New Keyshia Promo Shot + Chart News

R n’ B diva Keyshia Cole is set to release her third solo CD, A Different Me, on December 16th. The singer’s first single, Playa Cardz Right, which features late rapper Tupac Shakur, was released last month and got low marks from fans and a very lukewarm reception from urban radio, which had supported Keyshia in the past. According to Billboard Magazine Playa Cardz Right is #25 on Hip Hop R n’ B Charts, which isn’t bad- but isn’t so great either, as the song doesn’t appear inside the Hot 100 at all. Still, all isn’t lost, Keyshia is this generation’s Mary and fans and radio alike can be very forgiving, especially if she gives them a hot second single that makes them forget the regurgitated Tupac knock-off that was used a first single.

And in other KC news, the singer released a new promo shot of herself today.

What do you guys think?

Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole


  1. she looks beautiful and happy, somehow, no more heartbreaks…
    but i do not ans will never accept that many tattoos from a lady, she looks like a hoodrat with all those tattoos.
    ladies should always have one or two small tattoos otherwise after that she looks like she’s a part of a gang!!!!

  2. She looks so good. She looks at ease. I can’t wait for the 2nd single to drop b/c I am really not feeling the one with Pac. I will def keeps my ears open b/c her first 2 cd’s were nice. :brownsista:

  3. she looks good. Cant do anything about the tattoos but w/eva

  4. Um….isn’t this just like the other promo we saw last month except we she put her hand to her head? She looks nice, but can we get something different. The photo and her new single both get a :thumbsdown: from me

  5. She is Very pretty I just hate those tattoos it gives her soft face a “gangsta” look and i hate 100% hate “gangsta female” It is soo unclassy :thumbsdown: from em But i love keyshia, if some peopl can buy an album just because they like the person even if the music sucks I don’ t see why i won’ t support keysh But for now its a :thumbsdown:

  6. I didn’t buy Keisha Coles last album, but I feel like I should have (and plan to) because girlfriend is deep and soulful. She reminds me of why I love music and how I could relate to it.

    She looks really soft and beautiful in these pics, and I wish her all the best with her new album. It’s not about sales…it’s about quality/substance!!!

  7. Keyshia can sing it’ s just that if i hear another “I wanna be the one” starting hook i will have a fit, All keyshia song have the same theme dang girl can you switch it up a little? You are this generation Mary J blige you better represent she is very deep and have soul in her voice something most sisters lack!but dang it’ s like it’ s going to waste with those whack songs ๐Ÿ™„ I hate “play ya cardz” right I hate woman that try to “ghettofie” and “ganstarize” themselves like Voice said It is so dang sad! Enough :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: for me too ๐Ÿ™

    NeshNesh “Itโ€™s not about salesโ€ฆitโ€™s about quality/substance!!!”

  8. She is a very pretty girl. I am loving her with the dark hair. All those tattoos do make her look less classy. One or two would be fine. Maybe the one on her wrist and neck would be fine. I hate tattoos on women’s arms and legs.

    This picture looks like a make up ad. I wonder if she has been contacted by any make up companies?

  9. Beautiful picture her hair looks great i didn’t know she had so many tattoes

  10. Keyshia is always pretty and beautiful. Do ur thang girl. I wish you much success.

  11. Gorgeous but dammit those darn TATS ๐Ÿ™ She should get some of that ish REMOVED. Gorgeous face and hair though :brownsista:

  12. I Love Keyshia. I liked the entire last CD and I usually don’t like anyone’s entire CD! It was very good. I really got to know her with her reality show. But you know….. I didn’t know she had that many tattoos either. THAT HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL, THOUGH!!!

  13. What you all are really saying is, “I wish I was that beautiful and had the dynamic personality required to display body art like that.”

  14. The Keyshia hair is beautiful and i love this woman. Like Rihanna, Ciara and Kery Hilson, she will be one of the must top singer of the next years. With this beautiful and talentouse woman, Beyonce loose the competition for to have a guilty conscience. She keeps the eyes only in Rihanna.

  15. i think she look fulfilled .to hell with her tattoos if that what she want let her do it its called not living for cooperate world where people criticize u for living ur life how u want to..people kill me when they ave so much criticism to say to put another woman down do ur thang kesh..its people like some of these on this page that makes you work harder why they sitting at home broke u kill in em with mills…..keep doing ur thang and next time u perform say big up to all my tattoo haters…get a life

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