Keyshia Cole Covers King Magazine

Keyshia Cole R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole is covering the latest and final edition of King Magazine. As many of you may have heard, the urban monthly announced last month that the May edition would indeed be their last. Attempting to go out with bang, the magazine is releasing a double issue, one with Keyshia on the cover and another with some woman named Tahiry. I know a lot of people jumped for joy when news of the magazine’s closing hit but I wasn’t one of them. Magazines like King and Smooth serve a purpose and that purpose was to showcase hot Black women (and as of late, non Black women). They shot beautiful pictorials of a lot of sistas, including Gabrielle Union, Stacey Dash and many others.

As a matter of fact King shot Stacey better than Playboy did. Stacey looked horrible in her much touted Playboy shoot, whereas her King cover is legendary amongst men and women. King showcased women who wouldn’t have been showcased anywhere else and what they did was no different than what Maxim did. As long as there are men there will be women wanting to look sexy for them in various forms of dress and undress.

So RIP King Magazine. You will be missed. Not by me personally though (lol).


  1. I will not miss them at all. GOOD RIDDANCE!! :lol2:

  2. I was thinking the same thing about King magazine. It was the urban version of “Playboy” that showcased beautiful women of color. I was hoping that it would one day become as successful as its commerical competitives. Oh well maybe something bigger and better will come along and take things to the next level.

  3. Lol, just to let you know stef, tahiry is this rapper name joe budden’s girlfriend with a butt bigger than kim kardashian’s (no homo) it actually looks kind of weird, but anyways

    keyshia looks cute, but i don’t really care for that long lace front on her, she’s one that looks best with short hair. maybe the pics inside will do it more justice

    i’m so mad they are gonna stop making “king” before i was able to grace the cover. lol j/p!

  4. ok nevermind i guess that’s a ponytail lol. i feel sorry for the horse that hair was confiscated from, i know they cold. lol

  5. Keyshia looks good on the cover and magazines sells are low thanks to blogs 😆

  6. I nver liked king,Or playboy,Or any other magazine showing women’s Body as if that’ s all there is to us, Beside the interview were boring and the questions all the same,However,It was one of the few magazines who took pride in having black women on their cover so it will be missed,R.I.P
    and mama mia Keyshia is HOT

  7. give me an Essence, Ebony or even Jet over a King/Smooth magazine anyday. Showcase intelligent beautiful woman fully clothed. Shoot Hype Hair and Black Hair…showcase beautiful black women too!

    Oh and it trips me out that people parallel these types of mags with Playboy as if that is going to justify things. Playboy is trash too.


    I actually knew who was was but was dismissive of her in my post because I felt her landing the cover because she was Joe Buden’s girlfriend was no great accomplishment worth acknowledging. 😆

  9. Oh yeah, MRSJONES, go for the cover of Smooth, I always felt their covers and articles were better than King’s. :thumbsup:

  10. Keyshia’s breasticles look amazing. 🙂 (no lezzie) 😆

    This phases me none.

    Now if they announce VIBE magazine folding, I will shed a tear….maybe; they’ve fallen off from their former glory so bad. I used to ‘collect’ VIBE magazines. These days? Not so much. It’s changed.

  11. Good riddance. Don’t nobody wanna see black women’s butts tooted up in the air for money…

  12. Kanyade, I agree. I used to love me some Vibe. Eventually it did fall off and I let my subscription expire. Btw, have you seen the new issue with Rihanna on the cover? It is just awful, as bad if not worse than their Keyshia cover earlier this year.

  13. Wow, King is RIP. I know all things has to an end, but I am surprised at this. Anyways, I am trying to get used to KC having long hair. 😆 I always found her to be beautiful, short hair looks great on her. But I can deal with Keysh having long hair.

  14. Why is it that we are the only race that makes sure that we include other people in our ventures? Just asking. We always say, Our latino , asian, white, etc brothers and sisters, but when do they acknowledge our struggles? the only nonblack person that does that to my knowledge is Carlos Santana, he’s probably more black than half the blacks in Hollywood. I guess because he has a black family. But, seriously, how many black women do you see featured in a latin men magazine, you don’t even see a black latina. The world is crazy.

    I, personally think that every black magazine that I’ve read, is complete garbage. Essence is so ghetto when it comes to their interviews, or stories. I, mean what is up with short interviews, that they claim or exclusive, and then interview the same people. Or Vibe Magazine, which hasn’t been black since Quincy Jones sold it.

  15. bYE bye KING, bye bye.

    You shall not be missed…as far as I’m concerned.

    No more black buttocks hanging on magazine racks.

  16. :brownsista: I truly enjoy Essence magazine and this month’s cover is a perfect tribute to Mother’s Day. The interview with Mrs. Roberson and Michelle was very well done IMO. :thumbsup:

    KING, well, everything ain’t for everybody…

  17. @ Bowhe,

    My issue currently with Essence is that they’re recycling celebs 🙁

    What happened to the day when the magazine covered models and other non-celebrity Black women?

    @ Stephanie,

    I commented on the VIBE post. Thanks for putting that up. VIBE – :loser:

  18. Damn I LOVED King Mag!!! 🙁 They will be missed…however this cover of Keyshia looks ghetto…she could have posed a little more “Different Me-ish”?! I dont know, Im not feeling it :thumbsdown:

  19. @bowhe

    :iagree: totally! i mean even as far as accepting our music. we will listen to their pop, country, even some rock, but do they embrace our r&b soul music? no they don’t, because they don’t think they can relate. Country is just r&b with a twang and a kick, they talk about real life issues just like us, but yet white, latino, none of them can embrace our culture. We have to conform to their social standards for them to even pay attention to us. It just makes no sense

  20. Good riddance i was sick of these two anyway, Money hungry leeches, I’ ll take essence celebrity recycling self over these garbage any day

  21. She is a pretty young lady, but, that was just not a good picture. She looks as if she was caught off guard or something. I have seen much better for her, but, hey who hasn’t had a bad picture day.

  22. I didn’t love them but I hate to see an urban market go down. A lot of things that you see in these magazine would NEVER be in People, Rolling Stones, US Weekly or Ebony or Essence.

  23. So this is the last cover… tough. But does anyone know why KC is on the cover, I mean, this is the last issue right. Unless they pulling a Jay Z or Tupac. Personally I feel the cover should have been a collage of past covers of best selling issues. I think that the inside should have been an ultimate collection of follow up stories, and fan mail, and things like that. Not a story on Tats and tittees.

    And on that picture, Keyshias face is flawless, but the pose is straight do do. They are not going out right for a last issue. Even though Keyshia looks pretty on the cover, she’s not the new glammed up Keyshia, this looks like the old Keyshia with black hair. If they had to use a small star, they could’ve at least went out with some class, and gave her more of a classy look for the cover. And even if they didn’t change the close, I know they had better shots of this girl.

  24. As a woman, I really don’t care that King folded or if it still stayed. Since it was a men’s..I would have no right to say it should’ve folded, just like I would have no right to say that Playboy should fold. You can expect most men to buy a magazine of a women wearing business suits. Oh well, they still got Black Men, Smooth and Show Magazines.

  25. Kanyade, once again you speaketh the truth. Essence recycles their cover girls like Meagan Good recycles her clothes 😆 . Mark my words, before the year is over Halle Berry will be on the cover again, as will Mary J. Blige, Gabrielle Union, Jada and Will Smith or Sanaa Lathan. They never take a chance. Why not put Kelly Rowland or Michelle on the cover? Why hasn’t Rihanna had a cover yet? They did a feature on Meagan Good once. Why not give the sista a cover? I can think of a million sistas worthy of a cover but Essence is just stuck on recycling the same covers over and over again.

  26. King definitely served a purpose in the urban market. I hate to see them go but many magazines and newspapers are going under. It’s ironic that many of the “posters” are stating magazines such as King and Smooth that showcase African American women in a sensual manner are garbage but Hugh Hefner built an EMPIRE with Playboy and White women vie for the coveted role of being on the cover for Playboy. They see it as the opportunity to launch or elevate their careers and it WORKs. It’s viewed as tasteful and sensual and I’ve never heard any white female star verbally degrade Playboy. Why is it garbage if black men followed the same route and African American females used the medium as a launch for a new or stalled career? We can be educated, seductive, sensual, classy, sassy and everything in between. You judge the young ladies on the reality shows seeking fame (which is their prerogative), the women in music videos, and anyone else that I would consider risk takers. Why do most African American women want other African Americans to be one dimensional?

  27. Sepiastar: i don’ t care what white chicks do, I love love kim kardashian because she is taking teh gold digging -ss took me to the top stereotype away from us only to be brought back by you know who but that’s another debate, they can be naked in front of magazine for all i care, It only hurts and disturb me when it comes to us, call me ignorant selfish or racist but thats how i see it

  28. I think this photo was totally wrong. If anything it made Keyshia look tacky or as if her prep time was rushed and they just had to come up with something quick.

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