Keyshia Cole and Family Cover Jet

Singer Keyshia Cole dons the blondest ponytail ever for next week’s cover of Jet Magazine.

The 31-year old star of BET’s upcoming reality show ‘Keyshia & Daniel: Family First’ is accompanied by her husband, NBA basketball player Daniel Gibson and their two year old son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.

Keyshia talks about her upcoming new show, saying it will be “drama free” and focus mostly on her and Daniel attempting to balance their family life with the demands of two very hectic careers.

Daniel also chimes in saying: “Keyshia has been through a lot with her family, so her whole make-up is being a strong woman. I’m just trying to show her that I’m here to take care of and be there for her.” (Awwwww)

Keyshia praises Daniel for being so supportive, saying: “He has a beautiful spirit and he’s not afraid to love me publicly.” “I think our black men are afraid to love publicly, and I’m not a fan of that,” Daniel Adds.

To read more, pick up the latest issue of Jet on newsstands October 8th.


  1. not a fan of this chic, if she ia trying to be a stronger woman and focus on her family, why o why are you doing another reality show.. Keisha please have several seats!!! make music and not these shows, keep the public out your business!! i am really tired of this chick

  2. I really think this one will be different. I saw where she said it was more documentary style and that she and her husband shot it themselves and shopped it around which is where BET came in.

    I guess we’ll see when it comes on next month.

  3. Sistas, we’ve got to say no to the blonde weaves and colored hair! No, no, no!

  4. While we are busy saying NO to our creativity white folks are busy picking it up. What’s called ghetto on a black girl is avant garde on whitey. Keyshia’s hair doesn’t bother me a bit. It looks good on her.

  5. I dont have a problem with being creative with your hair but blonde on women of color is overdone. it was ok for a while but now it seems to be used as a style crutch. it actually washes out some people and doesnt complement their natural beauty at all. i do like keyshia though…

  6. Happiness is contagious!! I don’t care what color her hair is….. a happy black family!!! GO FIGURE!!!God is Awesome!!

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