Keyhsia Cole Is Engaged

Singer Keyshia Cole is reportedly engaged and before she could wipe the tears from her eyes the news had hit Twitter. Keyshia’s good friend and fellow R n’ B singer, Monica, broke the news and shortly thereafter was backed up by two of Daniel’s relatives who also tweeted the engagement. Monica also let the cat outta the bag- telling the public that Keyshia and Daniel [Gibson] would be expecting a baby boy in the coming weeks.

Details of the engagement are sketchy, but rumor has it Daniel popped the question with a 10 carat diamond worth around $800,000 dollars (yeah, right). Whatever the case, we wish Daniel and Keyshia all the best.


  1. Paying that much for a ring…is ridic. JMO. Congrats to her anyway 🙂

  2. Congrats to Keyshia and Daniel!!!
    I wish them well and hope the marriage lasts til death do them part!!!

  3. WOW… I’ll have to take my skepticism back and I’m happy to do so! I hope they have a long and happy life together. He put a ring on it. 🙂

  4. KANYADE- I wrote “yeah right” because there is no way I believe any sane person paid that much money for a ring- no way- no how.

  5. first comes love..then comes marriage… then comes baby in a… WAIT



  6. Congrats..didnt see it coming….she has a lot to forward in 2010.

  7. Yay! Now, I am impressed. I admit I was one of the first on the “No Keyshia didn’t!” Band-wagon when news broke she was pregnant with Daniel Gibson’s baby with no comittment in sight…BUT, now that she’s got a ring on it–and NOT a tatoo–I extend my deepest congratulations to Miss Keyshia and her family. Yay Daniel! I was wrong about you playa…got ur grown man on. Congrats.

  8. If she is happy then let her be …and if the ring is 800k or 800 dollars who cares?? People have spent way more on rings.

  9. Congrats to both and yes hope it lasts til death that would be the true accomplishment. On a side note there a many celebs who will be left unnamed who has a wedding ring more than over $1 million they have so much money they dont know what to do with it, but yea it is crazy.

  10. gosh that young boy has got her sprung. i remember seeing an interview from her sometime last year saying she wanted to do all this (get married, have a baby) within about 5 years time, but it looks like God had other plans for her. I wish her and daniel the best, and i swear it is baby boy season because everyone is having boys! Hopefully i will be too (I’m 14 weeks preggo)cuz thats what i want. well ta-ta for now brownsistas. lol

  11. I am new to this site and I miss say some of you guys are crazy!!! But I love it.

    I am happy for her. If it works out for them that’s great. If it doesn’t lesson learned.

    I am not a fan of Keyshia Cole’s because I think she has her nose in the air. About two years ago she was supposed to do a performance in my home town and I am a radio personality so we did a lot of promoting for this concert. Two days before the concert was supposed to take place Keyshia cancelled the show because the ticket sales didn’t do so well.

    This isn’t hearsay either. At the station we deal directly with the promotors (the people who books the artist for the shows) and they called in and asked us to stop with the promotion of the Keyshia Cole concert because she bailed out due to ticket sales.

    What I don’t understand is why she even cared about ticket sales. She was getting paid whatever she asked either way it went. The person who should have cared about ticket sales is the promotors because they are the ones who looses out on money if the sales don’t go right.

    This past summer their was a show and scarface came, his ticket sales were very low as well but he came and he put on a hell of a performance. He said and I quote “I don’t give a damn if it was six people or six-thousand I love all my fans.” Love him for that. Miss Cole was a disappointment. And she has a snotty attitude. She wouldn’t even call up to put her own voice on the commercial for the show. Stating that her name should speak for itself.

  12. I really don’t believe that low ticket sales would have kept Keyshia away. Sounds like someone may have a personal beef with Keyshia cuz hearsay is still hearsay unless you talk directly to Keyshia. All I can say is that she has always seemed loyal to her fans, & she has never given off an air of having a snotty attitude unlike some other stars. Saying that Keyshia has a snotty attitude would be like someone saying that someone like Fantasia has a snotty attitude. I’ll belive it when I personally hear or see it directly from her on some form of media. Right now, it just sounds ridiculous.

  13. Wow thanks Carmel touch for the inside info. I don’t think you have a beef at all, your just revealing an industry perspective that a lot of us “common folk” don’t get to see or know about. Definitely lookin at ol’ girl a lil’ different now. I always knew she was about her money we all are, but DANG! That’s just wack…

  14. CARAMEL TOUCH- that was EXTREMELY random and sounded like you were waiting quite a while to get that out.

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