……
    as you can tell that was my first time doing that….and my last. lol. done.
    :brownsista: :koolaid:

  3. She grew up to be very pretty. Had no idea she was already 30 though.

  4. Keshia is so FAB and Gorgeous!!!! She is a TALENTED actress and I would LOVE to see her do that role. A REAL actress getting the job done!

  5. She had the most beautiful head full of hair when she was little too.

  6. Keisha looks great happy B-Day and welcome to the 30’s club :thumbsup: . I can see her playing Janet Jackson I hope they do a Janet life story that will be great.

  7. She has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. I wish her much success! :thumbsup:

  8. Little Rudy all growed up. It is nice to see a childhood star take the right path and not turn to drugs. She actually has a college degree to fall back on. She is beautiful.

  9. I still can’t believe that she is 30 years old and still looks like her little Rudi self. Congrats to her.

  10. she is smashing for a 30 year young woman….black dont crack for real,i used to like her so much….wasnt she a porn star and doing drugs at some point ? maybe i’m mistaken,just glad to see her doing great things and wish her the best

  11. she’s 30??? OMG thats crazy, she look good!!! :thumbsup: go ‘head girl. i really enjoyed her in “Madea goes to Jail” she went in a different direction which i think more young actors need 2 do 2 get away from all the teen happy, smiley movies (not that i don’t enjoy them, i jus wanna see my fav.s expand and grow)

  12. TO LIZZ- NO she wasn’t a porn star. You are confusing her with another child star.

  13. She looks good however why are people so surprised when women hitting 30 still look delicious? Black don’ t crack unless you’ ve been using make up since your young years,bleaching your skin, and been in all kind of unhealthy diet! Other than that we stay beautiful until we die

  14. This party was off the chain!! I was there to support Ms. Keisha Knight Pullman turning 30 (as I am 31..tee-hee) and girlfriend can really shake a tailfeather (lol). She is so sweet and full of life! Ms. Keisha has the kind of energy & spirit that lets you know she’s secure in herself without making another woman feel threatened by her existence (I’m talking about women who are competitve with the need to be seen and heard all the time).

    Happy Birthday again, hun!! :brownsista:

  15. Nesh Nesh :hifive: The ones that think everyone is hating on them because they are so beautiful :lol2: :brownsista:

  16. WOW, and she can still play a high schooler, go Keisha. At hollywood, she is most definately relevent. I have nothing but love and respect for Keisha, after the cosby show, she made the wise decision to go to college. Keisha has been in a few big screen movies in the past few years, and a couple of tv things as well. She starred in Tyler Perrys new movie, that was big.

  17. @ truthteller

    you forgot to add reality tv star to the list of her fine accomplishments :lol2:

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